Outsource Mortgage Appraisal Underwriting Support Servcies

Mortgage Appraisal Underwriting Services

Our mortgage appraisal underwriting services will take care of end-to-end mortgage processing to ensure approval of clear titles that comply with the mortgage laws

If you need mortgage appraisal underwriting services at affordable rates look no further than us. All our experts have end-to-end knowledge of conventional and government loan underwriting guidelines. Therefore we process appraisal underwriting requirements by ensuring 100% compliance. Our experts also ensure that the lender's operating standards are met by utilizing internal policies and procedures. Aside from this, our professionals can identify additional conditions and rework loans to new terms.

As a reliable mortgage appraisal underwriting support service provider we reduce the time needed to set the appraisal process in motion, ready the appraisal report, and review the document for mistakes. Our mortgage appraisal underwriting includes property review, gathering and comparing trends, market rates of similar properties and the property condition.

Mortgage Appraisal Underwriting Support Services We Offer

Our end-to-end specialization in mortgage appraisal underwriting needs has helped our clients meet all the necessary requirements in quick time and lesser costs. Our services include -

  1. Appraiser Management

    Appraiser Management

    We help you get in touch with the right appraisers from any city and region. We have a ready list of property appraiser from every city. These appraisers are enlisted based on their licensing and years of experience. We rank them based on these factors and other factors such as market knowledge and past performance. You can make your pick for any region based on our database reports. Once you pick your appraiser as per your choice or as per our discretion we assign the task as and coordinate with them till the report gets submitted. Our end-to-end mortgage appraisal underwriting management helps you get complete control over your mortgage appraisal underwriting process.

  2. Appraisal Review

    Appraisal Review

    After we receive the report from the appraiser, our appraisal experts peruse through it to get a complete understanding of the information in the report and evaluate its completeness and accuracy. In the event of any inconsistencies, we flag it and get it corrected from the concerned appraiser. Once the report is corrected by the appraiser, we send it to the underwriter. Our meticulous review has helped several of our clients stumble upon underlying issues with properties such as the internal and external condition of the property as well as liens, ownership disputes, or outstanding lawsuits, etc.

  3. Appraisal Report Preparation

    Appraisal Report Preparation

    We also assist lenders in creating a preliminary appraisal report. This is done after we get input from the appraiser on the condition of the property. The report serves as a supporting document to speed up the appraisal underwriting process. Once the prelim report is created, we digitize them and move them onto the clients CRM system. If need be, we also dispatch the prelim report to the actual underwriting team to start working on the underwriting process.

  4. Comparative Market Analysis

    Comparative Market Analysis

    We assist appraisers in discharging their duties effortlessly. To this effect, we provide them with details like the market value of similar properties in the area and understanding other specific requirements as needed by the lenders lending guidelines. Our comparative market analysis support services help assess the market value of the property in the most accurate manner and submit an error-free report in the shortest possible time. Our team of market analysis experts keeps themselves abreast of the changing market prices on an everyday basis.

  5. Broker Price Opinion

    Broker Price Opinion

    As part of our support services to appraisal underwriters, we provide them accurate info on the areas broker price opinions. Our BPO report is primarily a summary report of the property that focuses on everything pertaining to property liquidation value. The appraiser can rely on this report to corroborate the facts before executing appraisal underwriting. This helps in ensuring that our in-house appraisal evaluation process is in sync with the appraiser's process. This helps in speeding up the appraisal report submission times as well as ensuring it consists of no inconsistencies.

Mortgage Appraisal Underwriting Process We Follow

Our experts monitor the property appraisal process to ensure the value of the property is accurate. We also ensure all compliance standards are met by making use of every external and internal policy and procedures. Our designated quality assurance team goes through the report to ensure compliance with all Federal, State, and investor requirements. Our process consists of the following steps -

We receive all the property information from the lender and verify it for information completeness
We zero in on all the appraisers enrolled in the area and choose them based on their past performance
We convey the information pertaining to the chosen appraiser to the lender. The information consists of the license number, past records, and experience
On getting the go-ahead from the lender we pass on the property information to the appraiser and schedule an appointment for property inspection. If the lender is not ok with the appraiser, we look for other appraisers in the region
We coordinate with the appraiser till the appraisal is complete and report is submitted to us
Once we get the report, we review it for accuracy. If there are inconsistencies, we get in touch with the appraiser to get them corrected
After ascertaining every aspect of the report meets regulatory compliance, we submit the final appraisal underwriting report to the lender

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Outsource Mortgage Appraisal Underwriting to Flatworld Solutions

We are a leading mortgage appraisal underwriting support service providing company for us mortgage lenders and appraisal companies. When you partner with us, we deliver the following benefits -

  • ISO Certified Mortgage Appraisal Underwriting Support Provider

    Being a top mortgage appraisal support and services company, we have over 20 years of experience in appraisal underwriting management and so can assist you with every type of appraisal underwriting requirements. Since we are deeply committed to ensuring quality, we have earned the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

  • Compliance with ISMS and Mortgage Regulations

    We have a thorough knowledge of appraisal requirements as mandated by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, etc. This ensures the submitted report is fully compliant and error-free. Our data management policies are in spec with the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 guidelines.

  • High-quality Services

    We ensure 100% quality in the mortgage appraisal underwriting process. We take proper care to check compliance and fulfillment of documentation criteria in each level of the service. This will keep you (lenders) safe from approving mortgage loans to risky borrowers.

  • Scalable Service

    The mortgage appraisal underwriting support is a scalable service which can accommodate additional requirement if the need evolves.

  • Quick TAT

    The turnaround time for the mortgage appraisal underwriting is quicker when you outsource the need to us. This is because we have a tried and tested process and experienced professional who can implement your needs with agility and precision.

  • Cost-effective Services

    The mortgage appraisal underwriting support is an affordable service that is easy on your wallet. The service we offer can be availed by lenders with budgetary constraints.

  • SPOC

    We have a dedicated contact point to ease your concerns when you need to reach us. The service levels we offer are the best compared to other service providers.

  • Experienced Mortgage Appraisal Underwriting Experts

    Our team comprises appraisal underwriting experts whose knowledge of the appraisal process is thorough. They review your report to ensure there are no inconsistencies whatsoever.

  • Superb Technology & Infrastructure

    We leverage proprietary and online tools to help ensure there is no fraudulent activity. This helps lenders ensure quality loan decisions.

  • 24/7 Services

    We operate from 8 global delivery centers. This is why we are working round-the-clock for our clients to ensure quick deliverables.

Client Success Stories

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We delivered underwriting support to a leading mortgage lender by scaling the loan volume by 15%. The client approved our solution and assured to outsource future needs.

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Flatworld Solutions delivered what they promised; delays in loan processing & lengthy closing time are now a thing of past. Our loan officers and borrowers are happy.

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Outsource Mortgage Appraisal Underwriting Support Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has 20 years of experience in assisting lenders with mortgage appraisal underwriting services. As a mortgage appraisal support and services company, we have extensive knowledge of meeting all appraisal needs. Over the years we have assisted many lenders to uncover inflated appraised values and stop them from being misled into delivering dangerously high loan amounts. Besides having end-to-end knowledge of the mortgage underwriting process, our appraisers are friendly and courteous. With improving technology and ever-changing industry requirements, we help you fine-tune your appraisal process in a way that makes it possible to reduce turnaround time and costs without affecting appraisal underwriting report accuracy.

To avail the services of a premium mortgage appraisal underwriting support services company, contact us now.

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