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Bookkeeping and accounting are two functions which are extremely important for every business organization. In the simplest of terms, bookkeeping is responsible for the recording of financial transactions whereas accounting is responsible for interpreting, classifying, analyzing, reporting, and summarizing the financial data.

Bookkeeping and accounting may appear to be the same profession to an untrained eye. This is because both accounting and bookkeeping deal with financial data, require basic accounting knowledge, and classify and generate reports using the financial transactions. At the same time, both these processes are inherently different and have their own sets of advantages. Read this article to understand the major differences between bookkeeping and accounting.

Bookkeeping vs Accounting - 8 Major Differences

A major misconception regarding bookkeeping vs. accounting is that both are considered to be one profession. Though they seem to be very similar, there are some striking differences between the two. To resolve this confusion, we have listed down accounting vs bookkeeping differences here -


Bookkeeping is mainly related to identifying, measuring, and recording, financial transactions


Accounting is the process of summarizing, interpreting, and communicating financial transactions which were classified in the ledger account

Decision Making
Management can't take a decision based on the data provided by bookkeeping
Depending on the data provided by the accountants, the management can take critical business decisions

The objective of bookkeeping is to keep the records of all financial transactions proper and systematic


The objective of accounting is to gauge the financial situation and further communicate the information to the relevant authorities

Preparation of Financial Statements
Financial statements are not prepared as a part of this process
Financial statements are prepared during the accounting process
Skills Required

Bookkeeping doesn't require any special skill sets


Accounting requires special skills due to its analytical and complex nature

The process of bookkeeping does not require any analysis
Accounting uses bookkeeping information to analyze and interpret the data and then compiles it into reports

Basically there are two types of bookkeeping - Single entry and double entry bookkeeping


The accounting department does preparations of a company's budgets and plans loan proposals

Bookkeepers and Accountants
Bookkeepers are required to be accurate in their work and knowledgeable about financial topics. Bookkeepers work is usually overseen by an accountant
Accountants with sufficient experience and education can obtain the title of Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

The Shifting Landscapes of Bookkeeping and Accounting

Bookkeeping and accounting have been in existence since a very long time and both fields have seen a tremendous amount of change in the way the operations are carried out. This trend will continue in a similar fashion in the future too. Some of the upcoming trends in the field of accounting and bookkeeping include -

  • Merging of Bookkeeping and Accounting Functions

    The line between accounting and bookkeeping is slowly diminishing. It is interesting to note that with the advent of accounting and bookkeeping software, some parts of accounting are being slowly absorbed into the bookkeeping process. At the same time, bookkeeping software is now capable of generating financial statements which were earlier part of the accounting process

  • Bookkeeping to Slowly become Obsolete

    While most businesses will still need a bookkeeper to keep the books, bookkeeping will become a lot more than just data entry, balancing bank ledgers, and reconciling bank statements. These functions will slowly diminish in the coming years and may even become obsolete, as most of the tasks will be handled by bookkeeping software

  • Extending the Services

    Newer technologies have persuaded bookkeepers and accountants to be open to the technological advancements and explore emerging software options. It is an opportunity for bookkeepers to support their clients through this change, presenting value-added services such as payroll processing, credit card reconciliation, etc. with the help of the latest software

  • Advent of Smartphones

    More and more businesses are shifting their operations online, especially as smartphones and mobiles are becoming increasingly intuitive and easily available. Business owners want to access the data from anywhere in the world on different devices, and accounting and bookkeeping professionals are making sure the duly-generated reports are available online for their clients to access at all times

  • More Efficient Services

    Consulting and advising corporations are taking full advantage of these new technologies and services due to the advancement of the analytical tools, making bookkeeping and tax preparation services more efficient and significantly cheaper

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