Types of Photo Editing Software and Their Features

Types of Photo Editing SoftwareGone are the days when you had to take photos again and again until you got the perfect picture. Modern photo editing software can save you a lot of valuable time and money with just a few clicks of the mouse. So what is photo or image editing software? It is a computer program that enables users to modify, edit or improve digital images. The photo editing software available today is packaged with rich features and powerful tools and can completely change the original picture. The programs also offer built-in training modules and easy-to-understand instructions.

There are broadly two types of photo editing software:


This is used by art directors, graphic designers or photographers working with newspapers, magazines and the electronic media companies. It allows for cropping, changing lighting effects, airbrushing errors and more.


Such software is used by amateurs and novices who are new to editing, or do it as a hobby. It allows for simple tasks such as adding frames or distorting images and more.

Though it is difficult to choose from among the different types of image editing software available, all of which offer myriad features, some of the best photo editing software, according to industry ratings agencies, are:

  1. Corel Paint Shop Pro
  2. Adobe Photoshop Elements
  3. Serif PhotoPlus
  4. Xara Photo & Graphic Designer
  5. ACDSee Photo Editor
  6. Photo Explosion
  7. Ulead PhotoImpact
  8. PhotoImpression
  9. PhotoStudio
  10. Photolightning

How can you pick the software most suitable for you? Identify your needs and evaluate the options available on the basis of the following 7 key parameters.

  • User Interface

    With so many features available in most software, usage assumes great significance. Good software offer a simple user interface, easy-to-understand directions, and "Wizards" for simplifying tasks such as correcting problems and aiding in quick learning and navigation.

  • Editing features

    Image editing software should offer features for adding, changing or improving your photos, such as removing red-eye, straightening crooked pictures, taking care of insufficient lighting, and more.

  • Organizing capabilities

    The software features should include organizing capabilities such as thumbnails, keyword search or query or rating, view image formats from digital cameras, store images in digital albums, and image archiving.

  • Sharing tools

    The image editing software should provide tools for optimizing parameters such as image resolution, file size and so on, and to enable sharing through various modes such as e-mail, MMS, print, web galleries and social media sites such as Picasa, Shutterfly, Flickr and Facebook.

  • Output formats

    Photo editing software features should enable saving images in different file formats and in different ways such as printing, on the web, e-mailing and integrating with other applications that allow creation of digital photo albums, collages and cards.

  • Import/ Export functions

    In the graphics world, a huge number of applications create image files in various formats, the most widely used being JPEG, TIF, PICT, BMP, EPS, PDF and GIF. The photo editing software should be capable of importing files of most formats into it, as well as converting from one format to another before exporting.

  • Help and Support

    An extensive and easy-to-follow tutorial explaining the "hows" and "whys" of specific features, a pop-up "Help" menu, FAQs, as well as e-mail, chat and phone support, are a critical and essential part of any good editing software.

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