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Fleet Management Services

We use fleet management tools to make your assets accounted for during a busy fleet operation and ensure better efficiency in delivery, timeliness, and safety at rates upwards of $8 per hour

Every logistics, courier, and public transport business face the same issue when it comes to their fleet and assets. Lacking the ability to track the fleet operations, ensure timelines, and driver safety is among the top challenges and there are many others. This is when it's clear they're on the brink of service disruption, staring at the potential loss of productivity and money. So the cost-efficient way to ensure sustenance and uptime is to outsource fleet management services to Flatworld Solutions. In return, you get a highly structured fleet management system implemented by us where every truck, haul, delivery status, and real-time updates are accounted for. Plus, the safety of your assets is prioritized to stay ahead of all challenges.

Flatworld Solutions has 20 years of experience is one of the best fleet management service provider. We have a disciplined team that can align with your backend culturally to work as an extension of your team. From tracking fleet movement in real-time to providing location assistance, and many other service inclusions. We promise timeliness, cost benefits, and efficient utilization of your assets.

Fleet Management Services We Offer

Having earned the title as a top fleet management service providing company, we are always exploiting ways to shrink your expenses and boost the bottom line. We serve customers with the best Fleet management services in India. Our services are as follows -

  1. Efficient Utilization of Business Assets

    Efficient Utilization of Business Assets

    One of the first few ways to optimize assets is to identify gaps in the existing system. For instance, we look at the time your fleet trucks idle because every minute run by the engine without converting to productivity is an overhead in the form of fuel expense. The workaround is to ensure that your fleet trucks are hauling more than idling at rest stops. To do so, we implement a tracking system to make the time and activity accountable. The metrics data are collected and compared to optimize fleet performance.

  2. Optimized Delivery

    Optimized Delivery

    The faster the delivery, the sooner you can take new orders. We adopt the technology to accelerate delivery time by observing the data coming in from real-time traffic, geofence, and other sources. By analyzing the data, we will dispatch the route optimization data to fleet drivers so pickup and delivery time are significantly reduced. Before the trip begins, we calculate the ETA and use it as a reference to track the speed of delivery.

  3. Enhanced Driver Safety

    Enhanced Driver Safety

    Fleets aren't immune to road accidents, which is the number one reason for loss to life and finance. We always work on ways to shrink accident risk by optimizing driver safety. If your fleet operations are in a region with inclement weather or unpredictable driving conditions, we send advance updates to keep drivers alert. We also incorporate a scoring system that credits points for driver performance, safety records, and avoiding traffic violations.

Fleet Management Process We Follow

Corporate fleet management services from FWS help you best utilize your fleet assets and operations so that your savings can go up and spending can be lowered. When you outsource fleet management services we take the following approach -


01. Discovering Client Requirement

We evaluate your fleet management requirements and follow up with a bespoke fleet management solution


02. Coordination with Partners

We get in touch with our partners to design a solution that can be applied to deal with specific challenges


03. Fleet Management

We will exploit the best fleet management strategy and apply the same to our client's business model to streamline the process


04. Validating the Service

We simulate our fleet management model and observe the change in performance. If necessary optimizations will be made


05. Creation of Reports

We will create custom reports for your project and decision making team

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Fleet Management Services to Flatworld Solutions?

FWS is a standard choice for fleet management companies that require the support of the best fleet management services in India. Here's are the reasons why it's important to choose Flatworld Solutions as a fleet management partner -

  • Friendly Rates

    If affordability is an important criterion, we have you covered because our fleet management services are customizable to your liking.

  • 100% Data Security

    Flatworld is an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified fleet management company that follows the checklist of ISMS guidelines.

  • High-quality Fleet Management Services

    We are a better choice over other competitors because our quality is consistent and you can count us to get delivered superb service.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    Our turnaround time is much faster than most other companies. We use technology to our advantage to accomplish our deliverables.

  • ISO Certified Fleet Management Services Provider

    FWS is ISO 9001:2015 certified fleet management services providing company. In a nutshell, we follow the best practices prescribed by the industry.

  • Scalable Services

    Scaling the fleet management services is easy and straightforward. The process lets our solutions get adaptive to the volume needs.

  • Experienced Fleet Management Professionals

    We have in our talent pool, a team of highly qualified fleet management experts. They have years of experience in supporting businesses that are mi- and large-sized.

  • 24/7 Support

    Our contact center agents are both qualified and trained in all aspects of customer care and fleet management to offer you world-class support.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Transaction Processing Services to a Client

Flatworld Solutions Provided Transaction Processing Services to a Client

The client offshored their billing process to us and we made sure the error rates were at an all-time low, resulting in greater productivity, faster TAT, and many other benefits.

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FWS provided Transaction Processing to an R&L Carrier, a Logistics Company

Flatworld Solutions provided Transaction Processing to an R&L Carrier, a Logistics Company

Processing transactions were becoming cumbersome for a logistics client. They outsourced the function to us and saw better productivity and reduction in expenses.

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Outsource Fleet Management Services to Flatworld Solutions

At Flatworld Solutions, we specialize in several types of logistics services. We have a rich knowledge of the fleet management process and have access to technology and tools that enable us to serve clients with world-class fleet management services. Our teams are highly trained in all the processes and do what is needed to bring you better results especially in terms of agility, cost-control, and overall service efficiency.

Contact us to outsource fleet management and get a free quote in 24 hours. We will walk you through the process and ensure on-time services.

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Fleet Management Services FAQs

  • What is the purpose of fleet management?

    Fleet management maximizes efficiency, increases productivity, and improves the safety of a firm's vehicles and drivers.

  • What does a fleet management company do?

    A fleet management company performs activities like vehicle tracking, monitoring of driver behavior, reporting on fuel consumption, and management of vehicle maintenance.

  • What are the benefits of fleet management?

    With fleet management, an organization can maximize productivity, enhance efficiency, and improve safety of its collection of vehicles.