Loss Mitigation Assistance

Outsource Loss Mitigation Assistance

Flatworld Solutions is a leading outsourcing provider offering a wide range of mortgage support services including assistance with loss mitigation. Our support services reach out to the distressed borrowers and help them resolve the issues they are facing with the loan while delivering an unsurpassed quality customer experience that ensures lender profitability. Whether you have been caught with stricter underwriting standards, in the vortex of the overwhelming rise in the mortgage delinquencies or in the complex set of borrower options, we aid our clients with a robust and strong strategy to mitigate the recurring losses.

We offer an all-inclusive selection of loss mitigation assistance services ranging from a basic document processing to more intricate functions requiring market analysis and borrower outreach. With our diverse assistance services, we ensure that we provide our customers with the finest solutions pertaining to all the aspects of loss mitigation services. Our seasoned team of professionals, through their years of experience in the field of mortgage and Loss Mitigation services has gleaned an unparalleled set of skills which they leverage to serve our clients with the finest services and to provide significant value to both, borrowers and lenders.

Mortgage Loss Mitigation Support Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions offers its clients an extensive array of loss mitigation services aimed at providing optimum value to both borrowers and lenders while finding the most relevant solutions to even the most complex issues. Our broad range of loss mitigation assistance services include -

  • Short Sale Management Services

    Short sales are the real-estate sales where the lender lets the property owner to sell his/her real estate property for the lesser amount of money which is owed on the mortgage balance. It is among the best and most preferred options for the people who are trying to determine the best way to stop the foreclosure of the home. The proceeds of the short sale are given to the lender and thus, the seller is capable to avoid the foreclosure.

    We offer high quality and professional short sale support services to ensure that both seller and lender get hassle-free execution of the real-estate sale.

  • Foreclosure Management Services

    We offer the best-in-class assistance for foreclosure management services that ensure faster returns and efficacious management of the assets. With our foreclosure management services, you can reduce your operational costs and free up your employees to focus on their core activities.

    We aim at simplifying the processes for our clients so that they do not have to go through hassles and time consuming processes.

  • Borrower Solicitation Services

    With our quality-focused borrower solicitation support services, we help you establish an early contact with the borrower. When the borrower fails to submit one or more consecutive mortgage payments, it becomes important to reach out to the borrower and find out the issues due to which the mortgage payments are not being submitted in a timely fashion.

    However, reaching the defaulting borrowers can be quite difficult and Flatworld Solutions aid its clients in reaching such borrowers and resolving the issues to ensure that the lender can recover the money they are owed. We help you determine the true nature and the right reason for the delinquency as mandated by the Freddie Mac.

  • Custom Loan Modification Services

    Loan modification implies permanent change in the mortgage terms which help you to extend the time and your stay at home. These services are ideally designed for the borrowers who are suffering from financial hardships. Owing to the financial crisis, the borrowers often fall behind the monthly mortgage payments, risking bankruptcy or foreclosure. We develop customized strategies for these borrowers with loan modification, resulting in lower payments with lesser interests to ensure that the loan repayment and mortgage installments become affordable for them.

Our Loss Mitigation Support Process

We deploy an exhaustive process and assist our clients in multiple ways to overcome any mortgage issues that they may be facing while aiding them with the right strategies. The key steps in the process include -

  • Collecting borrower documents
  • Providing inbound and outbound contact support related to the borrower
  • Developing customized borrower-friendly solutions through our unsurpassed expertise in the field of mortgage loss mitigations
  • Deploying predictive analytics to determine valuable insights and information about at-risk borrowers
  • Providing a broad array of back office services for supporting loan modifications, H4H, repayment plans, short sales, partial claims, forbearance, deed-in-lieu etc.
  • Collecting the data related with lien position, data valuations etc.
  • Collecting the case resolution documents with servicer or investor

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Loss Mitigation Assistance?

Flatworld Solutions has been providing an extensive spectrum expert mortgage assistance loss mitigation services to its clients for years now. We have developed an unparalleled expertise in the loss mitigation services. The salient features of our services which differentiate us from our competitors are -

  • Agile and flexible approach, using which we easily adapt to your business priorities and models to deliver tailored set of services
  • Our work culture promotes personalized and responsive services to all our clients
  • When you outsource the projects to us, we ensure a single point of contact for ensuring consistency in the communication with each of the borrower
  • Our unique and inimitable structure combines default servicing and loss mitigation support for the best execution
  • We offer one-stop-shop assistance for quality control, due diligence, loss mitigation and loan servicing
  • We offer highly variable cost solutions at competitive pricing which is much lower as compared to the insourced services
  • We offer complete transparency for the investors
  • We use the advanced technology solutions to support our loss mitigation strategy development for achieving accuracy and flawlessness

Outsource Loss Mitigation Support to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions offers its global clientele the most cutting-edge solutions which have been specifically designed to mitigate losses to the mortgage stakeholders. With years of experience in this field, we have established ourselves as one of the top-notch firms offering an exquisite set of mortgage and loss mitigation support services. Also, as the laws are changing at a dynamic pace and the rates of delinquencies are increasing exponentially, it is difficult for a lender to formulate the right strategies pertaining to loss mitigation.

Contact us today, to know more about our support offerings for mortgage support services or to discuss your immediate requirements. Our executives will contact you to provide relevant solutions to your queries while assisting you further for outsourcing your project requisites.

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