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Inventory Management Services

Manage your inventory in a flexible, responsive, & efficient manner by partnering with FWS & deliver timely and accurate inventory at prices starting at $8/hour

An effective inventory management system entails having accurate data about your stock, exact location, and its requirements. Validated inventory and cost reduction are achieved through strategic growth reports. Inventory managers assist you in successfully planning your inventory so that you can have the right inventory at an appropriate time and location. If you don't have skilled professionals to do so, partner with an inventory management services company like Flatworld Solutions. Our experts work with you to improve inventory cost accountancy, streamline credit management, and enhance the cash flow to make space for valuable working assets that are stuck in the inventory.

Flatworld Solutions, a competent outsourcing service provider, uses a multi-tier approach for inventory management. We help business operations improve their stock efficiency and prevent any possible stock-outs by leveraging advanced techniques. FWS helps consumers streamline their inventory by using an advanced inventory management system. We have a team of dedicated personnel who are here to help you 24/7 with your requirements, bin stocking, purchasing, and technical needs. With a broad product offering, we consolidate your supplier base to help diminish transactional costs and the labour allied to it.

Inventory Management Services We Offer

We are a leading inventory management service provider that has catered to a variety of client needs from different geographies. Our major services include -

  1. eCommerce Fulfillment Services

    eCommerce Fulfillment Services

    Flatworld Solutions is a top provider of eCommerce fulfillment services for the past 18 years. We have industry experience in being the go-to solution for most freight companies and delivery organizations. We have a talented team of expert professionals who will study all the needs that your company has and will provide top-notch services according to your requirements.

  2. Optimization and Streamlining

    Optimization and Streamlining

    This is the most effective service at Flatworld Solutions. From teaming up orders, classifying items, and streamlining warehousing operations, to the order fulfilment process, our system plays a significant role. We help you in coordinating operations and processing which helps in decision making.

  3. Tracking


    This process helps in tracking the items right from when it reaches your location to when it has been sent across to the client. We can help you track and identify the SKU for each item with its serial number and the expiry date.

  4. Record Keeping

    Record Keeping

    The most important aspect of having accurate and synchronized data is record keeping. The data is consistently stored at each step. A reliable system helps in maintaining consistency, reliability, and accuracy of the data which can be further processed for decision making. We help you accurately record the sales order number, SKU, package slip number, etc at every step of the stock inventory management.

  5. Additional Services

    • Advanced replenishment services
    • Inventory planning, ownership and optimization
    • Material optimization (daily, weekly, monthly) - Forecasting optimum purchasing for all products
    • MRO inventory planning
    • Kanban/two bucket system as well as JIT implementation
    • Inventory cost accountancy - Helpful in ensuring accurate accountancy for treatment of damaged and outdated assets
    • Reconcile inventory (work in process/in transit) to help detect scams and shrinkages
    • Evaluation of key inventory performance indicators (KPI) for relevant areas of opportunities
    • Warehouse operations optimization - Evaluating warehouse operations processes for improved efficiency of the inventory
    • Streamlining the inventory lifecycle - Reviewing accurate inventory transactions

Inventory Management Process We Follow

Stock management comes into the picture right when you receive an order from your client. We follow the following process at Flatworld Solutions -


01. Order management

This is the first stage of stock inventory management. At Flatworld Solutions, we identify and keep track of the availability of all the items that the purchaser chooses. We help in identifying the stock-keeping unit (SKU) of an item, the manufacturing code, product code, and item attributes (colour, size, measurements, etc.).

  • Generating the Invoice

    We assist you by making your invoicing process smooth and efficient.

  • Barcoding

    Our advanced software saves a lot of your time in managing invoices by using barcodes (unique system-generated identification tags). This eliminates the manual process of entering the SKU for each item and reduces errors while updating them into the system and when creating sales orders for the invoice.

  • Updating Sales Order Number

    The sales order generated is subsequently updated with the invoice number, package slip number, shipping carrier, etc. This comes in handy when there has been a delay in the delivery or if the customer wants to return the product.


02. Warehousing

Whether you own multiple warehouses or stock items at your store we can help you manage them hassle-free. We perform -

  • Organization

    Based on the nature, movement, and relevance of the product, we assist you in sorting, categorizing, and placing the items at a relevant location.

  • Locators

    We make use of intelligent RFID scanners that help you in keeping track of all the products even if they are already inside the warehouse or out for delivery.

  • Audit

    We carefully review the stock status as per requirements.


03. Packaging and Shipment

  • Packing List

    Depending upon the magnitude of the orders, we prepare the picklist and hand it over to the warehouse for collection.

  • Pick and Pack Process

    We at Flatworld Solutions, provide the following services for the picking process -

    • Discrete

      As the name suggests, this method picks up items one at a time.

    • Batch Collection

      A time-saving approach, wherein multiple items are collected by organizing all the orders for a particular SKU, instead of collecting the items one at a time like in the previous one.

    • Wave Picking

      A time frame or a scheduling window is fixed for picking up the items from the warehouse. The scheduled window is decided by considering the volume and recurrence of the orders.

    • Zone Selection

      We delegate an individual to a specific zone in the picking area. Each time an order is received, the specific worker will scan through it and pick up all the items that fall in his/her delegated zone.


04. Post Shipment Updates

This step not only cuts down customer complaints and queries but also keeps them updated about the whereabouts of the package. But, operating it manually is time-consuming. Therefore, integration with a shipment tracking service can help you fulfil that requirement.

Industries We Cater To

Our advanced services cover a wide variety of industries from retail and manufacturing to medical and pharmaceutical. We cover the following and more -

Packaging MaterialsPackaging materials
Telecommunication and MediaTelecommunication
and Media
Electronics, Energy and UtilitiesElectronics,
Energy and Utilities
Logistics and TransportationLogistics and

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Inventory Management Services to Flatworld Solutions?

FWS is a leading outsourcing firm serving clients around the world successfully for close to two decades now. When you outsource to us, you get access to plenty of advantages, such as -

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    FWS is one of the most reliable companies that ensure you the maximum ROI.

  • Flexible Inventory Location Solutions

    Our professionals work for you from our world-class office spaces and are fully equipped with the best-in-class infrastructure facilities. Thus, allowing us to provide reliable services to our clients. We provide -

    • On-site Vidmar / Bin / Knack Box / Connex / Warehouse solutions
    • Field units (for multiple facility locations, if any)
    • Local FWS warehouse inventory
  • Inventory Replenishment Solutions

    We at Flatworld (an ISO 9001:2015 certified association) are committed to providing quick and reliable services to all our clients. Flatworld is one of the leading stock inventory management services providing companies in India and abroad. We offer -

    • Inventory levels supervised by FWS personnel
    • Replenishment plan based as per client requirements
  • Local Technical Resource

    Our team has been working for more than a decade and we provide -

    • Technical & application assistance
    • On-site safety, assembly & troubleshooting solutions
    • Regular leak audits
  • Automated Order Management

    We ensure that our deliverables are error-free by abiding by a well-structured and systematic process that delivers customized services to our clients. We additionally provide -

    • E-procurement integration services
    • Accurate reporting
    • Usage reviews
    • Scheduled and timely audits
  • 24/7 Customer Support

    We guarantee that our advanced services shall be delivered to you as soon as possible. Our specialists are focused on working 24/7 at providing timely services to our clients. In addition to this, we have -

    • Devoted support squad
    • Stock availability
    • Field servicing
    • Turnaround maintenance
    • Outage assistance
    • Field inventory support
  • Reliable & Secure Data

    We provide timely and accurate data to be used in decision-making and your data is vital to us. By outsourcing your requirements to us, you can be assured of its safety and security.

Client Success Stories

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FWS Delivered Transaction Processing Services to a Logistics Provider

Our client outsourced their billing process to us and we ensured that the error rates were significantly reduced, resulting in substantially greater productivity.

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FWS Delivered Transaction Processing Services to an R&L Carrier

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Outsource Inventory Management Services to FWS

Flatworld Solutions is one of the most reputed companies with 20 years of industry experience. We tailor customized solutions for your unique requirements. We act as an extension of your existing team and strive to make your business more efficient and profitable. We have been assisting businesses to automate and consolidate their systems since our inception. We cover all invoices, purchase orders, and manage entire supply chain management for accurate reporting and analysis, thus, helping you improve logistics, reduce order time, and increase the speed and accuracy of order flow. We provide accurate reports in a customizable central dashboard.

Our experts help you in optimizing and managing your inventory operations which include cycle stock, safety stock, pipeline, and pre-built inventory. Thus, effectively yielding more efficiency across the chain. We can make your business agile enough to help answer any fluxes in demand, without compromising on the quality of service by using an assortment of demonstrated techniques. Our specialists make use of just-in-time (JIT) strategies, and scheduled demand indicators, that assist you in improving stock efficiency and customer support.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient inventory management service provider, then contact us right away.

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