Outsource e-Commerce Image Editing Services

e-Commerce Image Editing Services

Our expert editors edit your e-Commerce product catalog to pique the interest of online shoppers. Our e-Commerce image editing starts at $3.5 per hour

No one can deny that the images drive e-Commerce businesses. The buyer cannot touch or feel the product/service physically before buying and the only way to judge them is to see them through the photos. High-quality, clear, visually-appealing and self-explanatory images quickly grab the attention of the consumers and further strengthen their intent to buy. Professional and top-notch image editing becomes imperative to build an attractive e-Commerce profile to capture a wider market and generate more revenue.

At Flatworld Solutions, we have a team of outstanding image editors who can give an exceptional makeover to your e-Commerce images that will make your products sell like hotcakes. Their editing prowess extends to all editing software used in the market.

e-Commerce Image Editing Services We Offer

With Flatworld, you get high-quality, professional and scalable e-Commerce images to boost online sales. We offer a wide variety of e-Commerce image editing and photo enhancement services that greatly improves the quality of your e-Commerce catalog, drawing more customers to your web or physical store. Our image processing services for e-Commerce include -

  1. Technical Editing

    Technical Editing

    Without compromising the quality of your images, we fix the technical aspects like photography flaws, scaling adjustment, fixing the image proportion, etc.

  2. Aesthetic Editing

    Aesthetic Editing

    Our editing experts are like magicians who can transform a dull picture into a vibrant one in no time. Adding special effects, adjusting the color contrast, brightness, exposure, and balance to create striking e-Commerce images are their specialty.

  3. Product Editing

    Product Editing

    We can carry out bulk and batch editing of images to create a thematic catalog for your website. Adjusting the angles, tonal correction, highlighting, and fixing the tint are other functions we do.

  4. Lifestyle Editing

    Lifestyle Editing

    The background of your image plays a key role in complementing the foreground product. Our editors can retouch, replace, clean, crop, and adjust the image backgrounds to give a professional look.

  5. Hero Editing

    Hero Editing

    Our editors can provide specialized image editing services that include spot or dirt removal, fixing grainy images, red-eye removal, etc., so that the consumer's attention stays focused only on the products.

  6. Image Clipping Path Services

    Image Clipping Path Services

    Our proficient editors can expertly clip-path for images like jewelry, clothes, photos, image blending, image shadow, and more.

  7. Photo Resizing

    Photo Resizing

    Our editors can size the photos according to your needs without distorting the image quality.

  8. Image Blending and Masking

    Image Blending and Masking

    Replacing backgrounds or unwanted objects, merging two or more images, etc., can also be carried out by our seasoned editors on the client's demand.

  9. Image Retouching

    Image Retouching

    Our experts can give the minute final touches to help you get crystal-clear e-Commerce images.

  10. Adding Extra Elements

    As per the client's requirements, our designers can add logos, watermarks, borders, etc., to the images.

Industries We Serve

Having an experience of over 19 years in the field of image editing, we are catering to over 5000 e-Commerce clients from 25+ industries, some of which are -

Fashion and TextilesFashion and Textiles
Gems and JewelryGems and Jewelry
Home DecorHome Decor
Real EstateReal Estate

Our e-Commerce Image Editing Process

Having Flatworld as your e-Commerce image editing services provider comes with the guarantee of quality work delivery within the stipulated time frames, thanks to our disciplined workflow -


01. Requirement Collection

We gather comprehensive information about our client's requirements for image editing


02. Team Allocation

A suitable team, specializing in the software and formats needed for the project, is allocated with a project head to oversee the work and handle client communication


03. File Transfer

The team leader enables the transfer of images from the client, requesting them to do it through a secured network


04. Image Editing

The team systematically works on each image as per the client's needs. The first batch of edited pictures is quality checked by the team seniors and the leader before they are sent for client validation


05. Client Approval

Once the client approves, all the images are edited


06. Quality Check

After the final quality check by the team leader and the client, any suggested updates and modifications are done


07. Image Delivery

The finalized images are then compiled and sent to the client in the format of their choice, using FTP secured servers

Other Services You May Benefit From

Why Outsource e-Commerce Image Editing Services to Flatworld Solutions?

There are many benefits of outsourcing e-Commerce image editing services to Flatworld Solutions. We have listed down a few of them below that will convince you of our unmatched status as the leading e-Commerce image editing company -

  • Competent Team

    We have a highly experienced and qualified team of designers and editors who work tirelessly to keep our customers satisfied and happy.

  • Budget-friendly Services

    This is a major differentiator for us. Our top-notch services come with a pocket-friendly price tag making us highly attractive for companies of all sizes.

  • Data Security is our Priority

    At no level do we ever compromise on client confidentiality and data safety. We take all necessary measures to store and transfer your data securely.

  • Faster Turnaround Times

    We value our client's time and honor the time commitments

  • 100% Error-free Services

    We provide high-quality and faultless image editing services to ensure a delightful customer experience.

  • Customized Services

    We are highly flexible in our offerings and can personalize our packages to match your exact needs.

  • Global Presence

    We have offices in many countries giving us an edge of all round the year operations. Our customers can avail of specialized services at all times without any disruption.

  • Ethically Strong Enterprise with Robust Infrastructure

    Along with robust infrastructure facilities, we believe in fair and transparent work processes making us the most trusted outsourcing company globally.

  • Standardized and Industry-compliant Services

    We are an ISO-certified company that stringently follows industry protocols and working guidelines to ensure a seamless work experience for our esteemed clients.

Client Success Stories

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Leading Real Space Visualization Client Receives Image Editing and Video Creation Services

A leading real estate space visualization business delegated image editing and video creation solutions to us. Our image editing team swung into action and handled their needs within a stipulated time.

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Case Study on Portrait Restoration of 10000 Images

Flatworld Restores 10000 Portraits for Leading Australia-based Customer

A world-famous Australian merchandising business offshored portrait restoration services to FWS. Our team assessed the requirement and assured successful results at competitive rates and TAT.

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Outsource e-Commerce Image Editing Services to Flatworld Solutions


Flatworld Solutions made photo editing so easy! Prashanth Ashok was very responsive, was across the brief and was only too happy to facilitate smaller projects.

Professional Photographer, Australia More Testimonials »

A market leader in the e-Commerce image editing segment, Flatworld Solutions is the most favorable image manipulation partner for you to outsource all your image processing needs. Our seasoned designers and editors are adept in all editing software and provide top-notch image editing solutions for e-Commerce businesses of all sizes. Our huge team and a global presence enable us to handle high volume work without any ambiguity or loss of quality.

If you are in search of expert e-Commerce image editing solutions, look no further, contact us now.

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