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Photomontage Services

We create high-quality photomontage by cutting and rearranging your important photos to create a superb composite at rates starting from ¢35 per image

Today, photomontages are becoming increasingly regular when it comes to creating stunning images or videos to draw in viewers. This process, wherein two or more images are rearranged and overlapped using state-of-art software imparts a stunning look to the image.

At Flatworld Solutions, we can combine images, music clips, and even videos to create surreal photomontages which look realistic, and are perfect for photographers working on an art project, families looking to create a lasting memory or businesses that need it for their marketing and presentation efforts. From simple birthday parties to corporate launches, we have covered a variety of events under our image montage services, while ensuring that the project is completed on time and within the stipulated budget.

Photomontage Services We Offer

Photomontages take a lot of time and effort and can be extremely tedious if not done properly. It is not only a collage but requires a lot of attention to detail. Our professional team of photo editors can create expert Photomontages tuned to your requests. As a top Photomontage company, we offer Photomontage solutions for -

  1. Removal of Unwanted Objects

    Removal of Unwanted Objects

    Having extra elements that don't belong in the image is a recipe for bad composition. This is solved by removing unnecessary objects without affecting the overall context of the image. Our image montage solutions are ideal for also fixing flaws in an image.

  2. CGI Photomontage

    CGI Photomontage

    Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) photomontage requires skill as it involves combining CGI images to create a unique perspective. This is especially the case in real estate where context is added to the building image with photo-realistic materials and landscaping.

  3. 3D Photomontage

    3D Photomontage

    If you prefer our 3D photomontage solution, we combine multiple photos representing the proposed sitemap to render photo-realistic artist impressions. As a top Photomontage service providing company, we handle 3D photomontage with great care and quality you'd expect from a Photomontage service provider like us.

  4. Architectural Photomontages

    Architectural Photomontages

    If you're a landscape architecture expert, we will provide architectural photomontages where composite drawing and photographic elements are combined to create a high-quality montage.

  5. CAD Images Photomontage

    CAD Images Photomontage

    To create 3D drawings of buildings is one thing and to create a photomontage of the same is another. Using a special photomontage creation tool, our tool will carry your input to the finished CAD images that'll greatly help in presenting engineering drawings at forums and client meets.

  6. Image Collages

    Image Collages

    Creating image collages is one of several specializations we possess. Our team cans ecstatically work with you to create a collage of the images you want to be stacked in a presentable form.

  7. Montage-de-photo


    We create Photomontages for occasions whether it's the anniversary, birthday, and other personal moments. Our team has access to over 80000+ templates that help us design a template that is ideal for your scenario and purpose.

  8. Digital Photo Collage

    Digital Photo Collage

    Creating a digital photo collage is a way to freeze hundreds of memories and moments in a single frame. Our team of photomontage experts can create a custom montage that is ideal for your needs no matter what size you prefer.

  9. DVD and Blu-ray Photomontage

    DVD and Blu-ray Photomontage

    If you're a creative professional who directs short films and movies, you can have a delicious-looking photomontage of the poster for DVD and Blu-ray with popping colors and themes that reflect on your audience.

  10. Video Photomontage

    Video Photomontage

    If you want to have a video comprising montages of images from occasions and important moments, we have you covered. Our team designs video photomontage to meet your unique needs.

  11. Wedding and Reception Photomontage

    Wedding and Reception Photomontage

    Our team of highly skilled wedding and reception photomontage creators can design a custom montage sharable with family and friends. We bring together people and their important moments in life in a composite presentable to family. On request, we also embed creative graphics that blow your mind as an extension of professional image montage services.

  12. Birthday Image Montage

    Birthday Image Montage

    Want a great moment made for loved ones on their birthday? You can plan with us and place an advance order and we will create a stunningly beautiful birthday image montage that'll make the birthday moment rather special.

Photomontage Process We Follow

At FWS, our photomontage services and solutions have enabled thousands of clients to benefit in some way or another. We use the latest image editing software while constantly training in new and upcoming image editing methods, thereby ensuring our clients receive the best possible service at all times. We can create stunning image montages by compositing 2 or more images, choosing the appropriate lighting based upon the mood you are looking for, tweaking the colors and contrast, etc. The process includes -

We define the scope of work and gather requirements on Photomontage
The client sends images for review
Our photomontage team commences image editing and restoration to pristine quality
We run quality checks to ensure the correctness of the process
We deliver images and send reports on the work

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Why Outsource Photomontage Services to Flatworld Solutions?

We provide end-to-end Photomontage services that come with the following benefits -

  • Affordable Rates

    The competitive pricing of our solutions enables us to offer our services at affordable rates.

  • Data Security

    We comply with the data security standards and take measures to protect your digital data.

  • Certified Team of Editors

    We have a team of highly skilled photomontage experts who carry 5+ years of experience in image editing and other relevant services.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    We ensure fast delivery of processed images. We stick to the workflow disclosed to the client to ensure the timely delivery of solutions.

  • Multiple Format Photomontage Services

    Ability to customize our services as per your needs and working on niche projects such as animation photomontage, custom cropped photomontage, video, and photomontage, etc.

  • Scalable Services

    Our solutions are 100% scalable. We take care to scale the services up or down depending on your need.

  • High-quality Image Editing Services

    Ability to combine 3D renders with photographs to create a compelling photomontage.

  • ISO Certified Photomontage Services Provider

    We are an ISO 9001:2007 certified photomontage company with experience of over 20 years in the field, thereby, making us the leading Photomontage service providing company.

  • Reliable Customer Support

    We have a trusted customer support team whom you can count upon anytime, anywhere. We can support clients in the language of their preference.

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The alteration of my picture is outstanding. Your detailed work removed the image of the yellow car and replaced it with what looks like natural rock and shrubs. The response time was very good as the deadline for the publication was on Monday.

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Outsource Photomontage Services to Flatworld Solutions

At FWS, we just don't mix different images and renders to complete a photomontage project, but artistically composite them on each other while replacing backgrounds and adding new ones. We know the minute differences which help great image montages differentiate themselves from the mediocre ones, and our attention to detail ensures all your requirements are met successfully every single time. You can also explore our vast portfolio of portrait services that offer.

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Photomontage Services FAQs

  • What does photomontage mean?

    It's a process of making funky composition by overlapping cutout images with a base image to create a unique composite. To make results look flush, the final composite is digitized using a scanner.

  • What is the difference between collage and photomontage?

    Storytelling is best with photo montage where cutout images are carefully overlapped, but in the case of a collage, pictures are straightway cut and pasted in random order or layouts.