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Are you paying formidable sums of money for a bookkeeper or an accountant? Now you can drastically cut costs by simply outsourcing bookkeeping, accounting and other finance and accounting services to Flatworld Solutions. Instead of spending a huge sum of money on a non-core business function like bookkeeping, you can channel your time, effort and money into building up your business.

Flatworld Solutions can provide you with expert finance and accounting services at an affordable cost. Our pricing is economical yet flexible, enabling your company to save on the high cost of professional bookkeeping and accounting.

Customized pricing structures to suit every business need

As a valuable customer, you can choose a pricing plan according to your specific business requirements. Our pricing structure is based on the number of required hours and the nature of the financial project. You can opt for any of the following:

1. Pay for part-time financial experts

If you only need a part-time bookkeeper or financial accountant, you can sign up for a part-time financial expert who can attend to your business needs for about 80 hours a month. We offer our customers a low-cost monthly billing pricing structure for part-time resources.

2. Pay for full-time financial professionals

If you require a full-time accountant to handle all your bookkeeping and financial needs, you can hire a full-time financial professional from us, who will work for 160 hours a month. Our monthly billing plan for full-time professionals is very cost-effective.

3. Pay by the hour

If you require finance and accounting services only during the peak or tax season, or when you are faced with a heavy workload, you can opt for our hourly services, where you only have to pay for the specific number of hours that you require.

4. Pay by the project

If you require finance and accounting services for a specific one-time project, this mode of payment will suit your needs. We will analyze your business requirements and provide you with a pricing quote.

5. Pay only for tax returns

We provide our customers with low pricing structures for tax return services. Our hourly prices depend on the nature of the work, the level of difficulty, the skill sets required of our financial experts, and the business requirements.

Stop paying more - when you can pay less by outsourcing. Get in touch with us for finance and accounting services and we will provide you with expert services that suit your business needs at very affordable prices . Fill in our contact us form now and get a free quote within 24 hours.

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