Finance and Accounting Outsourcing - FAQs

Are you looking to outsource your financial and accounting tasks to a service provider? Have doubts regarding outsourcing these services? Here are some of the answers to the frequently asked questions by customers while outsourcing their financial and accounting projects:

1. I am looking to outsource my financial and accounting tasks. How do I start?

To get in touch with us you can either call us or fill in the contact form and we will get back to you at the earliest. Once you are convinced with our pricing and quality you can send in your files in either of the following ways:

  • Remote access: You save your documents in your own system. We then log in to your system using a secured VPN and transfer the files, after which you can access the updated files from your computer
  • Application service provider: You scan and upload the files to an ASP interface. Our team will log in to the interface and transfer the files. You can then login and view the updated files
  • Server-based: You scan and upload your financial documents on to a secure FTP server. Send us the backup file of the accounting software along with the FTP server details. We will update the files and upload them on the server on the same day

2. How long has Flatworld been Outsourcing Finance and Accounting services?

We have been providing finance and accounting services for over 20 years now to customers around the globe.

3. Can I outsource only a few tasks or do I need to outsource my entire project?

The decision to outsource only a part of the project or the entire project is totally left to you. Once we receive your requirements, we will design a custom workflow and designate a team to work on your project.

4. Is there any particular software you use?

Our team of highly skilled accountants is proficient in using a variety of software used in the finance industry. We have the expertise to work on any software of your preference. Read more about the software we use for providing financial and accounting services.

5. How skilled is your finance and accounting team?

We have a highly skilled team of accountants, chartered accountants, and financial experts from premier institutes who can help you with all your accounting needs.

6. Do you provide services in all countries?

Yes. Our main customers are based in Australia, US, and the UK but we provide financial and accounting services to customers in other regions as well.

7. What kind of customers do you provide services to?

We provide our financial and accounting services to a range of industries. These include Banking industry, CPA firms, and small and large corporations.

8. How do you ensure that my files and data are completely secure?

We follow a completely secure process to take care that none of your documents or confidential data is published, disclosed, distributed, or sold. Your financial data is secure with us.

9. Does Flatworld have sufficient infrastructure and technology to provide financial and accounting services?

Flatworld Solutions is equipped with cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure to handle any type of financial service requirement.

10. Do you work on weekends?

Our usual working hours are from Monday 7.30 PM EST to Saturday 3.30 PM EST. We work on weekends if we are informed earlier and the project demands.

11. Does Flatworld Solutions provide a free trial?

Yes. We do provide a free trial service for up to 5 days to demonstrate our quality service, without any commitment.

12. Can I get a demo of your services?

Yes. If you have a web camera, our representatives can arrange a demo of our services.

13. How long does it take to complete a project?

We provide a quick response for our finance and accounting service, and guarantee a turnaround time of 24 hours in most cases. However, the project turnaround time will also depend on the volume of work, project complexity, urgency, and type of work.

14. Is there any specific time of the day which is suitable to contact you?

We make use of the latest communication technologies to ensure that our team is available all the time to be able to answer to all your queries. You can contact us over call, e-mail, Skype, or through our social media handles.

15. What is your pricing structure?

We provide the most competitive prices in the industry for financial and accounting services. Our hourly rates vary depending on the project complexity and type, skill requirement, technology used, and term of the deal. Read more about our pricing structure.

16. How can I do the payment?

We accept payments through PayPal, credit card, check payment (within USA), or wire transfer.

17. Why should I choose Flatworld Solutions and not any other outsourcing company?

Our clients prefer outsourcing their accounting tasks to Flatworld, as we offer a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Higher cost savings, and flexible pricing structure
  • No infrastructural and administrative hassles
  • Increased efficiency
  • Easy access to skilled resources
  • Complete data security and confidentiality
  • Transparency in operations
  • Structured process of revenue generation
  • Multiple delivery centers
  • Quick turnaround time

If any of your doubts or queries are not answered above, and you want to know more about our finance and accounting services, get in touch with us.

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