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Photo Editing Services for Multiple Industries

Flatworld Solutions has over 11 years of extensive experience in working across diverse industry verticals, and we understand that different industries have different photo editing requirements. Team at FWS can provide you with superior quality image editing services that exactly match your industry's unique needs. Whether your business requires image editing of portraits, image clipping, or real estate virtual tours, you can count on us for fast, cost-effective and quality photo editing services, delivered within your deadline.

Flatworld's Photo Editing Services for Varied Industries

1. Online Stores

If you own an online store, then you must already know the importance of good-looking images. It's the quality and aesthetic appeal of your images that differentiates your virtual store from your competitors. At Flatworld Solutions, we know how to attract customers to an online store, and offer wide array of photo editing services including Image Clipping, Image Resizing, Background Removal, Image Cropping, and Image Manipulation that can transform the quality and appeal of your images. Whether your store sells garments, sports accessories, or electronic goods, we have the right photo editing services that can transform your visitors into buyers.

Image Editing Services for Online Stores Selling Diverse Items

Online shopping has become a trend and revolutionized the way in which people shop for their garments. If you own an online apparel store, then you need attractive and neatly clipped photographs of clothes to display on your website.

Flatworld Solutions has worked with online apparel stores and understand the photo editing requirements of the industry. We have a team of photo editors who can crop unnecessary parts from your images, and digitally enhance the background of your photographs by replacing it with a clear and non-distracting white background, or any other color to increase the aesthetic appeal of your images.

Automobile Spares

Have you been unable to the increase the online sales of your store's automobile spares, even though your website attracts over hundred visitors a day? One of the reasons could be dull images or distracting backgrounds. Investing in automobile spares imaging services can turn your customers into buyers. When the images of your automobile spare parts are neatly clipped, digitally enhanced, and equally resized, your customers will surely click on the buy button.

Electronic Goods

If you sell electronic goods such as Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Portable Electronics at your online store, and want to see a sharp increase in sales, give photo editing a serious thought. The images of all your electronic items can be transformed into eye-candy products by simply enhancing the background, resizing the image and cropping undesired parts; thereby enhancing the overall quality of the image.

Sports Accessories

Does your online store cater to the needs of smart, trendy and fashion-conscious sportsmen? If the images of sports shoes, sports accessories or any other sports items displayed onto your site are hazy, grainy or with a distracting background, it leaves a bad impression on the prospective customers. With sports image editing, the images of your sports goods can be clipped, resized, enhanced and digitally manipulated to look more appealing to your customers. If you seriously want to win over your prospects, investing in professional sports accessories image editing services can be the solution you are looking for.

2. Publishing Houses

If your print/web publications are witnessing a drop in the sales, one of the reasons could be dull or unimpressive images. Even if your publications have great content, poor quality images can bring the appeal down. At Flatworld Solutions, we understand how important pictures/images are to a book, newspaper, or magazine, and can improve the quality of your images, thereby helping you make a marked increase in the sales of your print magazine, e-magazine, newspaper, book, periodical, academic material or encyclopedia.

So, let your publishing house focus on the content, while we customize our photo editing services to make sure that your pictures look a million bucks. We offer the following publishing house photo editing services:

  • Photo Enhancement
  • Photo Clipping

3. Portrait and Printing Studios

As the owner of a busy portrait studio, you will be taking hundreds of portraits of couples, toddlers, babies or pets, without having any time left to enhance those portraits. However, without portrait enhancement, you cannot bring out the best in your portraits. At Flatworld Solutions, our photo editors offer comprehensive portrait enhancement services, and can work along with your team to enhance the overall appeal of your portraits by using -

  • Color Cast Removal
  • Removing Blemishes
  • Density Correction
  • Background Change
  • Color Correction
  • Image Cropping and Composition

4. Real Estate

With the rising number of realtors and increased competition in the real estate business, getting customers can be an uphill task. The easiest way to convince customers and make them buy a property is to invest in an impressive 360 degree virtual tour. When you outsource real estate image editing to Flatworld Solutions, our editors will seamlessly blend and stitch your images into a flawless panorama by -

  • Removing Color Casts
  • Changing the Sky
  • Perspective Correction of Photo
  • HDR Blending
  • Image Blending
  • Image Stitching

Additionally, we offer the various real estate image editing services including Real Estate Panoramas, Real Estate 360 Degree Virtual Tours, Real Estate Photo Enhancement, Still Image Enhancement and more. With our still image enhancement and photo enhancement services, you can be sure to witness success in your real estate business.

Partner with FWS for Your Image Editing Requirements Today

Whether you own an online store, a real estate business or a portrait studio, we at Flatworld Solutions can provide you with customized image editing services that suit the unique requirements of your industry. From image stitching to HDR blending, and 360 degree virtual tours to image cropping, we can meet all your photo editing requirements in a fast, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Read the case study to know how Flatworld Solutions provided HDR image editing of over 80,000 raw images within 20 days with over 95% accuracy.

Well, not anymore! Outsource photo editing services to Flatworld Solutions, and get your work done in promised time frame. We have a team of creative image editors who have extensive experience in image stitching, portrait enhancement, image restoration, etc. and can work within tight deadlines to deliver premium quality images after understanding your specific preferences. Outsource image editing services to Flatworld Solutions today and make your business stand out in the crowd.



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