Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services

Businesses are often under intense cost and time constraints and find it difficult to take complete control over their critical finance processes. One such process is bookkeeping, which keeps a track of total earnings and expenses of a company. Efficient bookkeeping services provide a clear picture of total earnings and help in taking important business decisions that take the company forward. Having an in-house bookkeeping & accountancy team can be cumbersome and expensive.

It is better to outsource bookkeeping services to an experienced third-party service provider. Flatworld Solutions has been providing top-quality professional accounting and bookkeeping services in India to clients around the world. We take care of all your accounting and tax preparation processes and also provide efficient bookkeeping services at reasonable rates.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services We Offer

Being in the financial industry for over a decade now, we have a team of financial experts who understand the exact needs of our clients and provide the services accordingly. We help businesses keep a track of their income and expenditures at a fraction of the price. Some of the key online bookkeeping services we offer include -

Apart from the general bookkeeping services mentioned above, we also have the skills, resources, and infrastructure to provide customized services, which include -

  • Customer Reports
  • Employee Reports
  • Break-up of Expenses Reports
  • Event Analysis Reports

Customized Services for Our U.S. Clients

We have been offering multi-domain services to clients from different parts of the world, having different backgrounds and cultures. While providing services to any specific country it is important that the service provider understands the local laws, rules, and regulations of that industry. Besides, outsourcing bookkeeping India, will also ensure higher data security, as we follow stringent data privacy and security policies.

Our multi-domain industry experience, expert team, and infrastructure enable us to provide quality services for our U.S. clients, which include -

  • Computerized processing of checks and other bookkeeping information
  • Bank statement reconciliation
  • Preparation and review of monthly financial statements
  • Maintenance of employee and sub-contractor earnings records
  • Preparation of all payroll related tax returns
  • Preparation of year-end W-2 and 1099 forms
  • Preparation of sales, liquor, fuel and other tax returns
  • One-on-one consultation with our customers as needed

Our Finance and Accounting Portfolio

Bookkeeping Software We Use

We believe in providing our clients with highly efficient, best-quality services. For this reason, we make use of the best infrastructure and advanced bookkeeping tools and technologies including -

  • BusinessWorks
  • Creative Solutions Accounting
  • Intuit QuickBooks
  • Master Builder
  • MYOB
  • NetSuite
  • Peachtree
  • Quicken
  • Sage

Process We Follow

Known for our quick and efficient services, we always ensure that our client's schedule is not affected in any way. To achieve this we follow a streamlined and systematic process, which can be carried out in three different ways, listed below -

Server Based

Sourcing the Documents

Sourcing the Documents: Here, you scan the documents and upload it to a secure FTP server or fax it to our toll-free fax number

Sending the Updated Books

Updating the Books: Once we receive the files, we update the books the same night. Therefore, you must provide us a backup copy of your books (QuickBooks backup)

Send Books

Sending the Updated Books: We e-mail the updated books to you or upload it to your secure server, which can be downloaded when you come to office the next morning

Remote Access

Sourcing Your Documents

Sourcing the Documents: You scan the documents and place it in your computer for our access, e-mail them to our mailbox, fax it to our toll-free fax number, or upload to an FTP server

Connecting to Your Computer

Connecting to Your Computer: We will then connect to your computer using Remote Desktop Access like secure VPN

Updating the Books and Logging Out

Updating the Books and Logging Out: You come to office next morning and find the updated books on your computer

Application Service Provider

Document Sourcing

Document Sourcing: You scan the documents and upload to the server OR fax them to our toll-free number

Accessing Your Accounting Software

Accessing Your Accounting Software: We login to the Online Accounting Software that you are using (e.g., and update the books

Logging Out After Updating Your Books

Logging Out After Updating Your Books: You log in to your online accounting software using Internet anytime you want and see the updated books

Why Partner with Us for Your Bookkeeping Needs?

Flatworld Solutions is a leading bookkeeping company which has been providing top-quality services to clients around the world. Some of the reasons for you to choose us include -

  • Affordable Pricing Structure

    Our accounting and bookkeeping services are specifically designed to cater to global clients and are reasonably priced to help companies save a lot

  • Data Security

    We understand the importance of safeguarding critical financial data and hence we have stringent data security policies in place to ensure that all your data remain completely safe with us

  • Use of Latest Tools

    We make use of some of the latest financial accounting & bookkeeping tools and technologies, which help us work more efficiently

  • High Accuracy

    Using advanced tools and technologies and world-class infrastructure we provide highly accurate services without any comp

  • Best Infrastructure

    Our team of financial experts has access to the state-of-the-art infrastructure, which empower us to provide the best services

  • Best Practices

    We follow some of the best accounting practices and latest industry standards while providing bookkeeping services to ensure uncompromised quality

Outsource Bookkeeping Services to Us

Flatworld Solutions has been a leading bookkeeping services company providing quality services to clients from different parts of the world. We have been in the industry for over 16 years now and understand all the complexities associated with the financial sector. Our team comprises of some of the most experienced financial accountants and bookkeepers who are trained to work on the latest tools and technologies.

Our quick and cost-effective services ensure that the books are closed faster and ensure up to 40-50% of cost savings. We also offer Accounts Receivable Services, Accounts Payable Services, Tax Processing Services, etc. Contact us now to discuss your project requirements. We look forward to assisting you.


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