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Photo editing services from Flatworld Solutions serve imaging requirements of global clients, including established photo studios and freelance photographers. In order to meet varied requirements of our clients, we have created the most cost-effective pricing structure.

We undertake all kinds of projects, and the image editing rates are charged on a per image basis or hourly basis. Additionally, if you have a large image editing project or a long-term requirement, you can also hire a full-time resource solely dedicated to your project.

Our Pricing Models

Take a look at our pricing structure mentioned below.

Note: The Pricing mentioned below depend on various factors including, skill, and expertise of the hired image editors, volume of work and terms of contract complexity of the project among others.

1. Per Image Rates

  • Image Clipping Services Pricing
    • For basic clipping, our pricing start from ¢30 (USD)
    • For complex image clipping, our pricing start from $1.5 (USD)
  • Portrait Editing Services Pricing
    • For basic editing, our pricing start from ¢35 (USD)
    • For complex portrait editing, our pricing start from $1.5 (USD)
  • Real Estate Image Editing Services Pricing
    • For real estate still image editing, our pricing start from ¢50 (USD)
    • For HDR work, our pricing start from ¢80 (USD)
  • 360 Degrees Panorama Creation & Real Estate Virtual Tour Services Pricing
    • o For 360 degrees panorama creation and real estate virtual tour services, our pricing start from $5.25 (USD)
  • Panoramic Image Editing Services Pricing
    • For basic editing, our pricing start from $3.5 (USD)
    • For editing of panoramic images with fixing or mismatch requirement, our pricing start from $5 (USD)
    • For HDR work, our pricing start from $5.25 (USD)

2. Per Hour Rates

Per hourly rate for basic photo editing is minimal at Flatworld. In case you have a complex photo editing task at hand, please contact us to know the exact pricing details.

  • Hourly Rate for Image Manipulation Services
    • For image manipulation services, our pricing start from $7 (USD) per hour

3. Full-time Equivalent Rates

For on-going photo editing requirements or when you experience spike in volumes, you can hire a dedicated full-time editor at a reasonable per month rate.

We offer significant discounts for large volumes of work. Please have a look at all photo editing services we offer, and contact our editing experts for detailed photo editing rates.

Pricing Disclaimer

At Flatworld Solutions, we ensure that the information published on our website is always accurate and current. We make sincere efforts to keep all information on the site accurate and up-to-date along with the pricing.

Please note that all Pricing displayed on our website are INDICATIVE, and final pricing is decided only after taking into the account various factors like nature of the project, complexity level, skill and experience of the resources, time required for completion and terms of contract. Pricing displayed are subject to final approval at the time of order fulfillment, which could result in an increase or decrease in the price quoted on the website.

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