Outsource eCommerce Product Photo Clipping Services

eCommerce Product Photo Clipping Services

From background removal to translucent masking, we offer a range of services to global clients. Enrich your business at just $7/hour

Are you struggling with project influxes or skill shortages? Perhaps, there is a giant client around the corner that you want to close. We are your happy helpers; our ISO-certified product clipping services enable global photographers and studios to serve gigantic e-commerce clients and deliver on time! By outsourcing e-commerce product photo clipping services to Flatworld Solutions, you can leverage eCommerce product image clipping service, colour correction, transparent backgrounds, background removal, blemish removal, and translucent masking.

At Flatworld Solutions, we have over two decades of experience in eCommerce product photo editing and retouching. We are well-versed with image guidelines for marketplaces like Amazon, Itsy, and eBay. Our globally qualified team edits images quickly and deftly, using tools like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Our eye for detail, a keen sense of visual aesthetics, and enormous industry experience set us apart from other service providers.

Our eCommerce Product Photo Clipping Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is an eCommerce product photo clipping company with a sterling global presence. Our clientele comprises some of the biggest online marketplaces across 160+ countries. Our professional eCommerce product photo clipping services include -

  1. Clipping Paths

    Clipping Paths

    Our eCommerce image clipping services include hand-drawn clipping paths around product photos using Photoshop. Also, we provide multiple product paths for photo retouching and colour correction.

  2. Colour Correction, Editing, Image Cropping

    Colour Correction, Editing, Image Cropping

    Are you losing leads over disproportionate and lacklustre product photos? Probably, this is why your visitors will not convert! Reach out to us to tune colour temperature, enhance saturation, maintain white balance, remove unnecessary borders, and more.

  3. Noise Reduction

    Noise Reduction

    An image can tell a thousand words! Are your online product pictures screaming a hundred different hooks? The chances are that your TG is not grabbing onto any of them! Eliminate the extra noise; transform your product images into pitches that sale.

  4. Photo Cleansing

    Photo Cleansing

    We use the clone stamp tool, pen tool, and brush tool to do away with spots, scratches, dust, and blemishes.

  5. Background Removal Services

    Background Removal Services

    We remove, resize, and replace product backgrounds to ensure marketplace compliance for Amazon, e-bay, etc.

  6. Additional Services

    Our eCommerce image clipping services also include -

    • Masking
    • Margin Setting
    • 3D Models
    • Ghost Mannequin Effect
    • Shadows and Watermarks
    • Unwanted Element Removal
    • Raster to Vector
    • Rotating, Straightening, and Cropping

Other Services You May Benefit From

Why is Flatworld the Preferred eCommerce Product Photo Clipping Provider?

Flatworld Solutions is a premier eCommerce product photo clipping company that offers back-office support to numerous global image editing providers. Outsource eCommerce product photo clipping services to us today to leverage the following benefits -

  • Cost-effective Pricing

    Our eCommerce image clipping services are strategically priced so that businesses of any size benefit from our offerings. Our prices start at $7/hour.

  • Top-notch Infrastructure

    With 10+ global delivery centers, we are well-equipped to handle projects our scale. Our experts leverage the best-in-class resources to deliver unparalleled outcomes.

  • Marketplace Compliance

    We edit product photos in keeping with regulatory guidelines issued by online marketplaces. We deliver web-ready products that rev up your online sells.

  • Flexible Outputs

    Be it white or transparent backgrounds or product pictures in different formats; we customize our service to cater to your specific requirements.

  • Scalable Services

    Facing a sudden drip or influx in projects? We got you covered! We can scale up or down our services with short notice.

  • Quality Processes

    We ensure 99% perfect and error-free services; we deliver as per international quality standards.

Client Success Stories

Flatworld Provided Image Clipping Services to New Zealand Bike Designer

Provided Image Clipping Service to Bike Designers from New Zealand

After providing a sample service, our image clipping experts processed the client's requirement with speed and accuracy.

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Flatworld Provided Portrait Restoration Services to a South Korean Client

Provided Portrait Restoration Services to a South Korean Client

We provided affordable portrait restoration services where we processed over 1400 images a week for the client.

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I am overly impressed by your hard work and superb quality of service! You also charge very reasonable prices. Thank you, a million times!!

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Outsource eCommerce Product Photo Clipping Services

We offer fast, efficient, and error-free services photo editing services to clients across industries and verticals. By offshoring your requirement to us, you get -

  • Web-ready product photos at unbelievable prices
  • Marketplace compliance for all major eCommerce platforms
  • Additional cost savings on bulk processing
  • Hike in online sales via product pictures that induce purchases
  • Better visual impact and an expansion in customer base

Contact us now to effectively edit any volume of online product images within given timelines.

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