Outsource Skin Retouching Services

Skin Retouching Services

Give the models in your photos beautiful, natural looking skin by making use of our advanced skin retouching services

Professional photo skin retouching and skin smoothening are an indispensable part of our high-quality photo editing services. Fashion, portfolio, advertisement, or beauty shoots do not only need high-end photography, but also unsurpassed photo editing to enhance the quality of the picture and make it flawless.

Flatworld Solutions provides professional skin retouching services and excels at delivering unmatched skin retouching services focused on augmenting the appeal in a picture and eliminating any elements that degrade its quality. We specialize in skin tone correction, skin color correction, teeth whitening, skin retouching and many more, and deliver exceptional images.

Our Skin Retouching Services

Flatworld Solutions is a leading skin retouching service provider that offers unsurpassed image retouching services to its global clientele at highly affordable prices. We provide high end skin retouching services, including portrait photo retouching services, photoshop skin retouching services, and advanced skin retouching services. We work on reducing blemishes, correcting any skin marks, correcting colors and improving the look of the skin health to ensure that the final image looks immensely appealing.

With more than 20 years of relevant experience in the field of photo editing and retouching, we believe that skin retouching is amongst the most crucial aspects of pictures clicked for important events and during festivities. Photographers who click the pictures have to face several issues, owing to which it becomes extremely difficult for them to deliver extraordinary shots. Thus, we, at Flatworld Solutions, offer an extensive array of skin retouching services aimed at enhancing the quality of pictures and delivering superlative images. Our services include -

  1. Scars Retouching

    Scars Retouching

    Is a client self-conscious about scar marks? FWS can use advanced techniques to lighten or remove old wound marks using several Photoshop skin retouching methods for flawless-looking skin. Our methods allow you to make your skin smooth, soft, and beautiful.

  2. Color Enhancement

    Color Enhancement

    Our advanced skin retouching services enhance the overall colors in the photograph and also enhance the color of the skin, making it look healthy and flawless.

  3. Wrinkles Retouching

    Wrinkles Retouching

    Our expert editors can significantly reduce things like wrinkles from a model's face and make the skin look young and flawless.

  4. Removing Blemishes or Acne

    Removing Blemishes or Acne

    Acne marks are not a big deal for FWS. Blackheads, pimples, age spots, and even pimple scarring marks can be removed to provide a refined, yet natural, look.

  5. Skin Tone Retouching

    Skin Tone Retouching

    Every skin is naturally beautiful, and our methods allow the model's skin to look perfect. Our high-end advanced skin retouching services adjust the skin tone to make the skin look flawless.

  6. Whitening Teeth

    Whitening Teeth

    FWS can fix yellowed teeth, align teeth properly, and remove braces from images.

  7. Enhancing Eyes

    Enhancing Eyes

    Eyes are essential in portrait snaps and others and FWS can make sure that they look their best by using color enhancing techniques and removing things like under-eye shadows.

  8. Smoothing Skin

    Smoothing Skin

    FWS can smooth skin to a naturally-glowing and healthy complexion. We can eliminate things such as large pores and other subtle differences in the skin texture without it resulting in an artificial or plastic look.

  9. Airbrushing


    Our experts use advanced air brushing techniques to give the model's skin a perfectly smooth texture.

  10. Hair Detail and Shine

    Hair Detail and Shine

    We use advanced techniques to enhance hair details and make the hair shine and look perfectly healthy.

  11. Removing Redness

    Removing Redness

    Correcting for skin redness is one of the tougher corrections to make, whether it is to correct for sunburns or even blushing. Color channel experts at FWS can correct this redness without affecting the hues and tones in the rest of the image.

  12. Our Other Skin Retouching Services

    Flatworld Solutions also has expertise in providing the following services -

    • Clothing Alteration
    • Body Slimming
    • Color and Exposure Corrections
    • Color Enhancement
    • Eye Opening
    • Makeup Enhancement
    • Skin Toning
    • Hairstyle Adjustment
    • Hair Details and Shine Restoration

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Our Photo Skin Retouching Techniques

As a glamour enhancement service provider, there is a wide array of photo skin retouching techniques that we use. However, there are three prominent techniques we use to improve the overall picture quality and remove any flaws from images. These are -

  1. Touch-Up Layer Technique

    When retouching the skin in the pictures, often a simple process helps you achieve what you need to achieve. The touch-up layer technique works on this fundamental premise and leverages the use of a touch-up layer on the skin to deal with unwanted spots. It also works well with removing dust and lint, flakes of makeup, and tiny hair strands, that is, any rogue hair popping out of the places where they should not. However, this technique does not work with retouching patches of hot spots or blotchy skin.

  2. Frequency Separation Technique

    When more is needed to achieve beautiful, glowing skin, the touch-up layer technique might not work and therefore we might need to deploy the frequency separation technique. It allows us to do the touch-ups without losing or harming the skin texture. The frequency separation technique works perfectly for removing blotchy skin, tiny blemishes, red patches, under-eye circles, wrinkles, etc. It is also an ideal technique for smoothing make-up that has not blended or has caked up.

  3. The byRo Method

    Sometimes, the skin needs an overall touch up and the byRO method, which has been named after its developer, is an efficient technique for the overall smoothening of the skin while ensuring that the skin does not lose its texture.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Availing Image Retouching Services From FWS

Most people believe that photo retouching is just about correcting the skin color and tone, but it goes much beyond this. Our skin retouching services work to ensure that the true beauty of the subject in your image shines through and that the picture looks extremely appealing.

The benefits we offer through our professional image retouching services include -

  • High-Quality

    We adhere to international quality standards for delivery of all our skin retouching services. We deliver only high-quality pictures for use in advertisements and e-commerce websites, among others.

  • Affordable Prices

    We offer our skin retouching services at the most affordable prices without any compromise on the quality of services.

  • Fast Turnaround Times

    We provide faster turnaround times and completion of tasks within stipulated deadlines every time.

  • Expert Team

    We have an expert team of image editing specialists that use the latest software tools and technologies to provide unmatched services at affordable prices. Our team comprises members that are highly-qualified and experienced at providing a complete range of image editing.

  • State-of-the-art Technology

    We leverage state-of-the-art skin retouching technologies, and address each flaw in the picture with precision to deliver pictures that can be cherished for a lifetime.

  • Delivery of Flawless Pictures

    We deliver flawless pictures with complete emphasis on enhancing the beauty of the subject.

  • Adding Glamour

    We add an unmatched glamour to the pictures to make them incredibly appealing.

  • Removal of all Flaws

    We remove all flaws and distracting elements that distract the attention of the viewer from the beauty of the subject.

  • Original Appeal Retained

    We perform complete transformation of the pictures without affecting the original appeal of the picture.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Image Clipping and Retouching Services to a Jewelry Expert

Image Clipping and Retouching Services Provided to a Jewelry Expert

A diamond and jewelry expert based in Minnesota availed image clipping and retouching services to showcase their rings and necklaces on an e-Commerce website.

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FWS Provided Image Masking Services to a Minnesota Photographer

Image Masking Services Provided to a Minnesota Photographer

A Minnesota photographer based in Minnesota approached Flatworld Solutions for help with image masking services. The client needed processing of 1000 images in 2 months. We delivered the project according to the SLA and the agreed schedule.

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Outsource Skin Retouching Services to Flatworld Solutions


I used Flatworld Solutions for a project involving packaging. I needed some detailed retouching to be done for a client within a quick turnaround time. The images Flatworld provided me were quick and accurate. Communication was great and the end result was exactly what I needed.

Leading Photography Company, USA
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Flatworld Solutions is a complete skin retouching service providing company and also provides a range of other photo editing services. We have a team of seasoned photo editors who are adept at using advanced techniques and up-to-the-minute technologies to deliver the highest-quality skin retouching services. Our professional editors take your images to the next level by working on enhancing its overall appeal, right from removing blemishes to complex image composition. When you outsource photo skin retouching services to us, we improve and optimize your images to ensure that they look as attractive as they can be.

Contact us today to know more about our skin retouching services or to discuss any of your other photo editing requirements. Our executives will get in touch with you to assist you with all your queries.

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Skin Retouching Services FAQs

  • What is skin retouching?

    The term 'skin retouching' refers to any process used to alter the skin of models in images to improve the appearance of the model's skin.

  • What is high-end retouching?

    High-end retouching is about keeping details and texture intact in an image so that it looks as natural as possible. Making sure the picture looks unretouched but polished is a matter of expertise.

  • What does retouching mean?

    The term 'retouching' refers to any process used to alter an image digitally, in the case of digital images, or physically, in the case of film to improve the image's appearance.