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Adobe Photoshop is an excellent image editing tool that can transform your images, but it's the expertise of the professionals who work on the images that makes the real difference. If you wish to transform your images, the expertise of photo editing professionals at Flatworld is exactly what you are looking for.

Adobe Photoshop Expertise - Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions has a team of highly experienced Photoshop experts and image editors who can provide following solutions:

  • Bringing colors to life with extensive coloration improvements
  • Changing the mood of the image by making it look vintage or new-age
  • Basic as well as complex photo retouching and photo editing
  • Getting details out of blown out or under exposed images
  • Photo merging and perspective correction
  • Making cosmetic changes to portraits (removing blemishes, spots, dark areas, etc.)
  • Body reshaping
  • Image path clipping
  • Removing complex unwanted objects
  • Creating needed image illusion
  • Digital artistry
  • Basic tasks like red-eye correction, perfect cropping, compensating for over or under exposed images etc.
  • And much more and everything that Adobe Photoshop has to offer

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Features That We Leverage

Adobe Photoshop CS6 is undoubtedly one of the best image editing tools available. Some of the features of Adobe Photoshop CS6 which our image editors use are -

  • Adobe Camera Raw 7.0
  • Content Aware Move
  • New Crop Tool
  • Adaptive Wide Angle

Along with these, our team also leverages the power of following Adobe Photoshop features -

  • Smart Filters
  • Quick Selection
  • Streamlined Interface
  • Improved Adobe Bridge
  • Better Vanishing Point
  • Refined Edge Tools
  • Black-and-white Conversion
  • Enhanced 64-bit HDR Support

Another splendid feature of Adobe Photoshop CS6 is the Pen Tool. With this tool, our photo editors can easily change the size of an image, without altering its original quality. The Magic Wand tool is also a noteworthy feature, which helps image editors quickly select any area of an image, based on its color.

We constantly upgrade our software and train our photo editors with the latest versions of the software. Our photo editors are proficient in working with latest Photoshop version, Photoshop CC.

Apart from being skilled in Adobe Photoshop CS6, our photo editors are also proficient in using some of the latest Adobe Photoshop CS6 plug-ins, including -


This plug-in is used to make any kind of light adjustments in an image. With cool features like color-based correction, shadow/highlight, and virtual lighting, our photo editors can flawlessly correct even complicated imperfections in your images.


With the ColorWasher tool, our photo editors can flawlessly correct any kind of washed out, faded or underexposed photographs.


With the aid of the PTLens tool, our image editing experts can make alterations and corrections related to chromatic aberration, vignetting, barrel distortion, perspective correction and lens pincushion.

Read more about different image editing software that we use apart from Adobe Photoshop.

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Why Choose Flatworld's Adobe Photoshop Services?

Professional Adobe Photoshop Services with Guaranteed Security

Most amateurs rely on commonly used features to enhance an image and are quite satisfied when a decent enough transformation is made. This is precisely where professional Adobe Photoshop service experts from FWS can help. We ensure complete security of your image editing project, and give you those finer enhancements and touches that are awe inspiring

Added Creativity

You can always expect more than what you desired for if a professional service is engaged. With our deep expertise and experience we are capable to use those finer details that can transform a good image into a great one

Maximum Software Utilization

With tons of experience in using Adobe Photoshop, we make maximum utilization of all its advanced features to give you those spectacular changes in less time

Unique Talent Pool to Serve Diverse Industries

Our team consists of professional photographers; Photoshop experts, Adobe CS, Adobe Lightroom, and other image software professionals; senior image editors, etc., dedicated to give you the perfect result

Quick Turnaround Times

We are equipped to handle small or bulk projects from individuals, professional photographers, marketing agencies, jewelry designers, etc., at really quick turnaround times

Cost-effective Solutions

Even if you are an individual or a business handling loads of images, we have cost effective solutions for your specific needs. We also analyze your precise requirements and give you a requirement-based solution that would fit your budget

Leveraging Technology

Our highly trained and experienced team of Adobe Photoshop experts extracts the best that Photoshop can offer and more importantly use it in the best possible ways to give you the desired effect

Multiple Formats Support

Whatever is your image file format (like RAW, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, PDF, BMP, GIF, and PSD); our experts can work on it with ease

Leverage the benefits of Adobe Photoshop with Flatworld

If you are a full-time professional photographer or a business dealing with loads of images, then it's really important to outsource your editing jobs and stay focused on your primary activities. Outsource Adobe Photoshop editing to Flatworld Solutions, the finest Adobe Photoshop services provider in India, and benefit from superior image transformations.



Pricing is a critical factor to consider before outsourcing. Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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