Outsource Product Photo Retouching Services

Product Photo Retouching Services

Get professional and natural looking product images at cost-effective prices within a quick time by choosing us as your photo retouching partner

The e-commerce industry is built on imagery and heavily relies on billions of photos and images which have been carefully shot and edited to win customers over. Today, millions of customers go online to window-shop and buy products, and more people are making impulsive purchases than ever before based on just how the product looks in the image. To win such customers over, brands and retailers must produce higher quality photos at a much faster rate so as to keep refreshing their online product catalog and generate better sales.

Flatworld Solutions is a professional product photo retouching services company which understands the modern business requirements for global brands and offers its range of services attuned to the same. Our proprietary image retouching processes ensure you have a steady stream of images ready to go online at monthly or even bi-weekly intervals, resulting in better sales and online visibility.

Product Photo Retouching Services We Offer

Product retouching is a type of e-commerce photo editing which incorporates the addition of new details or fine retouches which improve the overall look and feel of the product. By making the images more attention-grabbing, you can ensure more clicks and buys, as well as resulting in better brand recall over time. At FWS, our team of photo retouching experts uses a variety of tools and techniques which take into consideration multiple instances of color, texture, and shape so as to present your product in the best possible light. With years of experience in the fields of food photography, advertising photography, fashion photography and e-commerce photography, we understand your exact requirements and offer services which can directly solve your problems. These services include -

  1. Apparel Photo Retouching Services

    Apparel Photo Retouching Services

    Apparel product photography tries to demonstrate shape through fit, while ensuring customers are accurately able to picture themselves in the apparel, whether it is a t-shirt, denim, shirts, dresses, etc. Apparels are usually the toughest to photograph and it is nearly impossible to create the exact form fit that you require in the studio. Our retouching services for clothes and apparel ensure perfect vertical symmetry in the case of shirts and pants and ensuring dresses with asymmetrical dimensions are showcased in the best possible light. This helps in increasing the overall attractiveness and ensuring consistency throughout your images. We can help with -

    • Removal of crease lines
    • Keeping arms at equal distance
    • Shaping and fold reduction
    • Removal of wrinkles
    • Symmetry in waistline, inseam, knees, and hemline
    • Removal of bunched shoulders, flared cuffs, etc.
  2. Footwear Photo Retouching Services

    Footwear Photo Retouching Services

    Footwear product photography and post-production comes with its own set of challenges. Footwear quickly shoes show signs of wear and tear and look unclean even after light studio use. Therefore, retouching footwear is mostly about making them look clean and presentable. New formal shoes also tend to be shiny, resulting in unwanted reflections and scuffs. Leather-based shoes also crinkle at the slightest use.

    As a professional product photo retouching services company, we understand the nuances of footwear retouching and can help with the following -

    • Removal of wrinkles and other signs of wear
    • Shaping and propping up of the shoe
    • Tying up and neatly laying out the laces
    • Removal of dust, dirt, and glue from bonding areas
    • Removal of stickers and tags
  3. Bag, Purse, and Wallet Photo Retouching Services

    Bag Purse Wallet Photo Retouching Services

    Bags usually are easier to photograph but are tougher to set up since they need to be filled up in such a manner that the image presents a flattering contour for the bag. Whether it's a backpack, handbag, or clutch, our high-quality product image editing services ensure consistency of shape is maintained for your entire line-up and that each individual color attractively stands out when viewed online. Our services include -

    • Consistent full shaping of bags
    • Removal of shadows and bumps
    • Removal of cracked leather, filled seams, etc.
  4. Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

    Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

    Photos of jewelry need to be retouched extremely professionally since they happen to be one of the more expensive online e-commerce products and only attract customer when they have the right combination of luster and color. Our e-commerce product photo retouching services are ideal since we know the color grading which works for most countries as well as the public perception of jewelry which is surprisingly different from country to country.

    Our services include -

    • Jewelry photo color grading
    • Removal of blemishes
    • Addition of luster and shine

    Apart from the above, we also offer the following services under our product photo retouching catalog -

    • Luxury watches photo retouching
    • Toys photo retouching
    • Baby products photo retouching
    • Camera photo retouching
    • Kitchen utility photo retouching
    • Accessories photo retouching
    • Cosmetics photo retouching
    • Furniture photo retouching
    • Electronic equipment photo retouching
    • Medical equipment photo retouching
    • Home accessories photo retouching

How We Excel in our Product Photo Retouching Projects?

Most of our clients outsource their photo retouching projects in bulk to us because of our professional treatment and our industry-leading turnaround times. Working with multiple clients across industry verticals, we have managed to create a finely-tuned process which maximizes efficiency and timeliness. By focusing on the basics mentioned below, we ensure high-quality retouched photos for our clients every single time.

  • Image Cropping - This process includes clipping the photo of the product from the original image and placing it against an easy, non-intrusive background. Customers prefer to have an unaided view of the product they would like to buy and our cropping ensures better product visibility as compared to non-cropped images.

  • Color Correction - Color correction is essential for better product contrast and brightness, and is extremely useful in case of products with neutral or muted colors. We work with the color temperature profile in accordance with your requirements, and ensure the vibrancy of the images are able to capture the attention of your customers.

  • Watermark Addition - Every brand or product manufacturer wants their products to look unique, but in the massive world of e-commerce it is not easy to safeguard your carefully edited images, as many unscrupulous businesses straightaway download images in bulk and post it on their product pages. By watermarking your images, you can retain your sense of individuality while safeguarding against plagiarism theft.

  • Background Addition/Removal - We change the background between mostly neutral colors based on the product in the foreground. From transparent to a black background, we ensure all your requirements are well met when retouching the photo.

  • Noise Reduction - Many times, the images could look dull and noisy with large amounts of blur. We ensure proper noise reduction by focusing on limiting luminance and shadow noise.

  • Margin Setting - Setting margins allow your photos to have a unique look, and ensures consistency across your product range. By defining the margins at the beginning of the project, we can help you work towards better brand visibility and top-of-mind recognition by customer.

  • Detail Correction - We work on the features, texture, and shape of the product while focusing on the one element that makes the product look absolutely unique. We complement the contours of the product by performing close stitching, cornering, and smoothening or sharpening the edges as required.

  • Compositing - One of the most powerful tools in professional retouching is the Compositing tool, which ensures each and every part of the product is properly exposed in the final image. We work on combining multiple exposures seamlessly so that each side, detail, and feature remains absolutely clear.

  • Prepared for Print, Web, and Social Media - As an experienced product photo retouching service provider, we ensure all the images we deliver are versatile enough to fit a web page, large outdoor hoardings, or become a part of your social media campaigns. We are well-versed with the industry standards and can prepare images which can easily fit multiple requirements.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Product Photo Retouching Services to FWS?

At Flatworld, our teams of professional photo editors understand the nuances of retouching, frequency separation, texture replacement, and dodging and burning, all of which ensure your product photo looks stunning on any sort of website or magazine. We can proudly state that each and every single one of our images hold up to close scrutiny and help you raise awareness for your products and your brand exponentially. By working with us you can benefit from the following -

  • 20 years of experience in high-quality product photo retouching
  • Fine-tuned workflows for digital product image enhancement
  • Quick delivery with a 24 hours turnaround time and 3 hours expedited delivery for priority projects
  • Multiple delivery centers around the world for faster turnarounds and multiple options
  • Rapid scalability and a routine in-house capability of retouching more than 5,000 images daily
  • Exceptional internal quality control and data security (ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certified processes) ensures you always receive the highest-quality services which work according to your requirements
  • More than 10000+ satisfied clients across the world
  • A global workforce with multiple specializations and years of experience directly related to their chosen skillsets
  • An in-depth SLA (Service Level Agreement) which sticks to the requirements and lays out the entire process which can be tweaked according to your requirements
  • Flexible pricing based upon what you need and our pricing plans suit everyone from small amateur photographers to established businesses and media houses

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After I ruined a crucial photograph, I contacted Flatworld Solutions in an attempt to have them fix the photo. They managed to rescue the image, which otherwise would have deleted, and the image was delivered in less than 48 hours.

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