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In the simplest of terms, truckload shipping refers to the movement of large amounts of cargo, generally carried out by filling an entire intermodal container or shipping trailer. As compared to less-than truckload shipping, truckload shipping has various additional benefits, both for the client as well as the shipper.

When you are shipping goods through a shipping company or a third-party logistics (3PL) service provider, make sure you opt for full truckload (FTL). Let us explain why.

Why Choose Full Truckload Shipping?

Whether your goods are dry or refrigerated, HAZMAT, bulk, or flatbed, choosing full truckload shipping not only ensures significant peace of mind, but also ensures that your goods arrive together at one place within the designated time. Some of the reasons why you should choose full truckload shipping include -

  1. Low Cost of Transportation: If the volume of your goods is large enough to fill the entire carrying and storage capacity of the truck or container in which the goods will be transported, then the cost of shipping / transportation expenses will work out to be lower than what it is when compared to "Less than Truckload Shipping" (LTL)
  2. Reduced Number of Stoppages: When a truck is carrying only your company's goods, then there is no reason for it to stop on its way to the destination. However, when a truck carries goods of multiple companies, there are possibilities of it stopping at regular intervals to offload goods of other companies. While doing that, your goods would be handled or moved from one place to another. Opting for FTL shipping ensures that there are no stops or halts throughout
  3. Dedicated Delivery: When you opt for FTL, the entire truck is loaded fully with your goods only. No other company's goods are accommodated. This ensures that your goods reach the destination safely in one go. The truck is usually customized to suit the goods that you are shipping. Since your shipment is customized, special care of your goods is taken by the truck carrier
  4. No Unnecessary Handling: Your goods are not handled or disturbed while being transported. Once the mandatory paperwork has been taken care of, the driver loads your goods in the exact way you want them to be packaged and shipped. The goods are then offloaded from the truck only when the truck reaches the desired destination
  5. Specialized Service: Drivers of dedicated trucks become experts in transporting a certain type of commodity on a regular basis. Such drivers are an advantage to have when transporting your goods. They know exactly how goods need to be loaded and then offloaded upon reaching the destination. Opting for FTL gives you the option of having specialized transportation services
  6. 6. Insured Operations: FTL Operators ensure that the goods they carry are insured. This option allows greater peace of mind for the client, and adds an additional layer of insurance for the goods that you are transporting

How to Choose an Ideal FTL Operator?

No matter how beneficial FTL maybe, you have to make sure you check a few things before shipping your goods with your selected operator. Some of the things you need to keep in mind include -

  • Make sure the trucks that you choose to transport your goods are robust, sturdy, have cleared the necessary safety tests, and comply with all the mandatory regulations
  • The transport carrier's liability insurance must be updated. Also, ensure the capacity of load for each truck is clearly mentioned and communicated to you before you load your goods
  • The truck carrier must provide real-time tracking facility so that you know exactly where your goods are, the condition they are in, and when they will reach the desired destination
  • Most FTL operators provide a better ROI by combining extra services such as customs clearance, consolidation, convoy routing, etc. By checking what your provider can add-on to their service, you can cut unnecessary costs

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