CPA Payroll Services

CPA Payroll Services

Update employee records, process salaries on time, and manage payroll-related tasks with our CPA Payroll Services

Are you grappling with error-prone payroll processes that pose the threat of serious repercussions like fines and lawsuits? Is your payroll process plagued with challenges like improper employee/worker classification based on the nature of employment? Are you unable to keep up with the constantly changing employment laws, legislative/regulatory changes, and privacy/confidentiality guidelines?

Manage employee records and process payments on time with our expert CPA payroll services. We are a reputed payroll services CPA firm with 20 years of industry experience. Our services for CPA firms include accurate salary computation, payment processing, calculating overtime earnings, and updating employee turnover information on the payroll system. Equipped with employment classification, knowledge of tax laws, and privacy mechanisms to prevent data breaches, we analyze and report company operations to ensure they incur no penalties.

CPA Payroll Solutions We Offer

Every business is unique when it comes to payroll processing. So, we provide customized CPA payroll solutions that precisely cater to your unique needs. Some of the major services we offer are -

  1. Ledger Entries

    Ledger Entries

    Get all ledger entries with earnings and deductions accurately prepared and updated for immaculate maintenance of your payroll records.

  2. Payroll File Maintenance

    Payroll File Maintenance

    Enter payroll information and update your payroll files for employee data management, including employment hires and terminations.

  3. Salary Computation and Payment

    Salary Computation and Payment

    Calculate salaries, estimate overtime earnings, and manage leave deductions to issue accurate payments with our salary computation solutions.

  4. Report Generation

    Report Generation

    We generate monthly, quarterly, and yearly payroll reports. This provides you with a comprehensive review of your payroll system.

  5. Tax Preparation Services

    Tax Preparation Services

    Get payroll and tax reports for federal, state, and local requirements generated duly or as and when required with our tax preparation solutions.

CPA Payroll Service Process We Follow

We follow a multi-step process that assures the quality and security of your payroll data. This involves -


01. Set Up Employees Payroll Process

Fill out employee payroll-specific information with details such as medical insurance and W-4 forms that may require payroll deductions


02. Summarize Wage Dues

Collect and summarize information about the hours worked by non-exempt employees and verify time through reports generated by the scanned computerized time clock


03. Compute Taxes and Wage Deductions

Use IRS tax tables to compute the tax amount to be withheld from employee gross pay followed by additional deductions such as deductions for life insurance, medical insurance, garnishments, and union dues


04. Create a Payroll Register

Include the complete wage and deduction information in a payroll register, which is later summarized to create a journal entry to record the payroll


05. Print Paychecks or Direct Pay Outs

Paychecks are printed as per the details in the payroll register or notify the deposit processor of the amount to be directly posted on the employee account


06. Issue Paychecks

Issue printed paychecks to employees based on the employee identification method


07. Depositing Deductions

All the tax, insurance, and other amount deducted from the employee's salary is deposited in respective departments on behalf of the employee

Why Should You Choose Our CPA Payroll Services?

Businesses worldwide outsource CPA payroll services to enhance accuracy, improve compliance, and avoid penalties. Here are some of the unique benefits of choosing us -

  • Qualified CPA Experts

    Our experts have an associate's or bachelor's degree in accounting and are Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) or fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) certified.

  • Vast Industry Experience

    Our experts have a minimum experience of 4 years as a Payroll Accountant, or in a similar role and have served businesses worldwide.

  • Domain Knowledge

    Get access to experts with extensive experience in processing payments and preparing ledger entries, wide knowledge of applicable tax laws, and excellent organizational skills.

  • Familiar with Payroll Tools

    Our experts have a deep proficiency in Payroll Software, such as Payroll Mate and BrightPay, and use it to the hilt to maintain the accuracy of information.

  • Great Communication Skills

    Get all employee payroll inquiries answered to their satisfaction both over email and phone.

  • Report Generation Skills

    Get accurate reports generated on time and when needed with our ability to maintain and update employees' payroll files.

  • 24/7 Services

    We provide our clients with round-the-clock services because we operate from multiple global delivery centers.

  • Quick TAT

    We guarantee quick turnaround times because we have employees working across different time zones.

  • Flexible Pricing

    Our services are priced at highly competitive rates and will ensure considerable savings on operational costs.

Additional Payroll Services We Offer

Accounting Services

Collect, analyze, register, and report the financial data of your company in complete compliance with all federal and state rules and regulations.

Accounts Receivable Services

Track customer payments and manage your cash inflow including invoicing, collections, and customer service along with strategic insights into client behavior.

Accounts Payable Services

Streamline all company payments including internal payments, supplier payments, and travel and other establishment expenses.

Tax Preparation Services

Get all tax computations for GST filings, income tax, value-added tax, customs duty, and others prepared by professionals for on-time submissions.

Bookkeeping Services

Record all financial transactions of your organization recorded in preferred accounting systems as per regulations and get financial reports generated on time.

Financial Analysis Services

Evaluate project budgets and other finance-related transactions to determine if it is viable and understand if it entails profitable monetary investment.

Payroll Processing Services

Get payroll calculated and processed with consideration to deductions, tax withholding, filing, and compliance.

Accounting and Finance Software

Accomplish all your finance and accounting goals with our expertise in a range of software such as QuickBooks, Zoho Finance Plus, Xero, and more.

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Outsource CPA Payroll Services for Turnkey Payroll Management Solutions

We are a reputed CPA payroll service provider with a team of highly capable CPA payroll specialists with end-to-end expertise in managing payroll services for CPA firms. Our team is detail-oriented, has extensive knowledge of applicable tax laws, and understands the importance of processing salaries on time. Get the necessary support to -

  • Deftly manage changing payroll regulations and pay your workforce on time
  • Ensure accurate salary processing and compute correct overtime earnings
  • Update employee hiring or termination information on the payroll system

Adopt smarter and agile solutions to align with the changing socio-economic conditions across the employment landscape with our CPA payroll services.

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