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A Case Study on Flatworld Solutions' Billing Back Office Support Services


Many small-to-mid-sized law firms in the USA pay less heed to their billing function. This results in an increase in the number of receivables. However, a sound knowledge of the legal system in the US is required to process the receivables. Since each case is treated as a separate "accounting unit", all the costs and accompanying expenses related to a particular case have to be accounted for separately and sent to the client for payment.


A medium-sized law firm (10 attorneys) - CA

Customer's Challenges
  • Huge loads of paperwork had to be processed
  • The turnaround time had to be improved
  • The peak load of paperwork had to be managed efficiently
Flatworld Solutions' Back Office Services Provided
  • Flatworld Solutions managed all the paperwork for the law firm, right from the first stage when a request to initiate a case is received by the firm. Flatworld filed all the paperwork (including all e-mails) in an electronic format
  • Details of all the cases dealt by the firm were stored in the firm's in-house software. Based on the services rendered and every case that was successfully closed, bills were generated and sent to the firm's clients
  • The customer specialized in services such as evictions, foreclosures and bankruptcy. A considerable percentage of the firm's work involved representing the Government
  • When any payment (receivable) was kept on hold due to absence of additional information from the Government, Flatworld Solutions uploaded the missing information and ensured that the payment was released
  • Flatworld also provided other regular accounting services
Impact on Customer's Business
  • Manpower costs and other expenses associated to the billing process were cut down considerably
  • The turnaround time improved to a great extent
  • The increase in the number of bills to be processed, was efficiently managed by Flatworld Solutions

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