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Get expert help in the process of your business restructuring, estate management, or managing complex litigations by choosing our services at cost-effective prices

Are you looking for expert involvement in implementing the restructuring of the financial and operational processes to get your business back on track, or need help with resolving insolvencies, managing your estates, and negotiating with creditors and lenders? If yes, working with a professional fiduciary service providing company can immensely benefit you and help you uncomplicate complex processes to meet your goals.

With extensive experience in working with clients to provide a variety of fiduciary investment management solutions, Flatworld Solutions has become the leading fiduciary company. We have a team of certified fiduciary experts with the skills and experience required to assess your requirements and provide exceptional leadership with trust and fiduciary services. Combining rich fiduciary discipline and our industry expertise, we offer cost-effective solutions that can assist you in dealing with a complex business situation to help you get closer to your goals.

Fiduciary Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions offers a range of certified fiduciary services to local and its global clientele. Following are some of the fiduciary solutions that we provide with the help of our team of professionals with a thorough understanding of global fiduciary laws.

  1. Chapter 11 Trustee

    Chapter 11 Trustee

    With extensive operational and financial knowledge, the Chapter 11 Trustees at Flatworld Solutions can offer the best insights in improving the operational dynamics. This helps in liquidity generation for the short term, as the restructuring process is ongoing. We are committed to coming up with strategies that maximize the recovery of the estate beneficiary.

  2. Court-Appointed Examiner or Receiver

    Court-Appointed Examiner or Receiver

    We have an in-house team of skilled and knowledgeable fiduciary experts who serve as Court-Appointed Examiner or receiver when there is a need for an objective perspective in the matter. Our experts assess the scenario from a business perspective and come up with effective remedies that help with the investigation process.

  3. Court-Appointed Responsible Officer

    Court-Appointed Responsible Officer

    Our fiduciary management professionals are also appointed as Court-Appointed Responsible Officers to lend their financial and operational knowledge by providing solutions concerning the complications in the Chapter 11 restructuring process by analyzing the dynamics of the business that's in distress.

  4. Post-Confirmation Fiduciary

    Post-Confirmation Fiduciary

    We can help in the management of Chapter 11 post-confirmation proceedings. The different roles that we can assume to assist you to include post-confirmation trustee, plan monitor, liquidating trustee, plan administrator, among others.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions For Fiduciary Services?

Flatworld Solutions offers fiduciary management services to clients from all around the world. There are various benefits of outsourcing these services to us, which are as follows -

  • Our fiduciary solutions are priced to be affordable so that clients with different budget limits can collaborate with us for high-quality services.
  • Being an ISO-certified company, we follow a systematic process and adopt the best practices and methodologies to offer flawless solutions.
  • Any data or information about your company that you share with us is completely confidential as we adhere to the international data security guideline in safeguarding your data from third-party access.
  • With state-of-the-art infrastructure and an uninterrupted network, we work with the best and latest tools
  • With several delivery centers across the world, we can deliver the outcomes well within the stipulated timeframe.
  • Our customer support team is functional around the clock. You can reach out to us anytime and expect us to get back to you with the information that you need within a short frame of time.

Client Success Stories

Case Study on Financial & Accounting Back Office Support

Case Study on Financial & Accounting Back Office Support

A bank's Loan Production Office (LPO) in Las Vegas required us to handle voluminous paperwork, manage the peak load of applications, and improve turnaround time. Our services met client expectations while reducing expenses significantly.

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Case Study on Financial Research Back Office Support Services

A Case Study on Financial Research Back Office Support Services Offered

A company, which is a service provider to NASDAQ, required us to huge volumes of data regularly. Our services considerably improved TAT, while cutting down manpower and other costs.

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Outsource Fiduciary Services To Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is the leading fiduciary service provider with over 20 years of rich industry experience. Our professional team of fiduciary experts has the financial and operational knowledge that it takes to provide exceptional leadership when your business undergoes the restructuring process when in distress. Our legacy fiduciary services characterize complete transparency. We communicate with you and explain every legal aspect to you so that you're in the loop at all times. When you need an experienced company to work in your interest, outsource fiduciary services to us with no second thoughts.

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