Outsourced Accounting Services

Remove glitches in cross-border operations with IFRS and GAAP-compliant accounting services. We prepare, analyze, and present financial statements in accordance with global accounting standards to help you manage corporate tax obligations effectively.

Our online accounting services integrates advanced technological solutions, including AI-driven automation and cloud-based platforms, to streamline and enhance your cross-border tax return preparation process. By leveraging cutting-edge methodologies such as Agile and Lean Six Sigma, we facilitate swift onboarding of a dedicated team of outsourced tax preparers who are adept in handling complex international tax regulations and compliance requirements.

Integrating seamlessly with your internal team, our scalable overseas services enhance productivity during peak tax periods, mitigate bottlenecks, and ensure optimal utilization of your company's resources. We harness technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Cognitive Automation, and Digital Process Automation (DPA) to significantly curtail operational and infrastructure overheads by up to 50%. This not only boosts the ROI of your tax services but also liberates valuable time, enabling you to diversify your client portfolio without compromising on quality and accuracy. Contact us now to reduce over-all tax liabilities!

Streamline Financial Planning with Our Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Harnessing the power of automation and AI algorithms, we execute complex accounting bookkeeping services. We implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for generating intuitive invoices, categorizing daily bank transactions, and calculating sales tax online, thus enhancing the accuracy and speed of our services. By integrating with your ERP, we ensure seamless data sharing and timely reporting.

Our services are a robust amalgamation of GAAP-compliant bookkeeping, sophisticated transactional accounting, and revenue-focused fiscal management. Leveraging QuickBooks and FreshBooks, we offer an intricate audit-to-report pipeline for our clients.

We initiate financial book sanitation, followed by systematic monthly, quarterly, and year-end reviews using top-tier software like QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage. We generate financial statements, manage sales tax filings, and use advanced tools for cash flow forecasting.a

We offer QuickBooks Payroll, simplifying the disbursement of payments to employees and contractors. Our services give you access to a wealth of business intelligence through insightful reports, thus empowering clients to capitalize on hidden revenue opportunities.

We use software like QuickBooks and Xero to manage accounts receivable and payable, conduct monthly bank and credit card reconciliations, and ensure compliance with GAAP and IFRS. We also provide specialized services in areas such as inventory accounting, fixed assets management, and depreciation calculations.

We use platforms like ADP, Paychex, and Gusto for tasks ranging from setting up new employees to processing final pay checks. Our services include accurate gross-to-net calculations, benefits administration, and ensuring compliance with payroll tax laws across 160+ countries. We manage complex requirements like expatriate payrolls and multi-state tax issues.

Our virtual CFOs deftly steer your enterprise through the maze of financial complexities. We provide expert-level guidance in financial modeling, EBITDA optimization, and working capital management, ensuring strict adherence to GAAP and IFRS standards. Our best practices in the industry pivot your financial strategy towards sustainable growth and enhanced shareholder value.

We ensure a thorough analysis of your financial statements, ensuring unwavering compliance with SOX, COSO framework, and PCAOB standards. Using sophisticated data analytics and AI technologies, we enhance the efficiency and accuracy of audit procedures, enabling deeper insights into financial trends and anomalies.

Our services offer specialized scrutiny in strict accordance with ACFE guidelines. We blend accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to detect any irregularities, discrepancies, and fraudulent activities. Our proficiency in complex financial litigation and dispute resolution ensures the unyielding integrity of your financial operations.

Our financial risk assessment experts provide a detailed analysis of potential financial threats, stringently adhering to Basel III and CRD IV standards. Using advanced predictive models and financial indicators, we identify, assess, and mitigate financial risks, thereby promoting financial stability and ensuring business sustainability.

We adopt a systematic, technology-driven approach to optimize your financial operations. We access your existing financial processes, implement automated daily sales reporting and streamline digital payroll processing systems. Our technology platform also integrates with third-party applications for seamless data movement.

Starting with system setup, we implement automated cost accounting and digital inventory management systems. Predictive budgeting and forecasting tools are then used for strategic financial planning. Our platform is equipped with real-time data visualization tools for improved financial insight.

Our real estate accounting services begin with a thorough understanding of your property portfolio. Using AI, we automate property acquisition accounting and development accounting processes. We implement automated lease accounting, CAM reconciliations, and real estate tax compliance using advanced tax software.

Our dental accounting services adopt a systematic approach to fiscal management for dental practices. With a comprehensive financial analysis, we use the latest software to automate dental practice valuations, overhead rate analysis, and cash flow management processes. Our system integrates with practice management software for seamless data exchange.

Our retail accounting services adopt a phased approach to economic management. Initially we set up automated inventory control and digital sales audit systems. Bank reconciliations and cash flow management are automated using AI-driven tools. Our system is designed for easy integration with your POS and e-commerce platforms.

Our trucking accounting services use a systematic, technology-driven approach. We start by setting up digitized receivables and payables management systems. Automated fuel tax reporting, driver settlements, and equipment tracking systems are then implemented. Our system integrates with logistics software for efficient data exchange.

Our electrical contractors accounting services start with an assessment of your existing financial systems. We then implement automated job costing, project management, change order control, and tools and equipment tracking systems. platform integrates with project management software for seamless data movement.

Accounting Services Process Flow

Discover our sophisticated and astutely engineered accounting workflow, designed to enhance your business's financial efficiency, thereby fostering growth and prosperity.

Data Acquisition and Logging

The first step in our process encompasses the comprehensive collection and logging of key financial data into our state-of-the-art accounting infrastructure.

Financial Record-keeping

Our accomplished financial record-keepers meticulously document every monetary transaction, thereby ensuring full transparency and accountability.

Account Reconciliation

We perform a thorough cross-verification of your financial records against bank statements to guarantee absolute data accuracy.

Financial Statement Preparation

We prepare lucid, detailed financial statements that provide a complete snapshot of your business's financial position.

Financial Examination

Our experts undertake a rigorous examination of your financial data to discern patterns, explore possibilities, and pre-emptively identify potential hazards.

Taxation Services

Our taxation services team manages your tax responsibilities with precision and punctuality, whilst ensuring total compliance with the latest tax legislation.

Financial Projections and Planning

We assist in formulating pragmatic financial projections plans, as a roadmap for your business's financial journey.

Advisory Services

We offer nuanced advice on diverse financial matters, helping your business improve financial efficiency and develop strategic initiatives.

Audit Assistance

We prepare all requisite documentation and provide comprehensive support throughout the audit proceedings.

Financial Stewardship

We guide you in the prudent management of your financial resources, ensuring they are effectively harnessed to meet your business objectives.

Regulatory Compliance and Advisory

We help your business maintain compliance with complex financial regulations and provide expert advisory on financial best practices.

Expert B2B Accounting Consulting for Efficient Financial Management

Our business accounting services are designed with an integrated approach emphasizing the power of digital transformation. As experienced advisers, we provide timely direction and recommendations in diverse scenarios. We focus on enabling unprecedented growth by preparing organizations to harness modern technologies and adapt to newer and more efficient accounting workflows. Our bookkeeping and accounting services include advanced reporting, controllership transformation, and governance, risk, and controls. We help meet complex and evolving accounting needs, from operational and technical accounting to regulatory compliance and financial reporting. From expert guidance to detailed insights and decision-making, we help manage integrated transformation across multiple projects. Overall, our business accounting advisory services are designed to help you turn accounting and reporting from a hurdle to an opportunity!

Offshore Accounting Services for Better Cost Efficacy

Many enterprises are seeking innovative methods to optimize their accounting operations - a primary approach being the outsourcing of accounting services. The decision to outsource not only enhances operational efficiency but also offers significant cost benefits and facilitates informed financial decision-making, thereby redefining the traditional business model. While cost efficacy is a huge aspect of outsourcing professional accounting services, there are other contributing factors too.

Risk Mitigation

Offshore accounting services have the expertise to implement advanced control mechanisms to mitigate risks associated with fraud, non-compliance, and financial reporting errors. With global accounting standards and practices, we ensure that your financial records adhere to the best accounting practices.

Scalability and Flexibility

Offshore accounting services offer scalability and flexibility to businesses. They can adjust the level of their services based on your business needs, allowing you to efficiently manage seasonal demands or business expansion.

Offshore accounting firms prioritize data security. They have stringent data privacy policies and use advanced technology to protect sensitive financial information from breaches and unauthorized access, ensuring your financial data's safety and integrity.

Seamless Accounting Talent Integration for Improved Financial Accuracy

Our accounting staff augmentation services enable our overseas clients to effectively grapple with unique challenges ranging from intricate financial regulations, high transaction volumes, multifaceted business models, and global integration complexities to proactive financial planning and reporting demands. Our professionals intricately weave into your corporation's fabric, amplifying your accounting capabilities with their seasoned expertise.

We empower organizations by driving down operational costs associated with recruitment, training, and benefits. Your focus remains on the core competencies while we manage the critical yet supportive functions such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, bookkeeping, financial analysis, and payroll processing. During quarters of peak financial activity, we hustle alongside your in-house team to meet your accounting standards, update your bookkeeping methodologies, and prevent penalties arising from non-compliance with regional and international tax laws.

Distinctive Features of Our Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Inventory Management

Financial Statements

Tax Filing

1099 Forms

Budgets & Forecasts

Tax Planning

Consulting & Financial Reporting

Tax Compliance & Ratio Analysis

Cash Flow Forecasting

DCAA Compliance

Fixed Asset Management

KPI Tracking

Bank Reconciliations

Financial Statement Preparation

Sales And Use Tax Returns

Financial Records Management

Tax & Audit Support

Budgeting & Forecasting Support

What Sets Us Apart as Your Strategic Accounting Service Provider?

As a stalwart in the accounting industry, our firm leverages technological innovation and regulatory expertise to deliver superior accounting services. Our aim is to empower businesses with comprehensive financial solutions, mitigating risk, and fostering growth.

Robust Financial Regulations

We strictly abide by financial regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), and the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). This ensures your accounts are not only accurate but also compliant with all legal requirements.

Skilled and Experienced Professionals

Our team comprises of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs), who bring years of industry experience to deliver accurate and efficient results.

Advanced Accounting Technologies

We harness the power of advanced technologies such as AI and cloud computing, implementing software like QuickBooks and Xero to streamline our processes and improve accuracy.

Diverse Industry Expertise

With experience across industries like healthcare, technology, and retail, we tailor our services to meet your specific industry needs, understanding unique accounting challenges each sector faces.

Global Recognition and Credibility

As a globally recognized firm, we have been awarded the 'Best Accounting Firm' by International Finance Magazine for three consecutive years, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Comprehensive Services

From tax preparation, audit support to financial reporting and consulting, we offer a range of services that cater to all your accounting needs.

Adherence to International Standards

We strictly follow the International Financial Reporting (IFRS), ensuring our services are reliable, and of the highest quality.

Innovation and Adaptability

We continually adapt to the evolving business environment, leveraging new technologies and innovative methods to meet the changing needs of our clients.

Global Market Access

We provide access to markets worldwide, helping businesses navigate international financial landscapes and capitalize on global opportunities.

Transformative Accounting Services for Diverse Industries

Automotive Accounting

Accelerate financial accuracy with our specialized automotive accounting, integrating industry-specific ERP systems for streamlined operations.

Grocery/Food Distributors

Improve bottom-line health with our inventory accounting services, featuring demand forecasting and cost of goods sold analysis tailored for grocery and food distributors.


Secure compliance and optimize reimbursement processes with our healthcare accounting services, focusing on revenue cycle management and Medicare cost reporting.


Amplify profitability with our hospitality financial management suite, offering dynamic pricing analytics and occupancy rate optimization.


Control production costs and enhance financial efficiency with our manufacturing accounting services, featuring job costing systems and waste reduction analysis.

Restaurant/Retail Accounting

Personalize your financial strategy with our restaurant and retail accounting services, integrating POS data with labor cost management tools.


Navigate the financial landscape of innovation with our R&D tax credit analysis and SaaS metrics reporting, tailored for technology firms.


Maintain rigorous financial discipline with our defence contract accounting services, providing DCAA compliance and cost accounting standards expertise.

Banking & Finance

Strengthen financial frameworks with our banking and finance accounting services, including Basel III compliance and risk-weighted asset calculations.

Real Estate

Drive investment decisions with our real estate accounting services, offering capital gains forecasting and 1031 exchange tracking.


Optimize claim-to-cash cycles and risk assessments with our insurance accounting services, incorporating actuarial data analytics and reserve estimation.


Advance financial stewardship in education with our fund accounting services, featuring FASB compliance and endowment management.

Legal Services

Enhance fiscal responsibility with our legal accounting services, including client trust fund oversight and partner distribution calculations.

Manufacturers and Distributors

Streamline supply chain finances with our cost accounting services, utilizing variance analysis and just-in-time inventory strategies.

Additional Services We Offer

Financial Analysis Services

Capitalize on our advanced analytical frameworks and financial intelligence to drive your company's competitive edge and market positioning.

Tax Preparation Outsourcing Services

Mitigate risk and elevate fiscal efficiency with our comprehensive tax preparation outsourcing, designed for corporate tax burden reduction.

CFO Services

Engage with our senior-level CFO services to refine financial strategies and operational insights, fostering sustainable growth and investor confidence.

CPA Services

Experience precision and integrity with our CPA services, delivering unparalleled financial scrutiny and assurance to uphold your corporate reputation.

Accounts Payable Services

Implement our strategic accounts payable systems to unlock value across your supply chain and procure-to-pay cycle, ensuring optimal cash management.

Accounts Receivable Services

Optimize your cash inflow with our targeted accounts receivable management, employing strategic methodologies to strengthen your financial base.

Software We Leverage to Deliver State-of-the-art Accounting Services

QuickBooks Xero Sage Intacct FreshBooks NetSuite Wave Zoho Books SAP ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Oracle Financials Cloud

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Viewed as a business performance initiative, SOX yields benefits like accurate financial reporting and improved documentation. Incorporating SOX compliance proactively turns regulatory requirements into a strategic business approach.

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Outsource Accounting Services to Flatworld Solutions

Adhering to SOC 2, GDPR, ISO 27701, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001 global standards, we offer reliable and accurate cross-border accounting services. Our cross-border services are designed to navigate the complexities of US and international tax legislation, effectively tackling seasonal talent shortages and long-term role demands. We leverage our expertise in tax software like tax software like Intuit ProSeries, Drake, and Lacerte to ensure precise and compliant tax return preparations.

Our services yield significant, sustainable year-on-year cost savings for clients, facilitating reinvestment in growth-oriented activities. We offer flexible engagement models to cater to a variety of needs, providing comprehensive coverage for all tax services. Whether you require seasonal, permanent or ad-hoc work, we enable you to hire accountants with technical expertise and commitment to quality to empower your business. Contact us to increase client retention and acquisition, while freeing up bandwidth for enhanced client engagement and service expansion.


Outsourcing your accounting services can lead to increased efficiency and cost savings. By leaving the intricacies of financial management to experts, you allow your internal team to focus on core business functions while ensuring the accounting tasks are handled accurately and professionally.

Absolutely. A reputable accounting service provider will work closely with you to understand your unique business needs and customize their services accordingly. This ensures you only pay for the services you need and that the solutions provided are a perfect fit for your business.

Choosing the right accounting services provider involves considering their industry experience, qualifications, and the range of services they offer. It's also important to seek client testimonials or case studies to understand their track record.

Outsourcing accounting services can lead to improved financial reporting, cost savings, better financial decision making, and allows your team to focus on core business activities.

The best outsourcing partner for your accounting needs will be one that understands your industry, has a proven track record of delivering high-quality services, offers customizable solutions, and has a pricing structure that fits your budget.

Accounting services can be priced in various ways, including fixed fee, hourly rate, retainer, or project-based pricing. The best structure for your business will depend on your specific needs and budget.

Outsourcing your accounting services can significantly enhance your business's overall productivity by freeing up internal resources, improving financial reporting accuracy, and facilitating better financial decision making.
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