B3 Forms Processing for Canadian Customs Brokerage Firm

Case Study on B3 Forms Processing for Customs Broker

The Client

Flatworld Solutions was approached by a prolific and established Customs Broker who had offices both in USA and Canada. They are a prominent entity in the Canadian Customs Brokerage and Logistics industry, and worked with thousands of clients across the globe.

The Client's Requirement

Because of rapid expansion, the client was unable to smoothly handle the growing number of clients and their paperwork and was facing fluctuating volume of work because of the significantly low accuracy levels in processing B3 forms. This in turn affected their productivity, as the turnaround time for processing B3 form entries also shot up exponentially. Finally they were also faced with increased operational costs. All these issues forced them to begin a hunt for a partner who could not only handle a growing list of requirements, but do so at a cost-effective price. They chose Flatworld based on our prior experience in handling international customs projects, and our custom-satisfaction ratios.

Project Challenges

Upon familiarizing ourselves with the client's requirement, we began to earnestly work on the project. During the course of the project, we encountered a few challenges such as -

  • The client required the B3 forms to be processed with exceptional accuracy
  • The client required the work to be completed within a short turnaround time

The Flatworld Solution

Based on the client's requirements, we devised the following expert solution -

  • We optimized the process of hiring and training B3 processors right from scratch to help reduced turnaround times
  • A dedicated QA team was assigned to the project to randomly check processed B3 forms for accuracy and completeness
  • An offshore team worked EST night hours thereby helping to clear the whole pending B3 forms queue by the time it was morning at the client's location

Project Results

Based on our expert handling of the project, the following results were obtained during the duration of the project -

  • We were able to streamline the client's existing processes and gained significant efficiencies in handling in LVS/HVS entries.
  • The overall operational costs were reduced by a whopping 40-50%
  • The overall turnaround time was reduced by more than half
  • Overall error rates saw a significant reduction (down to less than 1% from 5-8%)

With our help, the client was able to once again take control of their existing processes, while ensuring a significant boost to their client satisfaction ratios.

At Flatworld, we believe in supplementing our client's existing processes with the help of our exceptional B3 forms-building process. Out customs brokerage services for international clients can help you reduce costs, while helping you achieve operational efficiencies which you would have targeted for long. Contact us right away to outsource your requirements!

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