A Case Study on HR Support Services Offered by Flatworld Solutions


A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) offers services such as outsourcing of payroll services, workers' compensation, human resources and employee benefits administration. Co-employment is the concept around which the functioning of a PEO revolves.

A PEO manages the administrative tasks related to employment besides providing paperwork, establishing and maintaining employee files, processing payroll, filing payroll taxes, developing employee handbooks, workers compensation management, compliance assistance and human resource support. A PEO serves as an offsite HR department.


A PEO firm - Idaho

Customer's Challenges
  • Huge volumes of paperwork had to be processed and managed efficiently
  • The turnaround time had to be improved
  • The peak load had to be managed well
Flatworld Solutions' Back Office Services Provided
  • Flatworld Solutions managed the process of hiring new personnel by verifying all the necessary documents such as forms like I9 and employee undertakings. This was done to ensure that all employee-related information was collected and stored
  • All the details about the employees were later in Accountix (payroll and A/P software)
  • Flatworld also provided payroll services, especially during the days when salaries were disbursed to the employees (pay day)
  • Benefit reconciliation was done by Flatworld
  • Invoices were entered in the A/P module of Accountix, after which reconciliation was performed
Impact on Customer's Business
  • Manpower costs were reduced to a large extent
  • The turnaround time improved considerably
  • Flatworld managed the seasonal load well

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