Outsource Investment Analysis Services

Investment Analysis Services

Investment options are many & choosing the best where the money grows is not easy. Our investment analysts use cutting-edge research to recommend best portfolios at cost-effective prices

Not sure if your investment portfolio is a wise call? You can't simply depend on predictions to arrive at an investment decision. To avoid guesswork and possibly monetary losses associated with a bad investment, outsource investment analysis services to Flatworld Solutions. Why? Because our investment analysis service has AI and human intelligence collaborating to analyze thousands of datasets and portfolio growth patterns. The forecasts we provide are 95% accurate and cause your investments to multiply in long and short-term markets.

We are a top investment analysis service provider with 16 years of experience in investment analysis. Our team includes Masters' Degree holders, CFA, and MBA from Ivy League institutions having vast experience in global markets and portfolio research. They make forecasts based on sound analysis to ensure your investment decision is a success.

Investment Analysis Services We Offer

At FWS, we offer a cluster of investment analysis services that made for new investors and portfolio companies. We have been long-time advisors to private equity firms, family-owned businesses, and more. Using Big Data and AI we perform investment analysis to lessen your work in choosing the right portfolio. Our investment analysis services include -

  1. Equity Research

    Equity Research

    We make searching for investment opportunities less fatiguing by bringing you freshest insights based on sound research measuring 10-year performance data. Our findings can help businesses to spring into action and invest in the best opportunities involving mergers, acquisitions, stocks (domestic and foreign), and brokers. Our recommendations help you hold onto equity portfolios with growth potential.

  2. Business Valuation

    Business Valuation

    Being a top investment analysis service providing company, we use a discounted cash flow method to perform a business valuation. As part of the process, we create projections of earning the new buyer are capable of and all earnings are discounted from the present risk-free rate. In doing so, we arrive at estimates and the probable risk in purchasing the business.

  3. Financial Modeling

    Financial Modeling

    We create mathematical models by simulating existing data and uncovering the business sensitivity to market performance. In a nutshell, we uncover the performance of a financial asset in the backdrop of a volatile market. This is done to estimate the security valuation, value of new projects, financing amount, material, and capital needs.

  4. Summary of Capital Markets

    Summary of Capital Markets

    When it comes to long-term securities we provide a detailed capital market summary where we provide an overview of primary and secondary markets dealing with new or existing stocks and securities.

  5. Research on Financial Background

    Research on Financial Background

    As part of our investment research analysis services, we track down the economic condition of an industry as a whole and the strategies adopted by competitors. We deeply evaluate the financial statements to assess its quality and find out about profitability and potential risks. Finally, preparing the forecasts based on the financial statement.

  6. Other Services We Offer

    • Preparation of Pitch Book
    • Generation of Idea
    • Briefings on Capital Market
    • Reports on Company & Sector
    • Analysis of M&A
    • Analysis of Fund Performance

What Is Investment Analysis and its Nature?

In a nutshell, investment analysis is a process of investment analysis that covers industry segments, economic trends, and more. It's a research-backed comprehensive study of the markets and portfolios that are likely to grow in the near-term or future. Most of the analysis involves measuring past performance to predict future yield. It needn't always be about selecting investment types. Sometimes, it can be an evaluation of securities held with a stockbroker so that the price movement can be observed and relevant actions can be taken to maximize yield.

What is The Purpose of Investment Analysis?

Investment analysis helps in uncovering the growth possibilities, imminent risk, best resale value, and factors that help you make a sound financial decision.

Our Investment Analysis Process

Our Investment Analysis services are transparent where the following steps are involved -


01. Preparation

We will prepare a list of data for analysis like business financial results and potential valuation to provide financial advice


02. Planning

We will chart out methods best preferred for investment analysis and also select teams and sign the NDA


03. Investment Analysis

Our team will modeling software based on AI and Big Data to run a series on tests to evaluate the best investment


04. Investment Selection

We will provide recommendations to help the client choose investments with positive projections

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Outsource Investment Analysis Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions specializes in investment analysis and routinely helps clients to invest in best portfolios. Our financial analysis service solutions are highly effective in accelerating revenue and growth. When you outsource investment analysis services to us, you experience the following benefits -

  • Affordable Services

    Our FTE rates are affordable and you can always get a budget-friendly quote by customizing the order.

  • Top-notch Infrastructure

    We, as a top investment research analysis solutions company, are equipped with a secure infrastructure where analytics tools and financial model simulation tools are housed. This provides security to your data and reliable insights.

  • ISO Certified Investment Analysis Services Providers

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified investment analysis service provider whose quality of service is compliant with the ISO standards.

  • Data Integrity

    Protection of your data is of utmost importance to us and we'd take all bets measures to ensure the safety of your data.

  • High-quality Services

    Quality of services is how we continue to reign amidst the competition. Our service levels and unlimited support ensures happy client experiences.

  • Scalable Investment Analysis Services

    We offer scalable investment analysis solutions where you can pick one that suits your investment needs.

  • Strict on Deadlines

    We always operate within a tight turnaround and ensure timeless in investment analysis services.

  • FTE Investment Bankers

    Outsourcing investment analysis services lets you access to quality services of our financial experts who have decades of cumulative experience in investment analysis.

  • 24X7 Support

    We have a global contact center and support staff from wide geography to assist you in the language of your choice.

Client Success Stories

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Flatworld's finance and accounting services accelerated paperwork processing for a Bank Loan Production Office. We assessed loan eligibility and created detailed documentation.

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Case Study on Equity Research Back Office Services

We Provided Equity Research Services to a Client Who Wanted to Invest in Quality Stocks

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Outsource Investment Analysis Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a leader in financial analysis services. We have an agile workflow and a well-informed team of financial experts from the Ivy League. Together with advanced technology, we make investment analysis a breeze. Our team also offers consultation to clients who want the best investment advice to optimize their revenue. For years, we have served clients outside of our domestic markets giving them expert solutions at unbeatable rates and quality.

If you are looking for a trustworthy investment analysis services service provider, then we offer you a one-stop solution. Talk to our experts now!

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