Financial Planning Services

Financial Planning Services

Get dependable financial recommendations that help you thrive in changing markets and evolving business finances with our financial planning services

Detailed revenue projection is the key to planning your finances. However, financial planning is not a one-time project. Changes in the workforce, external circumstances, and economic fluctuations compel companies to relook at their finances from time to time. So, organizations should repeat this process as conditions change and at different stages of business to see results. Yet, most organizations bypass planning or pay little attention to it. Some companies also find financial planning quite intimidating.

This is exactly where you can leverage the expertise of a professional financial planning service provider like us. Serving international clients for 18+ years, we evaluate your business components, workforce, and external circumstances before providing tailored financial planning solutions.

Meet your financial obligations, forecast cash flow, and plan strategies to accomplish long-term financial goals with our financial planning services.

Financial Planning Services We Offer

Our professionals evaluate your financial needs and goals. We then create and implement strategies to monitor the progress of your financial objectives. All our services are designed to help you adjust to the market changes. We offer

  1. Retirement Planning Services

    Retirement Planning Services

    Plan employee retirement and stay ahead of the curve by exploring synergetic employer-sponsored plans that benefit your employees without impacting your business finances.

  2. Debt Management Services

    Debt Management Services

    Restart your journey to control debt. Work with creditors to restructure your debt, making it easy to pay off. Get tailored debt management plans for your situation.

  3. Risk Management Services

    Risk Management Services

    Employ seasoned risk analysts to identify, assess, and control threats to your organization's capital, such as legal liabilities, financial uncertainties, and more.

  4. Tax Planning Services

    Tax Planning Services

    Collaborate with tax and business advisors to evaluate your company's income. This helps you make plans to minimize the amount you pay in tax.

  5. Estate Planning services

    Estate Planning services

    Manage your asset base and plan the administration of your assets and liabilities. This prepares you for unforeseen circumstances such as death or incapacitation.

  6. Financial Reporting services

    Financial Reporting services

    Monitor disbursements and cash inflows to stay on top of your company finances. Get professional assistance to collate and track your revenues, capital, and expenses.

  7. Succession Planning services

    Succession Planning services

    Identify critical positions in your organization and develop action plans to manage the departure of key individuals, followed by successors assuming their roles.

  8. Investment Planning services

    Investment Planning services

    Create modular or comprehensive financial plans to identify and accomplish your financial goals by estimating financial statements, tracking investments and savings, and more.

  9. Cash Flow Management services

    Cash Flow Management services

    Monitor, analyze, and optimize your cash receipts and deduct the expenses to track the money flowing in and out of your business.

  10. Budgeting and Forecasting services

    Budgeting and Forecasting services

    Figure out the budget required to accomplish desired business outcomes and analyze your funds using real-time and historical data to predict business results.

  11. Personalized Financial Planning Services

    Personalized Financial Planning Services

    Get personalized assistance to plan your budget, pay off debts, save for the future, and make investments to realize your organization's current and future financial goals.

Corporate Financial Planning Services

Get corporate financial planning programs built around investment advice, benefits coordination, and your financial situation. Whether you want to plan your employee-related finances or evaluate your financial portfolio, we have got you covered with our services, which include

 Risk management
 Investment analysis

Small Business Financial Planning Services

Startups and small businesses also need financial planning as much as large corporates. So, we work with small, medium, and micro enterprises to help them evaluate their company finances, analyze cash flow, and manage risks. Our services for small businesses include the following

 Cash flow management
 Tax planning
 Employee retirement planning

Financial Planning Consulting Services

Do you have unique requirements that need meticulous planning? Do you need help determining which strategies and planning models suit your situation? Then our consulting services hold the key to unlocking the right planning strategies. We provide highly customized consulting solutions that precisely address your needs.

Our Cooperation Models

Financial situations are subject to prevailing market conditions and individual business performance. So, we analyze a business's performance and risk statistics and choose a suitable collaboration model that works. Here are some of the engagement models we offer

  • Fee-only Model
  • Commission-based Model
  • Hybrid Model
  • Retainer Model
  • Hourly or Project-based Model
  • Asset Management Model

Industry Sectors We Serve

 Small business
 High net-worth individuals
 Real estate

Why Should You Engage Our Financial Planning Service Company?

No more “set-it-and-forget-it” plans or standard financial portfolio consulting. Our fiduciary support ensures your best interest. So, we follow a planning-led approach to help you make the right decisions. Following are some of the top reasons to engage us

  • Objective Advice

    We use iterative tools to analyze your current situation and financial goals. These tools enable us to provide objective recommendations.

  • Personalized Planning

    We start by evaluating what matters the most to you and deliver actionable strategies that help you make the right decision.

  • Custom Recommendations

    We help you create a diversified portfolio and provide solutions safeguarding your business against market uncertainties.

  • Timely Updates

    We document your business goals and regularly connect with you to track your progress and upgrade the approach consistently to ensure your goals are accomplished.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    Get any-time access to our digital financial planning tools and expert advisors with our ongoing support that extends round-the-clock.

  • Real-time Pricing

    The level of financial planning varies from one business to another and on prevailing market conditions. So, we follow dynamic pricing, where you will be billed based on the level of service leveraged.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Financial Analysis Services

Forecast financial scenarios and shape your business strategy based on factual and reliable financial insights.

Bookkeeping Services

Get a comprehensive toolkit to record and organize your financial data with professional bookkeeping support.

Accounting Services

Document your financial records and implement recordkeeping systems to track your finances efficiently.

Tax Preparation Services

Predict business dynamics and proactively adopt technology changes to drive enterprise-wide collaboration.

Client Success Stories

Accounts Payable Services to a Leading Customer

Accounts Payable Services to a Leading Client

A well-known client was looking for a partner who could help them with accounts payable services. Our team helped them with cost-effective services.

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Equity Research Services

Equity Research Services

Flatworld provided equity research services to identify the policy that could give good returns even in a stock market downtrend.

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Outsource Financial Planning Services

Committed to putting your needs ahead and acting in your best interest, we deliver comprehensive financial planning solutions to clients across the US and Europe. So, no matter where you are across these regions, you have an advisor near you. We help you

  • Gain financial clarity and prioritize what matters to you
  • Develop a purpose-based financial strategy
  • Navigate your current situation and plan future financial goals

Get objective recommendations to build upon your existing financial plan with our financial planning support.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a financial planner and a financial advisor?

Financial planners help you create strategies to meet your financial goals. Financial advisors fall under a broader category: insurance agents, money managers, brokers, and more.

Why is financial planning important?

Financial planning is crucial to analyze your situation and make the right investment decisions that fit your current needs and future goals.

How can a business determine if it needs financial planning services?

Companies that need clarity on their financial situations often turn to financial planners. However, any business without a reasonable profit cut-off or struggling to accomplish its goals should consider financial planning.

How often should I review my financial plan?

Changing profits, business stages, economic cycles, and other factors impact an organization's finances. As these factors are highly volatile, reviewing financial plans every few months is crucial.