Outsource Wedding Photography Post Processing Services

Wedding Photography Post Processing Services

Artistically alter your wedding photos and lend them an air of sophistication by availing our high-quality wedding photography post-processing services

Post processing wedding photos is an important technique to artistically alter camera-captured images and lend them an air of sophistication. As a professional wedding photographer, you would know how labor-intensive post-processing images can be, taking precious time that can be better spent on meeting new clients, marketing, and even taking on more projects! As a result, wedding photography post production services have evolved out of the necessity to give professional photographers the desired freedom to spend their valuable time on further core activities.

At Flatworld Solutions, we make wedding photography post processing simple. In a line of work where word-of-mouth is as important as any other form of marketing, we ensure we improve your turnaround time for higher customer satisfaction levels. We are a professional wedding photography post processing provider and have worked with wedding photographers for over 18 years the world over, allowing them to take control of their businesses and their lives while ensuring the highest quality wedding photo image editing services. Outsource wedding photography post processing to us for a hassle-free and smooth experience.

Our Wedding Photo Post Production Services

Any normal wedding event involves hundreds, sometimes even thousands of photographs being shot, making it necessary to edit and process a large volume of images, including touching up, editing etc. As your outsourcing partner, we offer you services that are customized to your needs and provide these services as quickly as possible. We take just 24 hours for wedding photo editing, including culling. However, the timeline may extend depending on the editing requirements. As a wedding photography post production company, our services include -

  1. Photo Retouching and Manipulation

    Photo Retouching Manipulation

    Often times, a perfect wedding photo is marred by a small blemish, especially when it is a portrait photograph and is taken up close. Our retouching and photo manipulation services ensure that your clients always receive a photograph which they would proudly frame in their own house. Our services include -

    • Eye and Teeth Whitening
    • Eyeglass Glare Removal
    • Stray Hair Removal
    • Facial Glare Removal
    • Eye Bag Removal
    • Extensive Masking and Clipping
    • All Other Custom Features as per your Request
  2. Culling and Rough Editing

    Culling Rough Editing

    On an average, every photographer takes close to 800-1000 photographs during a wedding. Our services guarantee that once you give us a target range, we keep the sharpest, most artistic photographs and get rid of the rest. Selection is done on the basis of several factors such as the moments captured, the number of people in the frame, and any other factor as necessitated by you. All photos supplied back can be easily uploaded with a Lightroom Catalog along with smart previews.

  3. Artistic Editing

    Artistic Editing

    Our wedding photo post processing services can artistically enhance your wedding images with a natural and clean baseline so you can make the necessary modifications later on. From HSL adjustments, horizon straightening and basic cropping, we can do it all. If so required, we can also undertake Sepia and Monochrome conversions, photo blending, etc. as per your request.

  4. Detail Editing

    Detail Editing

    Based upon your requirement, we can embark upon detailed editing of your wedding photography projects and send back picture-perfect images within a short turnaround time. Our detail editing services include -

    • Color Correction and Color Enhancement
    • Application of Your Own Lightroom Profile
    • Noise Reduction and Image Sharpening
    • Exposure, Saturation and Contrast Adjustments
    • Density Correction
    • Level Editing
    • Burn and Dodge Techniques
  5. Raw Image Conversion

    Raw Image Conversion

    Photographers generally shoot RAW images so as to capture as much detail as they can within the photograph while leaving enough room for detailed post processing techniques without affecting the final quality. Converting these RAW images into the desired format can take a long time, and this is where our RAW image conversion services can help. As a reliable and experienced wedding photography post processing service provider, we use Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) converters, or if required, dedicated RAW processing software such as DxO OpticsPro 10 to ensure an output photograph that meets your exact requirements.

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Wedding Photo Post Production Process

Our skilled image and photo post production experts follow a tried and tested wedding photo post production workflow to ensure that our services are of the highest quality. Key steps in our process workflow include -

Our wedding photo post production workflow begins with scope definition, including gathering information on the client editing needs, pricing, and turnaround time requirements.
We assign an account manager to coordinate and oversee the project and provide regular project updates.
Tasks are allocated to the post production team along with specific guidelines issued by the client.
Quality specialists then perform internal reviews to ensure that all wedding photo post-production requirements are met.
The edited images are delivered to the client in the required format.

Software We Use for Wedding Photos Editing

Post processing wedding photography need not be a huge headache. At Flatworld, our services are differentiated from our competitors because we understand wedding photographers and their requirements. In this day and age, just using photo-manipulation tools are not enough to post-process photographs but require several other high-end tools to organize collections, build workflows, etc. for an ever-growing library of photos. As a result, our software expertise for wedding photo post processing includes the following -

Creative Cloud Adobe Lightroom Adobe Photoshop DxO Optics Pro

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Wedding Photography Post Production?

Consisting of enthusiastic photo editing professionals with high skill levels and reliable experience, our photo post processing team can work on almost any level of wedding photo post processing with ease. By choosing our services, you stand to gain from the following -

  • Access to innovative tools and technologies without spending additionally for them
  • Maintain your personal touch and retain originality for each wedding photo shot
  • Avoid spending precious time on post processing and focus on high-quality shooting
  • Complete grip on wedding photo post-processing tasks
  • Timely delivery within a short turnaround time at affordable rates

Check out our photo editing samples here for various projects we have undertaken over the years.

Client Success Stories

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European Wedding Photographer Receives Video and Photo Editing Services

Two video editing specialists and three photo editing specialists from FWS delivered output for 70 weddings (most weddings included 3,000 images - each wedding involved drone photography, 2 to 6 different cameras and 1 to 10 hours of video footage). The team used Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premier Pro for the video editing and Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for the photo editing.

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Leading Online Perfume and Cosmetics Dealer in UK Receives Image Editing Services

A leading UK-based perfume and cosmetics dealer approached us for high-quality image editing services. Our image editors provided the services within quick turnaround times.

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Thanks for the help, we have been creating a very good workflow for my clients. The last two edits were very easy for the editors, and we have a very good blue print for future projects. Once again, thanks for reaching out to our studio. Your team is a big part of making my business successful here in the U.S.

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Whether you are having a tough time editing the photos you clicked at a recently concluded wedding, or are an established photo studio with a huge backlog of wedding photographs that need to be processed, our wedding photo post processing services are ideal for you.

From selecting the best images from a wedding photo shoot to toning the photos according to your desired style, we use a seamless and time-tested wedding photo post processing workflow. Our success lies in the fact that we follow industry best practices for wedding photo post-processing, including controlled lighting for the workspaces, high-end workstations with the latest software, color-calibrated monitors, etc. in order to achieve the best results.

Our services for wedding photographers serve as a one-stop-shop for all your requirements. Contact us to outsource wedding photography post processing services.

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