Remote Preparing Financial Statements

Remote Preparing Financial Statements

Leverage our services to navigate cross-border complexities, optimize tax, and protect against exchange rate volatility. Contact us to streamline your international financial operations.

Our financial statement preparation services meticulously address the operational challenges faced by businesses operating in multiple countries. We understand the complexities that stem from cross-border accounting standards, fluctuating exchange rates, and disparate tax laws. Our solutions encompass the interpretation and application of accounting standards like US GAAP, IFRS, and local GAAPs. This uniformity simplifies the consolidation process, enhances your operational efficiency, and provides an accurate financial outlook of your business.

Our advanced currency translation and forex risk management strategies safeguard your business from exchange rate volatility and ensures fiscal equilibrium. We also offer strategic tax planning and compliance services to curtail liabilities and optimizing tax efficiencies across tax jurisdictions. Partner with us to leverage our expertise in handling cross-border transactions; use our knowledge of international tax laws, robust consolidation processes, and financial due diligence to streamline your financial operations. As an ISO-certified service provider, with two decades of industry experience, we pride ourselves on our regulatory reporting skills, 100% compliance rates, and our ability to minimize audit deficiencies through internal controls.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Financial Back Office Support Services

Accounts Payable Services

We streamlined the cash flow system for customers to regulate customer transaction document processing (invoice proof of delivery, bill of lading, etc.)

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Case Study on Accounts Receivable Services

Accounts Receivable Services

We addressed the requirement of 2 SMEs by offering accounts receivable and claims management services. Our clients were happy with the outcome.

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Our Financial Statement Preparation Services

Our focus on regulatory compliance ensures that every financial statement we prepare meets the stringent standards set by governing bodies. This unwavering commitment safeguards your firm against potential risks and reinforces your reputation for reliability and professionalism.

  1. Finance Transformation Services

    Finance Transformation Services

    We employ advanced analytics in assessing financial health, turning complex data into actionable insights, and aligning strategies to meet KPIs like EBITDA and Net Profit Margins.

  2. Year-End Accounting Services

    Year-End Accounting Services

      Our meticulous process ensures full compliance with GAAP and IFRS, eliminates tax filing errors, and provides comprehensive financial reports for informed strategic decisions.

  3. Financial Budgeting Services

    Financial Budgeting Services

    Using sophisticated financial models, we align your budget with strategic objectives such as market expansion or product development, ensuring optimal resource allocation.

  4. General Accounting Services

    General Accounting Services

    Our services provide a clear view of key metrics like operating margins and cash flow, adhering to industry standards, and offering a solid foundation for sustainable business growth.

Optimized Process Flow for Financial Statement Solutions

Our systematic approach to preparing financial reports help businesses can achieve better financial transparency, making it easier to identify areas of concern and opportunities for growth.


01. Acquire Financial Insights

We acquire all the financial data, including every element of income, expense, asset, and liability.


02. Structure the Data

We classify and structure the data, enabling a structured layout for better comprehension and analytical use.


03. Formulate Preliminary Reports

We formulate the initial financial statements, providing an initial snapshot of the financial stability and performance.


04. Examine and Rectify Data

We examine and rectify all data to ensure its accuracy and consistency. This step is vital in maintaining the integrity and reliability of the financial reporting process.


05. Complete and Communicate

This final step ensures that all stakeholders have the necessary information for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Technologies & Platforms We Leverage

 AI in Financial Reporting
 Blockchain in Financial Reporting
 Big Data and Financial Reporting
 OCR Technology in Financial Reporting
 RPA in Financial Reporting
 ESG Technology and Solutions
 Automation for Compliance and Disclosure Management
 Global Compliance and Reporting Solutions

Financial Statement Preparation Software We Use

Sage 50cloud Xero FreshBooks Wave

Customized Reports for Every Industry

We excel in adapting our services to the unique characteristics of each industry, offering a bespoke experience for our clients. This adaptability facilitates the delivery of financial statements that accurately represent a business's financial status, proving to be instrumental in strategic planning.

Consumer GoodsConsumer Goods
Manufacturing & ProductionManufacturing & Production

Why Choose Us as Your Financial Statement Preparation Outsourcing Partner?

Choosing us as your outsourcing partner allows you to extend your service portfolio without additional overheads.Our specialized process enhances the value you deliver to your clients, fostering client loyalty and setting a high standard in your service delivery.

  • Financial Health Evaluation

    We use key performance indicators like EBITDA, gross profit margin, and debt-to-equity ratio to provide a detailed assessment of your firm's financial health, highlighting areas of strength and improvement.

  • Strategic Decision Guidance

    Our financial reports, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements, provide actionable insights that drive strategic decision-making and boost operational efficiency.

  • Transparency and Compliance

    Our rigorous reconciliation process and adherence to GAAP principles ensure financial transparency and accountability, crucial for internal and external stakeholder trust.

  • Investor Relations Management

    Our diligent preparation of financial statements—complete with P&L accounts, balance sheets, and statements of cash flows—facilitates effective communication with investors.

  • Creditworthiness Evaluation

    We assess creditworthiness using key metrics such as leverage ratio and times interest earned ratio, providing valuable insights for lenders and credit rating agencies.

  • Scalability

    Our scalable services adjust to your growing needs, ensuring we can efficiently manage increased workload during peak reporting periods.

  • Risk Management

    By identifying potential financial risks through ratio analysis and trend evaluation, we aid in developing effective risk mitigation strategies.

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Additional Services We Offer

Accounts Payable Services

We manage the complete accounts payable cycle, from invoice processing to payment disbursement, ensuring accuracy, timely payments, and optimal cash flow management.

Accounts Receivable Services

Our services cover invoice generation to collections, employing advanced strategies like ageing analysis and dunning processes to ensure prompt payment and minimize bad debts.

Financial Analysis Services

We conduct in-depth financial analysis, utilizing key financial ratios and trend analysis to provide actionable insights into your company's financial performance and health.

Investment Analysis Services

We offer comprehensive investment analysis, including risk assessment, return analysis, and portfolio optimization, to help you make informed investment decisions and maximize returns.

Outsource Preparing Financial Services to Flatworld Solutions

Our financial statement services are designed to simplify the intricacies of global finance, providing you with efficient, accurate, and compliant solutions. We are committed to corporate governance and enterprise risk management, ensuring that your business is ready for any mergers and acquisitions or capital structure optimization opportunities that may arise. Our comprehensive tax services include international tax planning, statutory compliance, transfer pricing, and the development of tax-efficient structures.

We enable effective tax strategy management that aligns with local regulations, fiscal policies, and global practices. Our services are delivered in a timely manner, keeping your business agile and responsive. This includes cash flow management, business valuation, and operational efficiency analysis. As industry leaders, we use advanced financial tools for currency translation, financial modeling, and revenue recognition, and offer comprehensive tax planning, compliance, and reporting. Hire our experts today to ensure audit preparedness, adherence to international tax laws, and financial due diligence.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should financial statements be prepared? 

To maintain a close eye on the financial health and operational efficiency of a business, it's advisable to prepare monthly financial statements. This routine ensures timely decision-making and effective management.

What is a cash flow statement? 

A cash flow statement is a vital financial document that tracks the inflow and outflow of cash and cash equivalents in a business, categorizing these movements into operating, investing, and financing activities. It's an essential part of the order of preparing financial statements.

What is an income statement? 

An income statement highlights a company's revenues, expenses, and net income over a certain period, offering insight into its profitability. This document is crucial in the process to prepare financial reports.

Why are financial statements important? 

The benefits of preparing financial statements include providing key stakeholders with a clear view of the company's financial status, aiding in decision-making, and facilitating strategic planning.

What are financial statements? 

Financial statements are comprehensive reports that provide detailed information on a company's financial condition and performance. They are fundamental for investors, management, and regulators to evaluate the company's fiscal health.

What is the purpose of financial statement preparation, and why is it important for businesses?

The purpose is to systematically compile financial data into standardized reports. The importance lies in its ability to enhance transparency, support financial planning, and secure financing. The cost of financial statement preparation should be viewed as an investment in maintaining fiscal discipline and attracting investment.