Outsource Manual Journal Entry Services

Manual Journal Entry Services

Get access to error free, accurate and timely manual journal entries of your transactions at cost-effective prices

If Indian professionals have their way with software development, expertise in accounting was never behind. Most big players in the financial space have set up their subsidiaries in India to tap the huge bank of accounting talent here. At India, you get to leverage good quality accounting services at a substantially low cost.

Flatworld Solutions serves customers across the globe, bringing the best elements of bookkeeping expertise and outsourcing. Your need for error free, accurate and timely manual journal entries of your transactions will be met with excellent precision by our team of certified accountants.

The stringent manual journal entry process at Flatworld Solutions

Our team of accountants follows a meticulous process for manual journal entry. Here is a gist of how we approach journal entries at Flatworld Solutions -

  • Every entry made will be validated with an adequate explanation, a detailed description and the reason for the transaction
  • The debit and credit totals are entered and the balance is tallied
  • Journal entries are regularly updated and an appropriate rectification of errors are made
  • The accounting period to which every journal entry belongs are clearly marked
  • All supporting documents like vouchers, expenditure statements and proofs are maintained
  • All journal entries are verified for completion and that they have been posted into the appropriate general ledgers
  • You are constantly kept aware of the status of the books with periodic reports
  • You will be alerted instantly in case of any disparities, errors or questionable journal entries
  • Accuracy of the manual journal entries is assured by our stringent quality assurance processes and quality analysis team

Our Finance and Accounting Portfolio

Why choose Flatworld Solutions for manual journal entry services?

Here's why Flatworld Solutions has been a preferred destination for finance and accounting services and how you can benefit from our manual journal entry services -

  • You get a dedicated team of qualified accounting professionals to work on your journal entry project
  • Manual journal entries will be made within a specific time to keep your books up-to-date
  • Compliance with international standards and best practices in accounting and bookkeeping journal entry
  • 98% accuracy of manual journal entry is guaranteed
  • At a cost saving of 60%, you get the best hands to work on your journal entry requirements

Choose manual journal entry services from Flatworld Solutions

Your internal accounting team need not be burdened anymore with routine manual journal entry work. Give that needful support to your accounting department by outsourcing your accounting and manual journal entry requirements to Flatworld Solutions. You will save on time, effort and money. Moreover we can assure you that you will be able to find the right accounting partner in us.

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Journal Entry Services FAQs

  • What is a journal entry in accounting?

    A journal entry is the recording of a business transaction in the accounting system of a company or organization.

  • What is a journal entry used for?

    Journal entries are used to record and keep track of the financial activity and transactions of an organization.