Logistics Services for Trucking Companies

Give your business a competitive edge! Outsource your logistics services to Flatworld to see an increase in your business value and profit, while reducing your costs and errors! At Flatworld, we simplify, the complex tasks involved in logistics, such as, managing and controlling the flow of goods, services, information and resources from the supplier to the end-user. Outsource your logistics trucking services to Flatworld, to get access to high-quality transaction processing, payment processing, data processing, business intelligence and customer relationship management services.

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Freight Receivable Processing

Avoid billing discrepancies, by outsourcing your freight receivable processing services to Flatworld! At Flatworld, we will manage, review, audit and collect payment accurately, all within a quick time phrase. The Flatworld team will perform a complete pre-audit of your freight bills before you pay them. We will then review each invoice against negotiated prices and contracts, after applying the correct tariffs, classifications, accessorial charges, discounts, and other price-related issues. Once this is done, we will verify and validate these bills against shipment documents. Finally the data will be thoroughly checked and validated for duplicates by using bill of lading numbers, freight bill numbers, shipment characteristics etc. With our accurate data capture and data mining services, you will be able to plan and mange your account receivables in a better way. Outsource to Flatworld to uncover inaccuracies in billing, in rates applied and in other critical data.

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Logistics for Trucking Companies

Key Differentiators

1. Billing Data Entry

Flatworld’s data entry specialists have been entering thousands of BOLs each evening, for the past decade. At Flatworld, we ensure that each data entry specialist is Specifically trained. By such training we have ensured that each member of the team understands the nuances of Bills of Lading and the key factors that must be handled accurately on each bill. All our specialists have gained speed and accuracy with our rigorous training programs. Apart from our training programs we continuously monitor each data entry specialist’s work for speed and accuracy.

2. Freight Rating

You might be getting the minimum charges as well as the lower classes (less than 200) right, but facing problems in the higher classifications. This is because just about anyone can get the minimum charges and the lower classes right. Flatworld has put its focus and training on higher classifications, because most of the mistakes are made in this area. Our experience, processes and classification software can rate your bills accurately and quickly.

3. Auditing

Our partnership with one of the most experienced freight auditors in the industry closes the loop. At Flatworld, we have developed highly specialized software, which we use to audit EACH bill. With our specialized software we ensure that each bill is rated accurately. The software, that we use cross matches the verbal description of the goods on the BOL, with the NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification) guide. The software also checks to ensure that postal codes and addresses match.

Flatworld Solutions has combined all these logistics trucking services along with our preemptive auditing services to beat the auditors. Outsource your freight receivable services to Flatworld, and increase your profit, with our 99% correct billing.

Key Benefits

  • Streamline cash management
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Save up to 12% through a pre-audit of your freight bills
  • Handle global freight challenges with ease
  • Save thousands of dollars in lost revenue
  • Recover carrier overcharges
  • A well managed claims process

Bill of Lading Generation Services (BOL)

Experience a faster and a streamlined flow of goods and information by outsourcing your Bill of Lading Generation services to Flatworld. See an increase in the productivity of the dock personnel and the truck driver since the electronic BOL reaches the distribution center before the driver gets there. Apart from this, we also convert data from the BOL to business intelligence. We provide consistent, accurate, cost-effective and reliable results with our stringent training, quality enhancement, online verification, validation and performance tracking.

Key Benefits

  • Improved efficiency, productivity and performance
  • Reduced costs and errors
  • Faster turnaround time

Logistics Management Software Development Services

Information is as important as the package in the logistics industry. This has made the loss of information very critical in the Logistics industry. Try our customized software development services for efficient logistics management. As an information provider, we at Flatworld ensure that the physical and the electronic consignment are synchronized at the pick up till delivery. Apart from this, we can also develop an information service for customers that can cover order processing from the sender to the recipient. This will include the exchange of integrated global data, the exchange of data with customers, freight data processing systems, integrated logistics system and warehouse management system.

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Key Benefits

  • Streamlined communication system
  • Smooth and uninterrupted flow of information
  • Reliable and secure support
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced costs and increased revenue

Customer Relationship Management Services (CRM)

At Flatworld, we have taken customer service to a whole new level. Outsource your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services to Flatworld and benefit greatly from our high-quality customer services. Apart from this, we also provide Internet services to help you sell your services and additional products to your customers. Flatworld’s Inbound services consist of turnkey systems and support for your services. Our specialized Outbound services, which includes, offering new products or services, up-selling, cross-selling and generating new leads can greatly increase your relationship with your customer. We can also help you design a cost-effective web support system that can provide your customers with valid information.

Key Benefits

  • Increase in customer retention
  • Maximized profit and minimized investment in infrastructure
  • Latest technologies, with Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Improved communication

Give your business a competitive edge by leveraging Flatworld's Solutions for the Logistics Industry.

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