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Traditional freight movement methods are still largely manual and chaotic. A customer sending freight by ocean, air or land, has to acquire shipment quotes via innumerable phone calls, faxes and e-mails. Decisions on carrier, routes and pricing have to be made with limited information on hand. All relevant documentation has to be complete and accurate to make transactions valid, secure and compliant. After having done all this, there still is little control over the actual transportation - and customers frequently face delays, damages, cost overruns and over-billing from carriers.

Not surprisingly, traditional processes of freight shipment are no longer suitable to meet the demands of today's supply chains. Logistics is transitioning to a paperless world with real-time visibility of shipments and inventory moving across continents and sophisticated track-and-trace features.

Flatworld brings you a powerful Logistics Management Automation (LMA) Solution

Whether you are an individual wanting to ship your household articles overseas, an organization sending manufactured products by air freight or a 3PL provider managing comprehensive logistics of an organization - Flatworld brings you a powerful Logistics Management Automation (LMA) Solution that lets you do all this and much more - right at your desktop, with complete control and visibility over the entire shipment process.

This LMA software is a powerful web-based software that offers users a single centralized platform accessible at your desktop. You can move anything from a slim envelope to heavy machinery, right across the world - at the best prices, on the most suitable carriers and with maximum reliability, safety and security.

The Logistics Management Automation (LMA) Solution that scores over competition on Global Accessibility and Global Control.

Logistics Management Automation (LMA) Software: Feature Highlights

1. Multi-Modal Shipping Options

The Logistics Management Automation software facilitates processing for all modes of transportation on the same platform. Ocean freight, air cargo and transportation via land in trucks and trailers can all be processed on the LMA software. The software also supports all transportation options like -

  • Inbound and outbound
  • Domestic, international and multi-shore
  • Import and export
  • Small parcels to heavy freight options
  • Ground, air and ocean

You name the type of transportation, this LMA software can do that and more. It can also save you money and time.

2. Single Standardized User Interface

All shipping options can be transacted from the Logistics Management Automation (LMA) platform's single, easy-to-use graphical interface. Users have to just click on the option that matches their requirements and let the same easy-to-use interface work for their varied needs. Selecting your package option, transportation company or shipment cost option is made easy with simple screens, drop-downs and menus.

3. Intelligent Dashboard for One-click Information

The Logistics Management Automation software presented by Flatworld has a unique summary dashboard that gives you information on shipments made, tracking of shipments, messages, search options - all at a glance. The LMA modules are designed so that you can transition from one task to the other with ease. In addition to this, we have a strong support team to ensure that you consistently get the best out of the software, each time.

4. Rules-based Design for Centralized Control

The Logistics Management Automation (LMA) software functions on a powerful rules-based processing environment that gives users global control over the end-to-end shipment process. This rules-based engine allows management to customize user permissions at each user's level, so that the entire shipment process, from bottom upwards, conforms to broad organizational policies.

How the Rules-based Processing System Works: System administrators can log onto the Logistics Management Automation (LMA) software at their desktop and customize user permissions, delivery options, preferred carriers and all other variables involved in the shipment process, in accordance to business rules.

These customized settings are enforced at each user's desktop and when they log in to book shipments, the software automatically generates results based on the routing guides set by the administrator.

The rules-based design of the software translates into -

  • Excellent top level management control
  • Assigns user-level roles and permissions
  • Limits carrier and service selection to authorized managers
  • Ensures total operational alignment with predetermined, centralized business rules

5. Enhanced Document Management and Reporting

The Logistics Management Automation (LMA) platform creates instant, secure online documentation to support each transaction. Current data is available real-time on the system, accessible to authorized users for retrieval, analysis, and reporting purposes. The LMA software also allows users to trace, measure and create custom reports on more than a 100 of these stored data elements. The platform maintains all historical shipment data in a central repository for 7 years.

6. Single Consolidated Invoice

The Logistics Management Automation (LMA) platform offers users a powerful invoice consolidation feature that allows complete control over A/P processes. This feature presents you each week with a single consolidated electronic invoice that includes billing from all vendors you transacted with during that week. Comprehensive details of the week's shipments including the vendor, cost center, invoice number and date, service level, weight and cost of the shipment are all available in a single digital format that can be e-mailed, faxed or processed by authorized users. The invoice consolidation feature permits better control on finances and enables document retrieval, complex reporting, fraud detection and enhanced compliance.

7. Dynamic Bidding Module: Cost and Service Comparisons

The LMA software permits users to email global shipment bid requests. Users of the software can make real-time, online comparisons of multiple spot bids and finally home in on the best value-proposition for them. The LMA bidding module allows real-time access to the spot market and savings of up to 25% on cost.

8. Compliance Control

The LMA software, presented by Flatworld, automatically generates appropriate shipment paperwork at each stage of the online processing. It prompts users at each stage with simple forms and drop-down menus so that all shipment documentation is complete and accurate and totally compliant to mandatory financial, statutory and insurance regulations.

9. Technology on Demand or SaaS (Software as a Service)

The LMA platform leverages the usage of SaaS or technology-on-demand: a benefit for customers not wanting to make investments in custom applications and spend time and resources on maintenance and upgrades.

10. Pre-qualified Carrier List

The Logistics Management Automation (LMA) software brought to you by Flatworld allows the maintenance of a list of pre-qualified carriers whose price and service levels are in sync with your needs. Each shipment can be matched with the best-fit carrier available on this list to make decision making further effective.

How the Logistics Management Automation (LMA) Software works for different Package Options.

LMA - Heavy Freight Solutions

The heavy freight solution permits users to make real-time comparisons in rates and service and take a decision on the best deal for their heavy freight requirements, all at their desktop.

Authorized users can fill out their requirements with details about pickup, delivery and any other specifications. This activates an instant bid monitor which sends out global bid requests to pre-qualified heavy freight carriers. Interested carriers revert back with their pricing and service bids within specified deadlines letting you process and make comparisons of multiple spot quotes before you make a selection.

LMA - Small Package Solutions

For all domestic and international packages weighing less than 150 pounds such as parcels and envelopes, the user simply has to log on to the LMA software and click on the small package option to quickly go through the shipment process. The application has an easy user-interface right down to automatically generated documentation like labels and packing lists that ensure that all documentation is accurate and complete.

Logistics Management Automation Software - Benefits

  • Sophisticated rules-driven shipment processing environment
  • Real-time online bidding
  • Secure, centralized storage of all data up to 7 years
  • Single consolidated weekly invoice
  • Enhanced document management
  • Sophisticated reporting and analytics
  • Ease of integration, set up and usage
  • Multi-level security features including powerful 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and statutory regulations

The Logistics Management Automation (LMA) Platform - Win-Win Advantage

The LMA Platform prompts you to state your requirements and then walks you through the entire shipment booking process ensuring at each stage that requisite documentation is done and that there is total compliance to all governmental procedures and regulations at each stage of the process. It offers you the best fit option for your requirements and pre-conditions.

Contact us here for a centralized logistics management automation platform that meets all your global shipping needs.

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