Financial Analysis Services for Banks

Outsource Financial Analysis for Banks

Financial analysis is an extremely important, but often overlooked task in most banks. Thorough financial analysis is necessary in order to identify potential risks related to investment, balance ledger, customers, or your shareholdings. Therefore, analyzing financial statements can help you quickly gauge where your company sits currently, and give you detailed insights into your bank's profitability, liquidity, efficiency, and overall stability.

At Flatworld, we understand that financial analysis of a bank's statements involves significant tedious computations. Therefore, our financial analysis services for banks are geared towards alleviating your pain points related to financial analysis while ensuring you can focus on productivity and other important tasks. By analyzing the past, we help you predict the future and quickly identify emerging trends in your bank's finances which in turn can be helpful for your future growth. Armed with a team of qualified CPAs, statisticians, and finance MBAs, our finance and accounting services are perfect for large, small, or medium sized banks as well as loan production offices (LPOs). Our analysts can examine your financial statements and compare them to previous years, as well as compare them to your competitors in order to determine how well you would be able to perform in the future.

Our Financial Analysis Services

Outsourcing financial services for banks is not an easy task, but at FWS, we ensure that our services meet your expectations and streamlines your operational processes while reducing costs and complexity. This in turn allows you to understand your customers better and recognize the avenues which you can maximize for better customer service. We combine financial analysis with in-depth market analysis, thereby giving expert advice to banks so as to yield objective conclusions within a short time period. Our financial analysis services include -

  1. Credit Analysis Services

    We use a tried and tested systemic approach to evaluate the credit standing of your bank, your partners, or even of an individual as requested. Our approach allows us to glean meaningful information and assess the overall attributes of the risk-return profile. We use both qualitative and quantitative tools and identify the key factors which will help drive your future performance and how they will affect your credit scoring. Our services cover a variety of credit loans including -

    • Conduit loans
    • Purchase loans
    • Conventional bank loans
    • Cash out loans
    • Refinancing loans
    • Expansion loans
  2. Data Review and Analysis Services

    Banks have to deal with tons of data presented in various formats on a daily basis, and based upon your existing specializations, they can vary widely and have far reaching consequences on the efficiency of your team. Our review services ensure 100% compliance while providing you with quick, accurate reviews for the following -

    • Tax return analysis
    • Credit scores analysis and reports
    • Personal financial statements review
    • Interim financial statements review
    • Management statement analysis
    • Appraisal report analysis
    • AR ageing report and analysis
    • Business tax returns analysis
    • Cash flow statement analysis
    • Analysis of Forms 413, 4506T, 1003

Apart from the above, we also provide the following services -

  • Customer information analysis
  • Summary of credit analysis
  • Financial Analysis of Collected Data
  • Spread financials
  • Preparation of Credit Reports
  • Loan details analysis
  • Ratio analysis
  • Analysis of repayment capacity

Financial Analysis Services for Banks - Our Process

Over a period of time, we have tried and tested various processes to finally develop one which suit our clients the most when they outsource financial analysis services to us. Our solution has 1 overarching objective – to maximize your business value. With this goal in mind, and based upon your requirements, our team of financial strategists get to work and develop the best solution for you. Our process consists of -



During this phase, we make it our job to ask the important, often overlooked questions. How can you enhance performance? What adds greatly to your profits? What about earning growth? Which investments are on shaky foundation? And many others. We leverage volumes of industry data and per group comparisons which only we have access to, allowing us to draw swift parallels and pinpoint the exact deficiencies in your existing financial statements.



Once we know and have isolated your most pressing concerns, we develop a solution after carefully researching into these concerns. For example, if your bank is facing increased customer churn, we look into your existing customer data to focus on what they like and dislike, and offer suggestions in how to improve them, better your cross-sell opportunities, and how to retain them.



Now that you have managed to accurately identify what problems you need to rectify and how soon, we help you identify the best possible solutions by using a proprietary set of tools which connect your services, products, and resources together and address the issue. Our panel of analysts and strategists provide valuable feedback about your organization and the changing market scenario of your business, so that every decision you make henceforth is a data-driven one.

With our help, you can -

  • Analyze the operation of different branch site expansions and suggest improvements
  • Investigate your foray into new markets and regions backed by solid data evidence
  • Prepare equity analyst presentations that showcase your bank in the best possible light
  • Assess the myriad effects of branch consolidation and how to streamline them
  • Conduct highly effective customer and market research and plan targeted campaigns efficiently

Why Outsource Financial Analysis Services for Banks to FWS?

At Flatworld, we believe in empowering banks by making the best use of their finite resources so as to maximize their efficiency and business value. With our help, you can reach your goals faster, while ensuring that our accurate reports always point you in the right direction. Some of the many reasons why outsourcing financial analysis services for banks makes sense with FWS includes -

  • We manage your requirements while ensuring we can easily become a part of your existing team so as to ensure efficiency and productivity never takes a hit
  • Our time-tested processes allow us to predict future budgets and company profits accurately
  • Our services also cover in-depth assessment of potential mergers and acquisitions so that all the figures are known to you beforehand
  • We help to analyze and make faster, more important data-driven decisions which can result in a wide difference in your profit margin
  • Our team of expert analysts and strategists have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the field of financial analysis, and allows you to maximize your ROI by ensuring you can make critical decisions
  • Our financial analysis and reporting services save you time by collating and cleansing your data and then presenting them in an easy-to-understand format
  • Outsourcing your requirements to us allows you to break down separate information silos and standardize your process, thereby achieving increased productivity and better streamlining

Outsource Financial Analysis Services to Flatworld Solutions

At Flatworld, we believe that outsourcing financial services should lower your cost, but not at the behest of quality. With our help, you can function as a 24-hour team without having to provide training and payroll for these high-functioning employees. FWS's management team helps to build solutions according to what suits you best, and our proven expertise coupled with secure work environment and infrastructure ensure you never have to worry about where your data is going.

Contact us now and find a new way to achieve better business operability and maximize your cost savings.

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