Business Benefits of Photo Editing

Like any industry, the only reason to outsource your photo editing work is if the agency performing the outsourcing can save you time and money. Here at FWS, we have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to see your imaging project through to completion in a timely and cost-effective manner. Regardless of the overall needs and scope of your project, we can definitely reduce your expenditures significantly without sacrificing professionalism or quality.

The benefits of contracting with FWS are many, however they can be organized into two primary benefits: Reducing Costs and Improving Efficiency.

Reducing Costs

When it comes to photo editing services, FWS saves you money in multiple ways. If your company doesn't have an internal imaging department, then we can save you all the costs associated with purchasing expensive photo editing software, the hardware to run it, and the experienced employees necessary to operate it. We already have a top of the line image development department staffed by an experienced and talented team of photo editing professionals ready and willing to take on your project.

And even if you do have an internal imaging department, there's a good chance they've got their hands full dealing with your day to day tasks - adding a new project to their workload is going to reduce efficiency across your organization. Instead, FWS will gladly accept your short to medium range projects and provide you with deliverables on your schedule, allowing you to keep your in house staff working on the long term projects that require their attention.

Either way, FWS allows you to save the costs of either investing in new equipment and hiring additional employees or slowing down the completion of long term imaging tasks throughout your organization.

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Improving Efficiency

Flatworld Solutions' photo editing service technicians are fully versed in the latest versions of photo editing software, and we can provide your deliverables in any format that you require. Whether your project needs involve flattening images and pre-prepping them for upload to the web, or applying a set of filters to a group of photos and then transferring them to a shared storage space, our flexible and effective photo editing staff works quickly and accurately to perform the tasks you require in precisely the way you need them done.

By taking repetitive or time-consuming tasks - such as rendering or rasterizing - off the hands of your internal design staff, they will be able to apply their time and talent to more important duties, increasing the overall efficiency of your photo editing department considerably.

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