Portrait Enhancement Services

Portrait Enhancement Services

Flatworld Solutions has over 20 years of experience in providing a wide range of portrait enhancement services to a number of portrait studios in the U.S, U.K, Australia etc. Today, we have grown to be one of the world's leading providers of portrait image enhancement services. Our customers have been impressed with the quality of our portrait photography services and our ability to deliver ahead of their timelines.

We have a team of photo editing experts who can enhance your portraits as per your specifications. In case you are not pleased with the outcome of our portrait enhancement work, we will rework on the portraits until you are completely satisfied.

Partnering with us for portrait processing services has helped our portrait studio customers to focus more on taking portraits. Our portrait studio customers have been able to process more portrait orders while we handle their image enhancement work.

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The portrait enhancement process at Flatworld Solutions

We can help you shorten your portrait enhancement process and deliver enhanced portraits to your customers within your deadline.

Outsource portrait image enhancement work to Flatworld & shorten your process!

Customers schedule a portrait sitting at the portrait studio
The studios' PR program is discussed with the customer
The photo shoot for the portrait takes place
A date is fixed for the images to be viewed by the customer
The studio sends the images to be edited to Flatworld
All the images that are shot are edited and enhanced at Flatworld
The enhanced portraits are sent back to the studio
The customer chooses all the images that he/she likes
The selected images are sent back to Flatworld
Flatworld edits the selected images for printing
The edited images are sent back to the portrait studio
The studio prints and delivers the images to the customer

Types of portraits for which we can provide image manipulation

Our photo editing professionals have expertise in performing portrait image editing services for different types of portraits such as the following:

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Flatworld's portrait adjustment services

  1. Image cropping

    Image cropping refers to a technique used to remove undesired objects or irrelevant details from a portrait. Cropping can also be used to change the aspect ratio and overall composition of a portrait. We can also convey a story through creative cropping and composition.

  2. Color correction

    The image editing experts at Flatworld Solutions can adjust the color, contrast and brightness of your portraits. We can also restore and balance the color in your portraits.

  3. Density correction

    Your portraits may not look their best because of variations in color density, skin tones, sky color or vegetation. When a portrait is printed, it might look different from the original setting. At Flatworld Solutions, we make use of Adobe Photoshop CS3 to carry out density correction in portraits. You can be assured of a portrait which is uniform in density and contrast.

  4. Color cast removal

    Inappropriate lighting, multicolored lighting, tungsten lighting, fluorescent lighting or fading light can cause undesirable color casts in a portrait. At Flatworld, we can remove the color casts from your portraits. In addition to the removal of color casts we can also restore black and white portraits to show contrast and density.

  5. Blemish removal

    Even small blemishes, spots, sunburns and freckles can become prominent in high resolution portraits. Most of your customers will want to have such blemishes and spots removed. The photo manipulation team at Flatworld use a number of digital 'make-up' techniques to remove blemishes, marks or cuts caused due to shaving or dark areas under the eyes. Send your portraits to us and we will remove blemishes and also retouch the portraits. Make your customers happy with portraits that have no undesirable marks and blemishes.

Flatworld's portrait retouching services

Turn ordinary looking portraits into extraordinary portraits with our expert retouching services.

  • Adjusting contrast
  • Adjusting color balance
  • Adjusting saturation
  • Adjusting the brightness and density in portraits
  • Applying filters
  • Inserting or removing backgrounds
  • Removing and cropping blemishes
  • Removing / adding noise and grains in portraits
  • Shadow Photo Editing

How does the portrait image editing process work at Flatworld

  • You upload the portraits which require portrait manipulation on the secure FTP
  • We download the portraits from the secure FTP
  • The images are then analyzed
  • The images are enhanced and prepared for viewing
  • The images are uploaded back to the FTP before the viewing date

Choose Flatworld Solutions as your portrait enhancement partner

Choose us as your partner and we will help you with color balance, density correction, color correction, collages, saturation and composition amongst others. We can provide you with web-based sessions or live sessions. Apart from this we can also handle your printing requirements.

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