Outsource Warehouse Line QC Audit Support Services

Warehouse Line QC Audit Support Services

At Flatworld Solutions, we can Inspect 360-degree facets of your warehousing process to ensure 100% compliance in a timely and cost-effective manner

Are you dissatisfied with your internal warehouse processes? Do you need a strong QC audit of your inventory products? If so, leverage our Warehouse Line QC Audit support services to meet your needs. The right combination of our people and tools help us understand the risks associated with the warehouse lending process. Thus, we check each process to ensure that the loan does not exceed the net inventory value.

Flatworld Solutions is a pioneer warehouse line QC audit company with 20 years of industry experience. Our Warehouse Line QC Audit services can help you determine if the approved loan meets the overlay in the agreement. Also, our back-office support with QC audits for warehouse lenders can assist you to focus on data integrity, overlays, samples, and more.

Warehouse Line QC Audit Support Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions provides high-quality Warehouse Line QC Audit in over 130 countries around the world. Our solutions for warehouse lending are meant for lenders who do not fully understand the risks involved. The Warehouse Line QC Audit services we provide are as follows -

Compliance Review

1. Compliance Review
Does your loan follow federal, state, and local laws? We will help you. Our compliance services are run by an internal compliance team that will contact legal counsel to ensure compliance with regulations issued by the Consumer Protection Finance Agency (CFPB). We will conduct a comprehensive review of the borrower's eligible mortgage and repayment terms.

Credit Check

2. Credit check
We can conduct a credit check on your customers to figure out their financial well-being when repaying the loan, considering their credit history. We will carefully review their credit report and compliance with the issuance guidelines to show you (the lender) whether the borrower is able to fully manage its obligations and repayments.

Risk Assessment

3. Risk assessment
The warehouse loan process is not without risk. A simple inconsistency in the data provided by the borrower can put a question mark on your credibility. Thus, we thoroughly scan the customer's portfolios for illegal files and mistakes. Our team will carefully process each part of the document, including tax returns, investment archives, stubs, and other information to ensure full compliance.

Verification of File Inventory

4. Verification of File Inventory
We have a lucid document system that holds all the important documents of the warehouse line. We can use the latest information to quickly retrieve and update documents to cut any issues in the mortgage workflow. To accomplish high precision, our digital document system will perform consistency and integrity checks. If any deviations are detected, you will receive a notification with full details.


5. Sample Selection
Credit checks can only be done with consistent samples. Our team has the expertise and leverage the required technology to collate reliable loans for analysis. Whether you choose a loan from a large portfolio, or selectively review or find the risk in your loan portfolio or verify compliance with the Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae guidelines, our team can choose the best sample that best suits your needs.

Our Warehouse Line QC Audit Support Process

Working with us to conduct Warehouse Line QC Audit will be a major change for you, as our quality assurance processes are transparent and cost-effective. For Warehouse Line QC Audit, we perform the following steps -


01. Data collection & standardization

We retrieve data from warehouses, loan systems, and other sources into our own database. We also update our database regularly and standardize it as per the norms


02. Sampling

We will import and extract samples that are thought to be risky to see if they match Fannie Mae, OCC, etc., to generate statistical reports


03. Audit

With the support of automated tools, we perform audits based on predefined rules and verification methods


04. Report

After the review, we will create a variety of reports based on your needs. This allows you to track the credit quality from origination to loan closure

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Benefits of Choosing FWS for Warehouse Line QC Audit Support

As a global Warehouse Line QC Audit support services company, our team follows a series of clearly defined steps in the audit process to identify all the risks associated with this process. The following are other reasons for using FWS for Warehouse Line QC Audit support services.

  • High Quality

    The Warehouse Line QC Audit we provide are highly appreciated by our customers as we provide satisfactory service. Moreover, we conduct a rigorous quality inspection to ensure that audits are conducted in accordance with international standards.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    Our delivery center is a knowledge center and innovation has become a routine here. We have the stack of the latest tools, communication systems, and skillful resources that enables us to respond instantly.

  • Short turnaround

    By choosing us to outsource Warehouse Line QC Audit support services, you can reduce your turnaround time by 50% as we work to be flexible and precise at every step of the Warehouse Line QC Audit.

  • Scalability

    Our Warehouse Line QC Audit are highly scalable, especially if you want to ramp up the demands in a short time. We can meet your needs by providing maximum flexibility in terms of time and cost.

  • Flexible Pricing

    If FWS is your warehouse line QC audit company, pricing will not be an issue because our services are designed for a wide range of budget requirements. So, no matter what your budget is, we have a solution that will fit your business needs.

  • 100% Information Security

    At Flatworld Solutions, we are proud to receive ISO 9001:2015 certification through our ongoing efforts to maintain service quality. This always shows our commitment and ability to protect your information at all cost.

  • Data Security

    Your data and projects are very important to us. We strive to make data management systems more secure, store and manage your personal data.

  • Experienced Team

    Our team of highly qualified Warehouse Line QC Audit inspectors has more than 10 years of experience on a variety of mortgage support services who can help you streamline your quality control process.

  • Secure file sharing

    With tightly controlled VPN and SFTP at our facility, sharing project files is easier and faster, moreover, the data transfers are safe without any impending security issues.

  • 24/7 Availability

    We provide 24/7 service, and our mortgage and subject matter teams are available via phone, email or web chat at all the times.

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Outsource Warehouse Line QC Audit Support Services to FWS


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Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of Warehouse Line QC Audit services and a range of other mortgage support solutions for international clients. We have extended suite of Warehouse Line QC Audit specialists who can provide the highest level of scalability and flexibility for the Warehouse Line QC Audit. We can also customize the solutions as per your niche needs.

With our extensive experience and understanding of US mortgage rules & regulations, we are adept to provide Warehouse Line QC Audit support services that will allow you to boost your mortgage process and improve the ROI. We continuously develop and modernize our Warehouse Line QC Audit processes to provide our customers with valuable support solution.

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