Outsource Conventional Mortgage Loan Processing Support Services

Conventional Mortgage Loan Processing Support Services

Get end-to-end solutions for all your loan processing needs and stay updated with mortgage compliances

Are you losing efficiency in keeping up with evolving mortgage compliances? Are you losing borrowers to the competition due to a slow rate of loan processing? Is accuracy becoming a routine cause of frustration? Mortgage loan processing is a complex, resource-intensive, and time-consuming task. So, we have heard your concerns and have just the solution your business needs.

Flatworld Solutions offers Conventional Mortgage Loan Processing Support Services that are reliable and budget-friendly. We have over 20 years of experience in providing back-office conventional mortgage loan services. We help our clients reduce loan processing costs as well as increase their focus on business growth, while we take care of scrutinizing a high volume of customer data for processing mortgage loans.

Conventional Mortgage Loan Processing Support Services We Offer

Our services encompass the entire lifecycle of a mortgage loans. We do all the back-office processing tasks starting from pre-qualification of mortgage loan, all the way to post-closing. We possess a sound processing knowledge and have a dedicated team to work on all your requirements efficiently and accurately. Our end-to-end Conventional Mortgage Loan Processing Support Services include the following -

  1. Mortgage Loan Pre-processing Services

    As an expert loan processor, we take care of the entire spectrum of loan pre-processing tasks in a detail-oriented manner. Our services include collection and verification of customer documents, loan document indexing, loan registration, CAIVARS screening, loan application filing, rate locking, customer data management, pay stubs data collection, W-2 form and form 1003 collection, customer profile compilation, and more. All the information is digitized so that it can be used easily for MERS verification.

  2. Mortgage Loan Boarding and Document Verification Services

    We comprehensively assess whether the documents received by us have ample information for smooth movement of the loan file to the next step or if any additional details are needed. We conduct complete loan document verification like employment details check, credit check, income/asset verification, fraud detection, etc. Be it conforming or non-conforming mortgage loan, we ensure that the customer meets all the compliance requirements. We follow a multi-step document verification process to do away with all the errors and provide you with only the accurate insights about borrowers.

  3. Mortgage Loan Underwriting Services

    We support your underwriters with accurate and verified borrower information and documents. We do complete conditions review, property appraisal, fraud review, quality control, credit/ collateral/ capacity review and more. We have helped our clients in processing jumbo loans where the loan amount is double that of conventional mortgage loans. Our services make the loan approval process extremely smooth and efficient. We help in reducing approval times and increase confidence of the loan processor.

  4. Mortgage Loan Closing Services

    Mortgage closing is a critical process and any regulatory violations may lead to heavy penalties. Mortgage lenders need an outsourcing partner they can trust and rely on to manage the entire loan closing process. We have an expertise in mortgage closing and we cover all the stages of the process, including reviewing property title, liaising with agents, preparing closing statements, working with settlement companies, revising the terms, preparing closing disclosure document, etc. We ensure that each document is cross-verified and the customer has the ability to repay the loan amount. All our services make sure that our clients maintain compliance with federal and state laws.

  5. Mortgage Loan Appraisal Support Services

    An accurate appraisal of the property value was never as important as it is today. To arrive at a precise appraisal we analyze property sales history, title information, property location, neighborhood, market value analysis, and a lot more. We have deep expertise in loan appraisal and our team reviews over 15,000 appraisals per month. Our appraisal process ensures that when the report reaches the underwriter, there are no anomalies or errors.

  6. Mortgage Post-closing Services

    Once the loan is approved, Flatworld takes up the complete job of post close review, HMDA audit, title recording confirmation, data integrity audit, loan package preparation and dispatch to the customer. Our legal experts ensure that all government requirements are met in the documentation to eliminate any hassles later. Trailing, tracking and retrieving documents form a vital part of the post-closing services offered by us. We take care of registering the approved loans with MERS. We cross-verify all the data during this stage and ensure top-notch quality.

Our Process - Conventional Mortgage loan Processing

We deal with Conventional Mortgage Loan Processing Support Services in a transparent manner giving you the best visibility and insight into the process that will help in speeding up the loan processing while allowing you stay in spec with the compliances. The process involved in Conventional Mortgage Loan Processing Support Services are as follows -

Problem Discovery  

01. Problem Discovery

We will analyze your existing workflow to understand how we can enhance them using our strategy

Document Availability and Compliance Checks  

02. Document Availability and Compliance Checks

By considering the risks, mandated compliances, and availability of information we will customize a unique solution

Eligibility Property Appraisal  

03. Eligibility and Property Appraisal

We will check if the applications pass the minimum requirement criteria. Additionally, desk and field reviews are conducted to ensure the accuracy of furnished information

Quality Assurance  

04. Quality Assurance

We will carry out comprehensive audits to establish the authenticity of the data and its completeness before forwarding the files to the next phase


05. Reporting

After a thorough assessment we will provide comprehensive reports on the process indicating the status of the application. If there is a shortfall in documentation we will explicitly highlight the unavailability

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld as Your Conventional Mortgage Loan Support Services Company?

Outsourcing to Flatworld Solutions is the right choice for your business because we are not only equipped with automation technology but can also navigate the mortgage landscape with greater efficiency. Our mortgage loan servicing strategy is perfected with years of experience. Therefore, allowing us to deliver on promises to bring you better satisfaction. Here are more reasons why you need our support in Conventional Mortgage Loan Processing Support Services -

  • Certified Conventional Mortgage Loan Processing Company

    Flatworld is a state-licensed mortgage loan processing company that is also ISO 9001:2015 certified for delivering high-quality solutions in an affordable package.

  • Data Security and Privacy

    We have stringent data security and privacy measures in place so that you can be sure that 100% confidentiality is maintained when you outsource conventional loan processing support services for mortgage to us. This is the reason why we are ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified.

  • Guaranteed Accuracy and Quality Service

    We have helped thousands of mortgage lenders with our loan processing services and we are confident that we can take care of all your back-office requirements with 99% accuracy and quality assurance.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We have well-defined processes, checklists and systems in place in order to make loan processing faster and easier. This not only leads to efficient services, but also ensure higher quality. Moreover, our 24/7 working model offers round the clock availability to our clients and reduces our turnaround time by up to 30%.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    We are well aware of how critical regulatory compliance is in the mortgage lending business and that is why we have deployed a separate team of experts that oversees compliance issues and helps us meet all types of regulatory requirements.

  • Cost Benefit

    You can save anywhere between 30-40% of their mortgage loan processing costs by outsourcing to us because our services can be customized for your business requirement and budget.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We can assign a dedicated manager who will work with you in a personalized way until delivery of the project and even beyond (if required). This is to ensure that you are not inconvenienced waiting for a response from our end.

  • A Trustworthy Team

    We employ over a thousand qualified and trained loan processors in-house. They have expertise in meeting all types of client requirements pertaining to mortgage loan processing. We offer a flexible staffing model where you can scale-up or scale-down resources as per your requirements. You can get immediate access to any amount of knowledgeable resources.

  • Secure Data Sharing

    Since we adhere to a strict security standard and have experts to detect and intercept breech before they become an emergency. Our channels such as VPN and SFTP have a robust security layer that are scanned using latest security software. All that to keep your confidential data safe.

  • 24/7 Availability

    At Flatworld Solutions, we value our clients and go a step ahead to keep you supported via your preferred communication channel at your local time zone. We have a 24/7/365 basis contact center where professionals handle your queries in quick TAT.

Client Success Stories

FWS Helped A Mortgage Lender Improve Conversions by 15%

FWS Helped A Mortgage Lender Improve Conversions by 15%

Flatworld Solution's high-quality underwriting support enabled a top mortgage client to up the business performance by 15%. We delivered the solution within promised time frame.

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Residential Mortgage Lender Benefits from Quick Loan Processing

Residential Mortgage Lender Benefits from Quick Loan Processing & 50% Reduction in Cost

Flatworld Solutions shortened the closing time by 30 to 50% and increased the rate of loan process for a well-known residential mortgage company.

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Outsource Conventional Mortgage Loan Processing Support Services to Flatworld Solutions


Flatworld Solutions delivered what they promised; delays in loan processing & lengthy closing time are now a thing of past. Our loan officers and borrowers are happy.

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We are an ISO certified company with 20 years of expertise in offering mortgage loan processing services. Our mortgage support services come with well-defined processes, transparent communication, qualified resources, state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern facilities, multi-level document verification, smart document management system, regulatory compliance, and superior quality. We can take care of any aspect of loan processing efficiently and with complete accuracy. We can help you meet deadlines, perform all your back-office tasks, reduce operational costs, free-up your in-house resources for business development, and increase your loan approval rates. We also provide other services such as mortgage title support, mortgage closing support, Mortgage Underwriting Services, mortgage post-closing support, and more.

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Conventional Mortgage Loan Support Services FAQs

  • What is a conventional mortgage loan?

    A conventional mortgage is a loan that is not offered or secured by a government entity. They are available through private lenders, including banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies.

  • What are the qualifications for a conventional mortgage?

    In general, any borrower with a good credit score and some money to make a down payment will satisfy conventional mortgage qualification requirements.

  • Is it hard to get a conventional loan?

    To qualify for a conventional mortgage, you'll typically need a credit score of at least 620-640. Those with higher credit scores can make lower down payments and get the most favourable rates.