Photo Editing Software We Use

As a leading professional photo editing company, we at Flatworld Solutions employ only the best tools and techniques to provide various image editing and photo manipulation services.

We come equipped with a supremely talented and knowledgeable team of dedicated photo editing professionals, as well as graphic artists. This ensures that our team is adept at handling all the latest software and technologies. We excel at accomplishing complex image editing and delivering premium quality photos while meeting the needs of our global customers in the fastest turnaround time.

We Leverage the Latest in Image Editing Software

With the right photo editing tool in our hands, the capabilities of what we can do is endless. The world of photo editing is competitive, and we at FWS ensure that we always have the best editing tools in the business to get that extra advantage.

Some of the industry leading photo editing software that we use is -

1. Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe Photoshop CS6 is the best image editing software available in the market. With its ability to turn mere pictures into masterpieces, Photoshop's versatility in the image editing space is unparalleled. Graphic designers and photographers all over the world consider Photoshop as their most important tool, and at FWS, we have an exemplary team of professionals who are well versed with the software.

As our customer, you can expect nothing but the best results for your photo editing requirements, as we use Adobe Photoshop CS6's breakthrough composing abilities, powerful photo editing tools, and high-end workflow enhancements to work on your images and deliver an immaculate finished product.

We constantly keep our software updated and train our team of photo editors with the latest versions of the software. Our professionals use Photoshop CS6 as well as the latest edition Photoshop CC for a wide range of image editing services. be it image manipulation, photo restoration, image enhancement, raw image conversion, post-processing of real-estate images, or path fixing.

2. PTGui Pro 10

Our professionals are also adept at handling image stitching software, like the PTGui Pro software. With this image stitching software, we can seamlessly stitch several rows of images with a refined control over alignment. The image stitching team also has greater control over masking elements and can take advantage of the GPU acceleration provided by the latest PTGui Pro 10.

Software Compliance

In this age of large-scale outsourcing, ascertaining the legal compliance of software is just as important as assuring the quality of the services provided. Numerous legal cases over the years have managed to highlight the risks and financial repercussions involved when software compliance is not done properly. Many companies look at pirating software as a way to reduce their operating cost while willing to take on the risks involved.

Risks Faced Due to Non-Compliance

  • Prevalence of other cost cutting measures - A company could be cutting costs not only by using pirated software, but also by improperly training its employees, or increasing their workload without worrying about the quality of output. All of these can result in lower quality of work and less reliability
  • Legal Issues - A company using pirated software is leaving itself open to strict legal proceedings, a single one of which could jeopardize the future of not only the company and its employees, but also for many of its unaware customers

Get the Flatworld Advantage

At Flatworld, we believe in the ethical use of all image editing software, and find ways to improve company efficiency and operating costs by streamlining our processes. Using legally complaint software means reduced risk, reduced cost for support and backup, competitive advantage, and improved productivity.

By working with us, you're promoting ethical business practices and keeping the operating costs lower. Additionally, we ensure that the services provided by us are rendered by fully trained and professional employees who take the highest pride in the quality of work done.

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