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Fixed Asset Management Services

Avail end-to-end fixed asset management services to track fixed assets and ensure it's accounted to lower maintenance cost, downtime, & inventory loss

If your large organization is sprawled over multiple geographies it can get challenging to keep track of every fixed asset in your possession. Inventory like computers, machinery, and furniture can degrade without maintenance or be stolen without efficient tracking. This is an indication that you need to outsource fixed asset management services to a professional fixed asset management service provider like Flatworld Solutions.

We, at Flatworld Solutions, have 20 years of experience in fixed asset management services and have adopted remote tracking and accounting approaches to ensure you have exact numbers when it comes to fixed asset management. In no time, your operational efficiency will become optimal and maintenance costs won't be a headache anymore. Our fixed asset management services can be had without denting your budget.

Fixed Asset Management Services We Offer

A highly capable team of fixed asset accountants from FWS handle fixed asset management as per the SLA to ensure that the inventory lifecycle is tracked from one end to another. By choosing a fixed asset management service provider like us you get peace of mind and more time to focus on core functions. Our fixed asset management services include -

  1. Asset Tagging

    Asset Tagging

    We create a comprehensive Fixed Asset Register (FAR) and upload the same into ASSURE to track the MRO lifecycle. This lets you track a particular asset whenever it's moved, transferred, repaired, or disposed of. We ensure that asset tagging is DOA compliant and capture POD by generating a traceable waybill. We also provide a comprehensive single-click report for auditing and tracking the lifecycle of a particular asset.

  2. Asset Movement Tracking

    Asset Movement Tracking

    We sync the information uploaded on ASSURE with your ERP so you can get real-time data on demand. We use a mobile application and portable gadgets to routinely audit the asset with accuracy. The data will be uploaded at planned intervals to ensure what you see on your ERP is up-to-date. We make data available on-demand to SPOC. We track the touchpoints where the asset has been during logistics.

  3. Verification of Inventory

    Verification of Inventory

    We are adept at creating custom dashboards and reports for organizations. We help you by automating your ERP to track the inventory. We streamline the consolidation of data so information is available on tap.

  4. Asset Reconciliation

    Asset Reconciliation

    We ensure the asset register is in agreement with your balance sheet in ERP. We create a comprehensive statement of fixed asset reconciliation that includes summarized data of everything from asset depreciation, credit/debit, as well as book value. We will flag the record value if inconsistencies are detected.

  5. Fixed Asset Auditing

    Fixed Asset Auditing

    We pull up reports with summarized data on fixed asset management and check if captured entries are accurate and in agreement with the waybill. Quarterly reviews will be conducted by performing a comparative analysis to discover discrepancies and fallouts. Our team reviews the asset management operation to ensure compliance with your business's standard operating procedures. Inventory analysis, FIFO verification, and compliance checks are among other areas we specialize in.

Fixed Asset Management Process We Follow

We are a world-class fixed asset management service provider whom multinational corporations and startups consider for delegating fixed asset management services. Our fixed management auditors are experts in the process and works as per the plan. Our fixed asset management solutions include the following steps -


01. Requirement Gathering

We meet the client and collect the business requirement by asking focussed questions and collecting answers


02. Service Requirement Planning

We will propose a detailed plan by assessing the data and insights provided by the client and share the work strategy for their approval


03. Fixed Asset Management

Once the client nods to our proposal, we will carry out the fixed asset management services as per the plan


04. Workflow Evaluation

The executed model will be assessed by our team of QA team to ensure our approach is compliant with the DOA


05. Reporting

We will submit reports to the client to help them understand every aspect of the fixed asset management services

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Fixed Asset Management Services to Flatworld Solutions?

As a top fixed asset management service providing company, we've been consulted for fixed asset management services. By partnering with us, you can achieve the following benefits -

  • 100% Compliance with Data Security

    We assure you to oversee data management with extreme care and compliance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 guidelines.

  • Affordable Pricing

    Our rates are lower than what most competitors offer and that doesn't mean we cut back on the quality.

  • Rapid TAT

    If our clients are time-constrained, we'll make sure to deliver services on time so they can focus on their projects without concerns.

  • Proficient Team

    Our fixed asset management professionals are highly skilled in Fixed Asset Management services and the process. They harness sophisticated tools and technology to accelerate the outcome.

  • Best-in-class Quality Control

    We have a full-time QA team that reviews the workflow in Fixed Asset Management services and if necessary recommends changes to streamline the process, they also provide compliance advisory.

  • Best-in-class Infrastructure

    We have a robust infrastructure that allows us to handle the project remotely and it is safe for our clients to send data via the network.

  • ISO Certified Fixed Asset Management Service Provider

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified provider of fixed asset management solutions, with 20 years of experience in a large number of fixed asset management projects.

  • Infinitely Scalable

    With a large bandwidth to support multiple projects, we can help you scale with ease.

  • All-round Support

    Get our agent support whenever you prefer by calling or writing an email. We assure you to respond without delay.

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Outsource Fixed Asset Management Services to FWS

At Flatworld Solutions, we work with a knowledgeable team of mechanical engineers having the necessary qualifications and technology adeptness to work on ASSURE. We offer robust fixed asset management services to streamline your operation. With 20 years of experience in financial analysis services, we use a tried and tested strategy to address asset management challenges. Our targeted solutions always lower the cost and save time for all our clients.

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Fixed Asset Management Services FAQs

  • What is fixed asset management?

    Keeping track and accounting expenses and safety of physical assets (non-movable and otherwise) owned by an organization is called fixed asset management.

  • What is the role of a fixed asset manager?

    The fixed asset manager is entrusted with the responsibility of taking stock count and reporting the value of tangible and intangible assets from ownership to disposal.