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Photoshop Image Cleansing Services

Get access to professional image cleansing services using Photoshop at highly flexible pricing options by partnering with Flatworld Solutions

Photoshop images often don't turn out to be as we want them to be. When this happens, some might say it is just a bad Photoshop job or graphic design malpractice. No matter how one interprets it, a bad photoshop job can prove to be disastrous and sometimes can even get creators into a lot of trouble. Thanks for photoshop image cleansing services a badly done photoshop job can now be rebuilt and restored to the desired state.

We at Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in professional photoshop image cleansing services. Over the years we have handled a range of cleansing requirements from the simplest to the most complex such as spotting, color aberrations, brightening, removal of red-eye effect, and a lots more. Our wide experience in restoring all kinds of photoshop image defects makes us an industry pro. Driven by a team of high-end photoshop experts with years of experience in handling photoshop editing needs, including image background removal, we guarantee flawless results for all your needs.

Photoshop Image Cleansing Services We Offer

Photoshop offers a powerful tool for editing graphics and our experts understand how to leverage this tool and its intuitive interface which includes cropping and resizing to deliver the actual impact. Our experts have restored imperfect images caused due to an unspecific method of extraction, improper feathering of edges, wrong rainbow gradient usage, lack of field depth, overuse of filters, the improper casting of colors; irregular curves and host of other factors. Some of the common photoshop image cleansing services we provide include -

  1. Basic Spotting

    Basic Spotting

    Our experts are specialized in identifying and cleansing spotting issues including subtlest ones that escape human attention. Once we identify spotting issues we remove them to enhance the overall look and feel. We guarantee to correct spotting issues in fast time.

  2. Correcting Color Overlap Issues

    Correcting Color Overlap Issues

    If your image looks dull because of color issues, we carry out tonal adjustments to give it the natural effect. Be it color fringing or spill, purple tint, color cast, or other color issues we apply the right touches to make them disappear.

  3. Brightening Images

    Brightening Images

    Sometimes images look dull because of skewed brightness and improper use of whiteness. Our image editing experts have an intuitive understanding of how to address these issues and restore them with just a few touches. They have consummate skills to brighten the image up without changing context.

  4. Correcting Red-Eye

    Correcting Red Eye

    Red-eye effect defect in photoshop images is a common problem. We have the expertise to fix them for you. Our experts know how to use the dedicated Red Eye Tool of the most well-known major image editing apps to remove this problem for you.

  5. Setting Chromatic Aberration Right

    Setting Chromatic Aberration Right

    Setting chromatic deviations right is a big challenge. We have mastered this art perfectly and understand what it takes to restore color distortion in photo edges with Photoshop magic. We handled and set right multitudes of both transverse or longitudinal chromatic mistakes.

  6. Noise Reduction

    Noise Reduction

    There are several factors which cause noise in photos. We help you identify the right factor and follow specific steps to filter and reduce it completely.

Industries We Serve

Being a leading Photoshop image cleansing service provider, we serve clients from across verticals and industries. We provide professional Photoshop image cleansing services to a number of businesses. These include -

Portrait Studios

Photo Studios

Individual Professionals

Individual Professionals

Online Traders

Online Traders

Real Estate Companies

Real Estate Companies

Event Management Companies

Event Management

Individual Photographers


Wedding Photographers


Photoshop Image Cleansing Process We Follow

Retouching photos is a highly specialized art and requires some specific steps and highly specialized techniques. It's only when it is done using the best image cleansing practices that a flawed photo can be turned into something much more eye-catching. We follow a well-defined process to enhance an image without making it appear unnatural. Our includes the following steps -

Download Images  

01. Download Images

We download the images you upload for a thorough analysis. The objective of this analysis is to determine the extent to which the photo can be edited without impacting its quality.

Cleansing Image with Photoshop  

02. Cleansing Image with Photoshop

After the analysis, a checklist is prepared based on which our editors fix the image. On a need basis, we brighten the overall image, correct the subject's skin, remove unwanted objects, and attend to other enhancements.

Quality Checks  

03. Meticulous Quality Checks

Once the edits are completed, our experts perform undertake multiple quality checks to spot that inconsistency that might have got missed. The final stages of the review are usually done by senior photoshop experts.

File Submission  

04. File Submission

This is the final stage in which the restored images are safely handed over to the client via secure channels.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Photoshop Image Cleansing Services?

Photoshop image cleansing requires meticulous attention and expert knowledge. On top of it, there is a need to have the right exposure to different industry requirements. We at Flatworld Solutions have both the exposure and mastery needed to conquer the complexities of Photoshop image cleansing services. Given below are other reasons for partnering with us -

  • High-Quality Service

    We provide a complete guarantee of quality. This is because we take care of all the small details that actually add up to refurbish an image completely. We leverage a multitude of tools to attend to details, such as subtle textures and shading, so that the best of results in terms of accuracy and quality can be obtained.

  • Quick Turnaround

    We follow a well-defined process for cleansing photoshop images. Also, we depend on the best of editing tools to enhance images. This ensures our delivery time is fast.

  • Highly Skilled Cleansing Editors

    Our team consists of 500 photoshop editors with diverse experience in photo editing needs. We hire editors on the basis of their skills, exposure, and experience.

  • Secure Data Transfer

    We see to it that every project file data is shared in a very safe and secure way. To ensure this we maintain the most advanced security software and a full-time IT team 24/7.

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    Our services are extremely affordable. We offer a range of flexible pricing options to ensure you can get the service in keeping with your specific budget.

  • Certified Company

    Flatworld Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. As a certified company, we follow industry best practices and well-defined quality check processes to offer the best services.

  • Fool Proof Data Management

    We are ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accredited. So we guarantee utmost data security. Also, we strictly abide by all the terms of the Non-disclosure contract which we enter with our clients before embarking on a project.

  • Scalability

    We have a skilled team of experienced professionals and a pool of fresher. This ensures that no matter what the volume of your requirements is, we can scale up to your needs any time and deliver cleaned images on time.

  • One Contact Point

    We assign one contact person for every project we undertake. The point of contact will be responsible for providing clients with project updates and communicating client feedback to the team.

  • Proficiency with Photoshop Software

    We bank on a range of editing software to clean up photoshop images. All the software we use is licensed.

  • Robust Set Up

    We have a sound infrastructure to support all Photoshop needs. These include the latest hardware, applications, tools and security systems. The perfect blend of these gives our team the edge to perform optimally.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    We deliver our services from multiple continents. This ensures you get the complete time zone advantage. Our team will address image cleansing with Photoshop issues via the means chosen by you.

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I have recently tried Flatworld Solutions for photo editing and I am already impressed with the high quality of work, the extremely quick response time and the professional manner in which they communicated with me as a client. I will definitely send more project to them in the future!

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