Image Blending Services

Image blending is basically the process by which we blend two images or more in order to generate an enhanced image in terms of quality, color or brightness. Image blending is a much sought after service in industries like real-estate wherein photographers take photos of different exposure values and then have them blended to showcase the best image to their clients. Image blending services is also increasingly popular among professional photographers.

Flatworld solutions with over 15 years of professional experience and a skilled team of image blending professionals, caters to the requirements of individuals and corporates across industries, by providing accurate image blending services. Flatworld uses the latest image blending software like Photomatix and Photoshop CS3, while supporting techniques like mask blending and HDR.

Image blending techniques used at Flatworld Solutions

HDR Blending

Especially suitable in industries like real estate, HDR blending – uses High Dynamic Range (HDR) blending technique to blend 2 images. This helps to rectify images shot under different lighting conditions preventing highlights from being blown out as white areas or turning some portions into blobs of black. Flatworld solutions can help you to effectively blend multiple images into a seamless image.

Mask Blending

The image blending team at Flatworld solutions applies unique manual blending techniques for blending images with tools like Adobe Photoshop and other HDR tools. Our team of skilled professionals has a rich experience in image blending and image processing. We can create seamless images by using techniques like mask blending and various other techniques.

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Why outsource image blending services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions provides cost-effective image blending services while maintaining its commitment to quality and standards. The company’s extremely skilled and highly experienced professionals ensure -

  • Flawlessly blended images that have high clarity in shadows as well as highlights
  • Cost-effective services, adhering to the highest quality standards
  • Superior professional services and delivery
  • Rapid turnaround time



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