Mortgage Closing Support for Credit Unions

Outsource Mortgage Closing Support for Credit Unions

Credit unions are distinguished for offering loans at lower mortgage rates and closing costs. That is why they are the preferred choice for any mortgage loan. Moreover, if any consumer wants to personally interact with his lender, the credit unions will make sure that he receives the best service. When they provide the best service to their consumers in today's increased regulations, competition and globalization, they should also be able to close the mortgage loans with much ease. Sound, right?

But, the reality is that they face a lot of issues in assessing the documentation quality and keeping the integrity of data intact during the loan closing process. When you outsource mortgage closing support services to us, we make sure that you get the best mortgage closing assistance for credit unions with systematic compliance audits for each document.

Mortgage Closing Support for Credit Unions Services We Offer

When one closes the mortgage loan, he is free from the ownership. The ownership is transferred, and all the concerned parties sign in as their affirmation in the final documents and thus, the deal is closed. When you outsource mortgage closing support for credit unions to Flatworld Solutions, you will get a substantial edge over your competitors. We ensure compliance friendly mortgage closing support service through our comprehensive solutions. A few mortgage closing support for credit unions service we offer include -

  • Assembling Mortgage Closing Support Documents

    When you outsource mortgage closing support for credit unions to us, we can assemble all the necessary and relevant documents. These documents include flood certificate, appraisal reports, inspection reports, title search, mortgage insurance, homeowner's insurance, contracts, and the LE. We have a vast experience in gathering the support documents on mortgage loans for credit unions in an efficient, error-free, and compliant way.

  • Data Validation

    We are a distinguished mortgage closing support service provider with 10+ years of mortgage closing documents' data validation experience. We can provide mortgage closing assistance to multiple documents, irrespective of the volume. We can also expedite the reviewing process of the closing conditions by leveraging the automated mortgage closing assistance tools.

  • Preparing and Sending Closing Instructions

    We understand that the credit unions administer stringent diligence to ensure absolute accuracy of the mortgage closing documents and deliver it within three days of signing. Our offsite mortgage closing support for credit unions adhere to 100% federal regulations, thus, avoiding any penalties. We are also adept at levying pressure on credit unions to follow a careful approach in closing the mortgage loans.

Mortgage Closing Support Tools We Leverage

At Flatworld Solutions, we follow a streamlined approach to cater to your needs for mortgage closing support service. Some of the tools we leverage in the process include -

  • BytePro
  • Calyx Point
  • Encompass360
  • Lending Pro Software
  • Loan Assistant
  • Magna Timeshare Software
  • Mortgage Lens
  • Qualia

Our Mortgage Closing Support Process

Credit unions are experiencing dynamic changes as they appeal to a larger audience because of their non-profit value proposition. Thus, they are more conservative in their loan lending practices and look for mortgage closing support solutions which could go hand in hand with their business model. At Flatworld Solutions, we have inculcated a streamlined approach to cater to all the needs of an offsite mortgage closing support for credit unions. Our mortgage closing support process includes -

Gather Mortgage Closing Documents

Gather Mortgage Closing Documents

When you collaborate with us for your mortgage closing support company, we will collect the mortgage closing documents on your behalf. We will then proceed to prepare these files to deliver to the title company. We also take into consideration the request of the title companies for any modifications in the supporting documents. These documents generally include the trust deeds, modifications, tax records, UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) records, judgments, etc.

Assessing the Legitimacy of Documents

Assessing the Legitimacy of Documents

Our mortgage closing support staff will review the legality of the claims and documents and will make a comprehensive assessment for further steps and find the gaps if any.

Preparing of Closing Instructions Statement

Preparing of Closing Instructions Statement

The next process is to review the records for any discrepancies or inconsistencies. If everything is sorted out and in order, we will then proceed to prepare a closing instructions statement and transfer it to the loan funding office.

Evaluating Taxes & Fees

Evaluating Taxes & Fees

We work as an extension of your firm and take charge of all the evaluations and sorting activities related to the mortgage closing support service. We will evaluate the taxes and the related fees, and hand down the credit union instructions to the agent for the final payment of mortgage funds.

Delivering of Mortgage Closing Documents

Delivering of Mortgage Closing Documents

Lastly, we will make sure that all the concerned parties involved in the final closing process are informed about the time and date. We strictly adhere to the federal guideline of providing the documents within the 3-days.

Benefits of Choosing FWS for Mortgage Closing Support

At Flatworld Solutions, we understand that the credit union adopts a non-profit business model and have a community of their own. Hence, keeping this in the mind, we take the safety and quality of our mortgage closing support process diligently. As a mortgage closing support service provider, our mortgage closing support solutions come with robust quality audits to ensure 100% compliance regulations. Here are just a few of the many benefits of outsourcing mortgage closing support service to FWS -

  • High Quality

    Flatworld Solutions is an ISO certified organization which assures you of high-quality mortgage closing support services. Our mortgage closing support agents, project team, and call center executives are highly motivated to help you with your challenges and queries. With their deep understanding of the industry, they can connect with your customers emotionally and factually.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    At FWS, our team of mortgage closing support executives has access to state-of-the-art infrastructure in the form of world-class office spaces, uninterrupted network facilities, and the best-in-class mortgage tools and technologies.

  • Multiple Delivery Centers

    We have over 10 delivery centers and four offices spread across the globe. It enables us to provide a valuable advantage in rendering mortgage closing assistance and make ourselves available at your service when and where you need. Also, our customer support teams work across all the time zones and can provide their service within a quick turnaround time.

  • Information Security

    Flatworld Solutions is an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Information Security Management System (ISMS) certified organization which ensures that all your data is completely safe with us. Our policies ensure that all the data including client, project, employee, legal, etc. are completely safe.

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    With us, you have the liberty to choose the pricing model. Those are based on factors such as the volume of data validation, project type, shift coverage, etc. Moreover, our diverse industry-specific knowledge allows us to customize our mortgage closing support for credit unions service based on your niche demands

  • Industry Expertise

    Our diverse mortgage industry-specific knowledge and over 10 years of proven service experience allow us to effectively get ahead of the changing demands of the mortgage industry and provide industry-wide best services.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Our team of call center executives is available 24/7. When you collaborate with us, you can be certain that our call center executive will always be accessible for calls during your work hours, regardless of the time zone difference.

  • Ease of Scalability

    At FWS, we have the required resource competence, both in terms of expertise and infrastructure. You can rely on us to successfully bring about any surge in your business demands so that you pay only for the services rendered.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We assign a dedicated project manager when you outsource mortgage closing support to us who will be a single point of contact to address all your queries. They will provide you with constant project updates and keep you on track with all the developments.

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