Outsource Tax Preparation with Intuit's ProSeries Software

Tax Preparation with Intuit's ProSeries Software

Intuit's ProSeries Software makes tax preparation easier and accurate without putting extra burden on companies and individuals at cost-effective prices

At times when companies or individuals are overburdened with tax preparation, it becomes all the more complicated to maintain the prepare tax returns and maintain all the records without going wrong. This is especially true for those who choose to work with tax preparations and processing the traditional way. However, with how far we have come in terms of technological advancements, we know there's a simpler solution to even the most complicated of tasks. So is the case with tax preparation- we have Intuit's ProSeries Software that can handle all the tax preparation and processing requirements.

If you're new to tax preparation and processing with Intuit's ProSeries Software, you can work with an expert ProSeries tax preparation service provider who can make it easier for you to tackle your tax preparation requirements. Intuit's ProSeries Software requires the basic knowledge and skills to use the software, and as an individual, you will have to invest in the software, learn how to operate it or hire a full-time professional. One easy solution to all these problems is to outsource tax preparation with ProSeries to industry experts.

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What is Intuit's Proseries Tax Software?

Intuit's ProSeries tax software is a US-based software that is popularly known as the leading tax software for professional solutions. At Flatworld Solutions, we provide Intuit's ProSeries tax preparation services when the client's requirements are such that they are compatible with the software. Intuit has an accounting software called QuickBooks, and it is ideal to use ProSeries when the client's accounting systems can be run on QuickBooks.

Tax preparation with Intuit's ProSeries software is much more efficient because the ProSeries software comes with features like quick data input, automated calculations, and e-filing, which helps in going about the whole process of tax preparation and processing quite effectively.

Our Proseries Tax Preparation Services

Flatworld Solutions is the expert ProSeries tax preparation services provider that has been helping both big and small companies and individuals by taking care of their tax preparation and processing needs. We work for large corporates, partnerships, and individuals and eliminate the need to invest time and money in learning to use Intuit's ProSeries tax preparation and processing software.

We also provide offshore services, and our services extend to many countries in the world, complying with federal tax regulations. We work with utmost accuracy and provide tax preparation services which range from documentation, filling of the form, and e-filing while completely complying with the federal and IRS tax regulations. Intuit's ProSeries is a flawless, efficient, and accurate software that helps in ensuring complete IRS compliance when filing taxes.

Flatworld Solutions uses both the types of ProSeries software - ProSeries Basic and ProSeries Professional that are packed with different kinds of features. With some changes in the features, some of the basic features like error-free, automated tax calculations are found in both the basic version and the professional version.

  1. Intuit's ProSeries Basic Edition

    Intuit's ProSeries Basic Edition

    We use Intuit's ProSeries Basic Edition for individuals. This software is both economical and has a very simple and easy-to-understand user interface that makes it quite easy for the client to be a part of the whole process of tax preparation on the software. Following are some of the functions of Intuit's ProSeries Basic Edition -

    • It helps in 1040 tax preparation and scheduling C tax returns.
    • It offers category-specific checklists that are detailed and help in facts collection.
    • It allows inputting data into worksheets and forms.
    • It has inbuilt features that allow error detection and fixing and troubleshooting mechanisms.
    • It allows the input of Electronic Filing Identification Number (ELFIN) at any point in time while e-filing tax returns, which is an essential IRS compliance factor.
  2. Intuit's ProSeries Professional Edition

    Intuit's ProSeries Professional Edition

    Intuit's ProSeries Professional Edition is more useful when we prepare taxes for medium to large-sized companies or individuals with increased tax preparation needs. Here are the features that the professional edition of the software offers -

    • In addition to schedules for data inputs, the professional edition includes an extensive set of forms as well.
    • It offers seamless integration with QuickBooks, Intuit's accounting software.
    • It allows direct scanning of W-2 and 1099 client info.
    • It allows intensive diagnosis and troubleshooting of the income tax data.

Benefits Of Using Intuit's Proseries Tax Preparation Software

Intuit's ProSeries Software for tax preparation and processing is a quick approach to filing taxes. This software comes with a host of features that make the whole task effortless for tax preparers, which is why Flatworld Solutions chooses to offer accurate and fast tax preparation with ProSeries. Here are some of the characteristics of software that help us offer you unmatched tax preparation and processing services -

  • Speed - Tax preparation using the ProSeries software helps us skip the time-taking and tedious task of unnecessary data entry. This is replaced by the electronic approach of entering data and other operations which makes the process quick and speedy.
  • Ease of Communication - One of the best features that Intuit's ProSeries offers is the option to communicate with clients and sharing the data with them whenever required. The client can share the data with us as well. This helps in storing all the important data coming from the client without any hassles.
  • Cost-Effective - Intuit ProSeries tax preparation services are way more reasonable as compared to the conventional tax preparation services that involve paperwork as it saves space and gives paperless option which can help our clients save a lot of money.
  • Automated Calculations - computerized computations and automated calculations significantly decrease the amount of time and number of tax preparers involved in the tax preparation process.
  • We utilize all these features to help you with your tax preparation and processing requirements effectively and with precision by saving your time and helping you meet deadlines.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Intuit Proseries Tax Preparation Services?

Flatworld Solutions offers superlative services related to tax preparation with Intuit's ProSeries software. We use the basic as well as a professional edition of the software by first identifying the needs of our clients and evaluating which edition would be best to use. Business tax preparation with Intuit's ProSeries becomes very easy when you work with industry experts from Flatworld Solutions. Following are the benefits of opting for our tax preparation services -

  1. Reasonable Pricing

    We offer Intuit ProSeries tax preparation services at the most reasonable prices. Our well-established infrastructure allows us to significantly reduce the up-gradation costs that other companies charge their clients for.

  2. ISO Certification

    We are an ISO: 9001: 2015 certified company. This adds a stamp of reliability to our company and gives the assurance that our services meet international quality standards.

  3. Data Security

    We offer complete data security by working on platforms and systems that restrict third-party access. We take stringent security measures to and give you complete data security assurance. We are an ISO certified company that makes us a reliable titling animation service provider.

  4. Seasoned Experts

    Our team of tax preparers are proficient in tax preparation with Intuit's ProSeries software. This helps us provide error-free services with quick turnaround times.

  5. Single Point of Contact

    We assign a dedicated project manager to each of our projects which makes it easier for the clients to clear their queries and seek updates about the progress of the project.

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Outsource Intuit Proseries Tax Preparation Requirements To Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has years of experience and has helped hundreds of businesses and clients with their tax preparation needs. Our team of experts is highly skilled at using the ProSeries software to meet the client's tax preparation requirements without any hassles. We are committed to providing premium quality services and deliver results within the stipulated time. We ensure that there is constant communication with the client and keep them informed about the status of the project.

Get in touch with us now for tax preparation with Intuit's Software at the most reasonable prices.

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