Preparing Financial Statements

Financial statements are road maps that help you take the best decisions regarding your business and stop you from making expensive break downs. Their purpose is so much more than just helping you with your tax returns or in obtaining a loan.

Flatworld Solutions understands that preparing financial statements is often perceived as a feared and intimidating task. Cash flow statements, balance sheet reports, business financial reports are buzz words that can send an inexperienced start-up company into a tizzy. At, Flatworld Solutions our accountants have had enough experience to know that this daunting task is actually all about putting the balance amounts onto formatted statements.

Our Capabilities in Preparing Financial Statements

Income Statement
This record shows you how much revenue your business makes after deducting all the expenses
Cash Flow Statement
Cash flow statements account for any changes in the cash balance; they show the source of the cash and details of how it is being used
Balance Sheet
Balance sheets are used to report liabilities, assets, and the shareholder equity of your company
Profit and Loss Statement
This records your income and expenses to give you a clear picture of how much profit you are making or the losses you are incurring

Financial data is crucial to any business and having your financial data formatted and broken down to make sense, will help you make a better forecast of your future and analyze what could have been better in the past.

Flatworld Solutions treats financial reports as dashboards that are constantly giving pointers about your organization's current financial stand. Our trained accountants are here to reduce the work load of your finance team and let them focus on more pressing matters. By partnering with Flatworld Solutions you will no longer have to invest in any special accounting software or spend hours training your staff on how to prepare financial statements.

With over a decade of experience in offering finance and accounting services, we have the capability to cater to the varied financial statement preparation requirements of -

  • State-owned entities
  • Private companies
  • Small and medium businesses
  • Listed companies
  • Close corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Sole traders
  • Trusts
  • Government departments
  • Municipalities

Key Differentiators

  • Apart from taking care of all your day-to-day bookkeeping tasks, we can also provide monthly and quarterly income statements that will give you a snap shot of the financial position of your company
  • If you are managing your own records, then we can recommend the ideal accounting software that will help you work better and we can even customize the software package for you
  • We have trained accounting experts in all popular bookkeeping tools like QuickBooks, Quicken, Peachtree, Netsuite, MAS 90, MAS 200, MAS 500, MYOB, SAGE, Lacerte, and Intuit ProSeries
  • Our finance and accounting solutions are totally error-free, as we employ only certified and experienced accountants to carry out the accounting functions of our clients
  • After the completion of a project, we offer ongoing maintenance and management of your financial records for hassle-free auditing and analysis at any point of time
  • By outsourcing to Flatworld Solutions, you will get timely and professional services at approximately half the cost

Our Finance and Accounting Portfolio

Industry Adherence to International Standards

At Flatworld Solutions, we deliver financial statements that comply with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Companies Act.

Financial statement preparation demands a certain kind of language and format to be followed that only regular users of financial statements are used to seeing. Knowing what information to disclose is just as important as knowing how to disclose it.

To ensure that auditors and government agencies have a favorable conclusion about your company, it is important to adhere to a proper format that would add to the credibility of your financial reports. While preparing financial reports, we ensure that the statements adhere to the generally accepted accounting principles.

Outsource Financial Reports Preparation to Flatworld Solutions

Your financial statements and their presentation can make or break a deal for you. Your investors too will be looking at your business financial reports to understand future investment potential; banks would also check your statements to decide if they can risk lending money to you; and most important of all, your customers will be viewing your statements to know if they are partnering with the right organization.

As with most businesses, you must be constantly relying on your accountants for business advice and wealth management. Why not try outsourcing and get access to financial statements and advice that are accurate, timely and reliable? We promise to be your personal accountants on whom you can rely on for the best finance and accounting services.

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