Outsource Treasury Management Services

Treasury Management Services

Managing treasury in business demands precision and deftness to continuously handle high-volume transactions. Both of which you can have from FWS at cost-effective prices

Is your team overwhelmed by treasury management functions involving payments, liquidity management, receivables, tax management, fee reconcilement, and so on? If so, outsource treasury management services to Flatworld Solutions to increase compliance and free your teams that are tied up with a range of tasks from front-end to back-end of your financial institution. Since treasury management demands a vast amount of money, time, and resources to handle the operations in-house, it can enhance your team's productivity by outsourcing treasury management services.

Flatworld has plenty of experience in a myriad of financial analysis services including treasury management services. We are already equipped with infrastructure and technology service continuity and streamlined operation of your financial firm without disruption. For 20 years, we have pioneered solutions for financial institutions across the world. This is what makes us the best treasury management service providing company.

Treasury Management Services We Offer

At FWS, we offer a cluster of treasury management services made for financial institutions. We also provide advisory support whenever warranted. Using high-end technology, we streamline treasury management to help you run lean and efficient. Our treasury management services include -

  1. Payroll Management

    Payroll Management

    Adjusting leaves, tax, and other benefits for employees takes serious efforts, and having your finance department can be time-consuming and eats away their productive hours. And more so if there are inadvertent errors because the bug hunt can further complicate especially if your business has employed thousands of staff.

  2. Hedging


    When it comes to hedging, you are overlooking different types of risks such as industry-specific risks, project-specific risk, market risk, and so on. Therefore, we have a robust treasury risk management system where our team aims to mitigate your exposure to investment-related risks.

  3. Loan Administration

    Loan Administration

    Our loan administrator will investigate the would-be borrowers to find out their loan eligibility. Our team aggregates the data and compiles reports on collected loan files. They are also responsible for fixing appointments and handling back-end clerical functions that can otherwise leave your team tied up from focusing productive tasks.

  4. In-house Banking

    In-house Banking

    Being a trusted treasury management company, we replicate functions of the actual bank within your organization by pooling your resources and developing a system that benefits your employees while earning remunerations in the form of interest for your organization. The entire treasury support needed for this setup is taken care of by our team.

  5. Accounting


    If you have accounting works that you don't wish to burden your in-house team with, then outsource the same to us and we'll manage it on behalf of your team with transparency and accuracy. As part of the treasury financial management service, we make sure your accounting system is spic and span.

  6. Other Services We Include

    • Domiciliation and management
    • Cash management
    • Commercial paper program management
    • Treasury back-up services

Our Treasury Management Process

Our treasury management services are transparent where the following steps are involved -


01. Preparation

As part of the treasury management system, we prepare a list of deliverables by collecting the client inputs and understanding their specific business challenges


02. Planning

We will devise a treasury management solution and the same will be delegated to the project team after having them sign the NDA


03. Treasury Management

Our team will execute the treasury management services as per the SLA within the stipulated time frame


04. Reporting

We will provide a comprehensive project report to help the client understand the steps taken by our team to complete the project

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Outsource Treasury Management Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions specializes in treasury management and routinely helps clients to manage their finances in an optimized manner. Our treasury management solutions are highly effective for boosting productivity at a budget. When you outsource treasury management services to us, you experience the following benefits -

  • Affordable Services

    Our FTE rates are nominal and you have more options to customize the service to get a lower estimate than what is offered by other service providers.

  • Top-notch Infrastructure

    We have a robust infrastructure that is complete with round-the-clock security and access to treasury management tools.

  • ISO Certified Treasury Management Services Providers

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified treasury management service provider whose workflow meets or even exceeds the standards prescribed by the ISO.

  • Data Integrity

    Your data is in safe hands when it is with us because we have employed measures to stop data from leaking or destruction.

  • High-quality Services

    The quality of services is always made better because we have dedicated teams who look for flaws and provide corrective measures.

  • Scalable Treasury Management Services

    We offer scalable treasury management services that are ready to evolve if your business challenges were to evolve and need to be scaled on the go.

  • Strict on Deadlines

    We are capable of operating within a tight turnaround and honor our assurance when it comes to the timely delivery of treasury management services.

  • FTE Treasury Management Experts

    Outsourcing treasury management services grants you access to project executives having vast experience in treasury management.

  • 24/7 Support

    We can be reached via your preferred contact points to get help on tap. Our agents can respond to you in your local dialect and resolve all challenges with minimal to no follow-up needed from your end.

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Outsource Treasury Management Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a pioneer in a range of financial analysis services. With an agile workflow and a capable team of financial treasury management experts from the Ivy League, we make treasury management a breeze. We also offer consultation services to clients who want the best treasury management advice for optimizing their revenue. For years, we have served clients within and outside domestic markets allowing them to exploit our expert solutions at affordable rates and unwavering quality.

If you are looking for a trustworthy treasury management services service provider, then we are the last stop in your search. Talk to our experts now!

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Treasury Management Services FAQs

  • What are Treasury Management Services?

    It's a way of optimizing business finances through investment protection, cash management, asset management, and maintaining liquidity while suppressing risks.

  • What is the difference between Treasury and finance?

    Finance focuses on investments on a near-term or long-term basis while treasury handles daily transactions and short-term investments.