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Visuals play a dominant role for businesses vying for customer attention in the contemporary digitized business space. As a result, ecommerce companies actively seek professional photo studios for various Photoshop editing services. If such companies comprise the best part of your client base, you must be under constant pressure to deliver well-executed designs while navigating tight deadlines. As your flexible business partner, we work alongside your in-house design team to produce quality outcomes with 24-hour TATs. We adhere to your editing guidelines and help you serve your clients on time by actively shouldering the extra workload.

Not just that, we also help our clients reduce business overheads by up to 60%. Take our leading Australia-based merchandising and sales client, for example. Two of our experienced, full-time photo editors helped the client restore 400 portraits every week using Photoshop while enabling them to cut costs via zero investments in infrastructure. Our impeccable services induced long-term business relations as this photo restoration project went on to include a total of 10,000 images. You, too, could leverage our services to stay agile and lower your business costs. Contact us today for a free trial.

Our Photoshop Editing Services

By outsourcing Photoshop services, you can concentrate on core competencies such as photography, client management, and business growth. Leverage our end-to-end services which include -

Image Cleaning
Image Cleaning
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Image Cleaning

We employ advanced techniques to remove dust, scratches, and blemishes from photos, ensuring a pristine appearance. We enhance image quality and eliminate distractions to help businesses ensure increased customer engagement.

Color Correction
Color Correction
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Color Correction

We meticulously adjust colors, tones, and hues to achieve visual harmony and accuracy. Through accurate color representation, we enable businesses to showcase their products or images authentically and increase the chances of conversions.

Photo Retouching
Photo Retouching
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Photo Retouching

We expertly enhance images by eliminating imperfections, smoothing skin, and contouring details. We enable businesses to leverage the desired visual effect to augment brand credibility and business growth.

Photo Enhancement
Photo Enhancement
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Photo Enhancement

We optimize images by adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation, thus resulting in vibrant and visually appealing outcomes. We transform ordinary photos into stunning visuals to help you create more value for your clients.

Photo Compositing
Photo Compositing
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Photo Compositing

We merge multiple images into one cohesive composition, creating unique and compelling visuals. By enabling businesses to showcase their products or concepts in compelling ways, we enhance their brand storytelling.

Noise Reduction
Noise Reduction
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Noise Reduction

We effectively minimize unwanted grain or noise from images, resulting in cleaner and more professional visuals. By delivering clear and high-quality images, we ensure your clients achieve their business goals and establish brand credibility.

Background Replacement
Background Replacement
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Background Replacement

We skilfully remove or replace backgrounds, allowing subjects to stand out and enhancing visual aesthetics. By providing a clean and visually appealing backdrop, we help your clients showcase their products in the most appealing ways to boost sales.

Portrait Enhancements
Portrait Enhancements
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Photo Restoration

We revive old, damaged, or faded photographs, bringing cherished memories back to life. By preserving precious moments, we help you evoke nostalgia for your clients or help them enhance their brand legacy.

Additional Services

 Background Removal
 Image Masking
 Drop Shadow Services
 Shadow Creation & Optimization
 Retouching Services
 Background Removal
 Special Effects

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Our Photoshop Retouching Process

Our online Photoshop services adhere to the following process flow -


01. Image Sourcing

Clients upload unedited images to the Cloud. Our photo editors download them for analysis and editing


02. Planning and Coordination

We review every image to determine if it can be edited in Photoshop without quality loss. We plan the best approach to achieve professional results


03. Image Editing Photoshop

We edit images using Photoshop according to your preference. Our editing team makes conscious efforts to preserve the naturality of your original photograph


04. Quality Checks

Our image quality assurance professionals evaluate the deliverables to ensure it meets your quality requirements


05. Image Delivery

The edited and verified images are uploaded to the Cloud so that you can download them using your credentials

Photoshop CS6 Features That We Leverage

Photoshop CS6 is undoubtedly one of the best image editing tools available. Our editors leverage the following features routinely to produce exceptional outcomes -

  • Adobe Camera Raw 7.0
  • Content Aware Move
  • New Crop Tool
  • Adaptive Wide Angle
  • Smart Filters
  • Quick Selection
  • Streamlined Interface
  • Improved Adobe Bridge
  • Better Vanishing Point
  • Refined Edge Tools
  • Black-and-white Conversion
  • Enhanced 64-bit HDR Support

Photoshop CS6 Plug-ins We Use

Our photo editors use some of the latest Adobe Photoshop CS6 plug-ins, including -

  • LightMachine

    This plug-in helps perform minor adjustments in an image. With cool features like color-based correction, shadow/highlight, and virtual lighting, our photo editors straighten out even minute imperfections.

  • ColorWasher

    With the ColorWasher tool, our photo editors rectify washed-out, faded, or underexposed photographs. This tool professionally allows photo editing.

  • PTLens

    The PTLens tool helps us rectify chromatic aberration, vignetting, barrel distortion, perspective warping, and lens pincushion.

Industries We Cater To

Graphic DesignGraphic Design
Advertising and MarketingAdvertising and Marketing
Fashion and BeautyFashion and Beauty
Publishing and PrintingPublishing and Printing
Architecture and Real EstateArchitecture and Real Estate
Web Design and DevelopmentWeb Design & Development
Film and EntertainmentFilm and Entertainment
Education and TrainingEducation and Training

Additional Services

Clipping Path Services

Our expert image editors meticulously create precise clipping paths, ensuring seamless isolation of subjects from their backgrounds. Leverage our services to add more value to your clients.

Portrait Services

Transform ordinary portraits into aesthetic images highlighting the subject's unique personality and charm. We leverage advanced tools to enhance facial features, adjust lighting, and refine skin tones.

Real Estate Image Editing Services

From sky replacements and color corrections to virtual staging and object removal, we optimize real estate images to showcase properties at their best.

Wedding Image Editing Services

Our skilled editors retouch images to perfection, enhancing colors, removing imperfections, and creating a polished finish that preserves the beauty and emotion of those special moments.

Why Should You Choose Us as Your Photoshop Company?

With dedicated teams and streamlined processes, we deliver faster results without compromising on quality, thus enabling photo studios to meet tight deadlines and unique client requirements. The key indicators of our services include -

  • ISO-certified Services

    We are a trusted provider of image enhancement, manipulation, and creative editing services. We are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company delivering high-quality results.

  • 100% Data Security

    When you outsource photo services to us, we ensure the highest levels of security and privacy. We encrypt data during file transfers and sign NDA agreements to protect your intellectual assets.

  • Accuracy and Quality

    By outsourcing online Photoshop services to us, you can expect to receive quality results that surpass your expectations. Our experts enhance the finer details of an image to produce outcomes that boost your brand image.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We appoint a dedicated project manager who works closely with your in-house team. They answer your queries, resolve issues, and provide regular project updates.

  • Access to Skilled Experts

    Our team comprises professional photographers who are experts in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe CS, Adobe Lightroom, and other image software. We deliver the best possible results for your project.

  • Cost-Efficient Services

    Our pricing depends on project volume, complexity, and the number of resources employed. We offer flexible and customized pricing options to our clients.

Client Success Stories

FWS Clipped 5000 Images for UK's Largest Auto Trader

FWS Clipped 5000 Images for UK's Largest Auto Trader

Flatworld edited 5000 images for a UK auto trading company. We clipped their images with precision and provided 100% service satisfaction within the promised deadline.

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FWS Stitched 310-meter Long Image for a Norway Client

FWS Stitched 310-meter Long Image for a Norway Client

Image stitching service was provided by Flatworld to a Norway based photography and design company. We strung together multiple images to form one single 310-meter image for advertising signage.

Read more


Flatworld Solutions made great selections on our images and gave us a quick turnaround under 24 hours as promised.

Fitness Studio, USA
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Outsource Adobe Photoshop Services to Flatworld Solutions

Outsourcing Photoshop Services to Flatworld Solutions offers a reliable solution for photo studios and e-commerce businesses seeking to optimize their image editing processes. With our robust international presence, clients gain access to a global talent pool of Adobe-certified experts who possess the skills and expertise necessary to deliver exceptional results. Our dedicated project managers ensure smooth project execution, providing a single point of contact for effective communication and seamless collaboration throughout the outsourcing journey.

By choosing us as your outsourcing partner, clients experience a hassle-free transition from their existing service provider. Our streamlined onboarding process ensures a quick and efficient integration, minimizing disruptions to their workflow. With a focus on clear communication and transparent pricing, we prioritize effective collaboration, delivering quality Photoshop Services that align with our clients' requirements and expectations.

Partner with us for reliable and rapidly scalable Photoshop Services. Contact us today to discuss your outsourcing needs.

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