Loan Processing Support Services

Mortgage lenders and brokers agree that mortgage loan processing is a painstaking and time-consuming procedure. It requires highly-trained underwriters (and a large support system) to work together to move a borrower's application through the system and towards closing.

Mortgage Data Security

At Flatworld Solutions, we have been working with lenders and brokers for over a decade, helping them with back-office services that save significant amounts of time and money in the processing of mortgage loans. Additionally, we preach and follow use of Qualified Mortgage Rule to all our brokers and lenders to ensure efficiency in their operations. Our team of mortgage specialists has vast experience working with loans of every stripe and is thoroughly familiar with the intricacies involved in each type of loan.

Loan Processing Support We Offer

Loan Processing Assistance We Provide

  • Document Compliance Review

    We review all the loan documents such as Forms 1003 & 1008, W2s, pay stubs, borrower's authorization, LE and so on, making sure that all necessary documentation has been filed and compliant with state and federal regulations. We also obtain the appropriate VA case numbers online.

  • Supporting Documentation

    Our team at Flatworld Solutions can help clients collect all the required supporting documents. We can also order homeowner's insurance and the flood certificate for the property. That's not all! We also help you with preparation of the mandatory LE disclosures.

  • Credit Scoring

    We do a thorough credit check of the borrower(s), pre-screening credentials, pulling credit reports and checking credit history, Social Security status, as well as looking out for existing loans (with MERS), any payment defaults, tax returns and other pertinent information.

  • Appraisal Ordering

    We liaise with approved, licensed appraisers and order the appropriate kind of appraisal (depending on the loan amount, loan-to-value ratio, etc.) after providing relevant information to the appraiser and reviewing the fees charged for the service.

  • Verification

    To verify the prospective borrower's credentials, we perform exhaustive verification checks on all submitted documentation, as well as for employment (VoE), mortgages (VoM), deposit (VoD), and property sale history.

Mortgage Loan Boarding

Transferring loan portfolios and other accounts data from the system to another system is simplified with mortgage loan boarding support services. Our services are important for your business if accuracy is a concern. Since we possess the expertise in boarding portfolios of different sizes, our service is all that you will need.

Whole Loan Purchase Review Support

The whole loan purchase review is an essential part of the acquisition, sales, and servicing of loan collateral. FWS will thoroughly review the loan file to ensure availability, completeness, and accuracy of essential loan documents. This review will be diligently completed to mitigate the risk for vendors.

Isn't it time you reaped the benefits of globalization by outsourcing your mortgage processing support tasks to seasoned professionals? Save big on costs and time while streamlining your business process and focusing on growth with the help of our loan processing advice for mortgage brokers! Also, if we can help you with warehouse line QC audit support. Let us handle the extensive paperwork and follow-ups needed to put together the documentation for every loan. You'll find that working with us will lead to greater customer satisfaction, reduced processing times, increased revenues and minimized expenditure on recruitment, training and infrastructure.

Contact us now! Let Flatworld Solutions be your reliable and cost-effective partner for mortgage loan processing support.

Our Process

Our Process

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Outsourcing mortgage services to Flatworld Solutions can help you streamline your operations.

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