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The Game Changes!OCT 3rd
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Outsource Business Forecasting Services

Business Forecasting Services

We help businesses that don't fully understand their vision to adopt smarter approaches, leading to efficient financial performance

To grow exceptionally, every company conducts business forecasts and analyzes their plans, aims & targets for a quarter, a year, or any specific period. Some companies even conduct 2-5-year business forecasts.

Business forecasts help the entrepreneurs and their company administration formulate appropriate plans and strategies to overcome any business hurdles and witness growth. It helps the managers to take vital decisions over several company matters like finances, services, sales, products & pricing, allocation of resources, etc.

Flatworld Solutions is a leading financial forecasting services provider with significant experience in analyzing and forecasting businesses and providing vision to several entrepreneurs. We are well equipped with technology & the requisite resources, and the bandwidth to manage your business vision and strategic planning.

Our Business Forecasting Services

At Flatworld Solutions, we offer our clients comprehensive business and cash flow forecasting services with impeccable advisory support as and when required. Our services include -

  1. Three-way Cashflow Forecasting

    Three-way Cashflow Forecasting

    Using the three-way cashflow forecasting method, we bring together the data regarding our clients' business cash flow, profits made by the firm, and the balance sheet. This method puts a special emphasis on the expenditures carried out by the business and their impact on the company's overall financial situation.

  2. Comparisons & Restructuring

    Comparisons & Restructuring

    We compare the budgets and accounting of our client business thoroughly to analyze the business's current performance. If the business performance is as per the client satisfaction, we analyze for more prospects. However, if the business is underperforming, we explore the area of improvement and advise the client accordingly.

  3. Scenario Building

    Scenario Building

    We help the client to plan their business strategies by building unlimited probable business scenarios. These scenarios help the client foresee some possible business hardships and keep their plans ready to deal with those hurdles. By analyzing the business scenarios, we even suggest solutions for the problems their business might face in the future.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Business Forecasting Services?

  • Affordability

    We provided the best possible forecasting services at the most nominal and affordable prices. We even offer our clients customized services according to their needs and budget. What can be better than a quality service with no budget constraint!

  • Data Security

    We believe in client privacy, and we ensure that not even in the worst situations, any data or information about the client and their business is leaked or revealed. We strictly abide by the confidentiality agreements duly signed with our clients, which is non-negotiable for us. Thus, your data is secured with us.

  • Infrastructure & Team

    We have a well equipped and skilled team for conducting business forecasts and a well-established infrastructure aiding them to perform their roles effectively. A specialized team of lawyers, financial analysts, & industry experts are providing their valuable services in making your business flourish and grow.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    We are available for our clients round the clock. In case of any query or assistance, you can reach out to our customer care services at your convenience. You can even email us with your problems or queries, and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Client Success Stories

Case Study on Financial & Accounting Back Office Support

Case Study on Financial & Accounting Back Office Support

A bank's Loan Production Office (LPO) in Las Vegas required us to handle voluminous paperwork, manage the peak load of applications, and improve turnaround time. Our services met client expectations while reducing expenses significantly.

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Case Study on Financial Research Back Office Support Services

A Case Study on Financial Research Back Office Support Services Offered

A company, which is a service provider to NASDAQ, required us to huge volumes of data regularly. Our services considerably improved TAT, while cutting down manpower and other costs.

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Outsource Business Forecasting Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a leading business forecasting service provider. We hold expertise in business forecasting solutions, including business analysis, regulatory compliance, treasury management, and many more. Financial forecasting with Flatworld can alleviate the difficulty of business budgets and help your organization to grow rapidly.

We are a global forensic audit service provider. We have served more than 18000 clients in less than 2 decades. Our experts have the confidence and the training required to provide quality services to clients across time zones. We operate through 10+ global delivery centers, and we work day and night to offer support services for forensic accounting issues of any kind. Get in touch with us and avail our world-class financial forecasting services.

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