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Autofocus vs Manual Focus

DSLR Autofocus vs Manual Focus - Pros and Cons

Using the right focus, whether auto or manual, for images and videos can help you shoot crisp scenes and obtain high-quality photos. The benefits of using auto modes are many as are the benefits of using manual modes. However, certain situations are more suited to be captured using autofocus modes while others can be better captured using manual focus modes. So if you are wondering what are the pros and cons of DSLR autofocus vs manual focus, this article is for you.

First, let's understand what autofocus is. In the simplest terms, autofocus is when you let the camera set the point of focus or the focal point in your image. Manual focus, on the other hand, is when you, the user, set the point of focus in your image. Both focus modes aim to set the point of focus to obtain crisp and clear images of the object of interest.

Manual Focus Vs Autofocus - Which One Should I Use?

Most modern DSLR cameras come with several DSLR autofocus modes as well as DSLR manual focus modes. Here we tell you six reasons to use autofocus vs manual focus.

  1. Shooting in Low-Contrast Scenes

    Autofocus systems rely on contrast to identify objects of interest. When this contrast is not present, such as in situations with heavy backlight, the ability of the AF system to focus is also severely impeded.

    Manual focus, on the other hand, allows you to focus on subjects even in low-contrast situations to capture crisp and clear images.

  2. Shooting in Low Light

    Autofocus systems depend on the light to determine where to focus, and therefore, in low light conditions, AF systems perform poorly. Even though modern AF systems are markedly improved, they will fail at some point when trying to focus in low light conditions.

    Manual focus, on the other hand, can help you precisely tell the camera where to focus so you can capture crisp images of your subject even in low light conditions.

  3. Shooting in Scenes With Many Objects

    If your scene has many objects, it can confuse your camera's autofocus system. This is because AF systems are notorious for becoming confused by foreground objects and therefore, if your subject is in the middle or the background, it might not be captured precisely using autofocus.

    Manual focus lets you choose the object you want to focus on and therefore, in scenes with many objects, it might be a better option to manually adjust the focus on the object of interest.

  4. Precision

    Even though autofocus systems have improved significantly over the years, when shooting still images, especially to capture objects in the distance, they are still not very precise.

    Manual focus shines in these still conditions where objects in the distance, such as in landscape photography, need to be captured.

  5. Speed

    In general, autofocus systems are far quicker than manual focusing. In action scenarios, where there are moving objects, such as in scenes with sports players running or birds in flight, autofocus is generally more suited.

    Manual focus is not especially suited for capturing objects in motion since the point of focus keeps changing rapidly and requires constant focus changes manually.

  6. Shooting Magnified Scenes

    If you're doing macro photography and need to capture scenes with high magnification, autofocus systems generally perform poorly. This is because, at such high magnifications, AF systems generally find it difficult to determine the object of focus.

    Manual focus, on the other hand, is especially suited for macro photography. Manual focus is also very precise and easy to use to pick out your objects of interest from a chaotic scene.

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