Image Shadow Services

Image Shadow Services

Images which need to be published on websites or magazines need to look flawless, professional, attractive and thoroughly natural. But, even the most high-end and advanced cameras may fail to click such pictures which can be used for publishing without requiring any editing. Flatworld's Image shadow services aim at editing the clicked pictures in a way that they look natural, striking, and attention grabbing. By placing complete emphasis on the subject in the picture and enhancing the image with a natural shadow we not only improve its appearance considerably but also ensure the pictures are ideal for marketing and stock photography purposes.

Our Image Shadow Services

Flatworld Solutions is a leading name in the photo editing outsourcing services, and we offer exquisite image shadow services to our global clientele. Our image shadow services are focused on delivering superior quality path clipped images capable of making a real difference to your business. With careful selection and cropping of the pictures, we remove the background from the image along with any other extraneous data, so that the picture can easily be placed in a neutral background.

We offer a broad array of image shadow services, which include -

  • Natural Shadow Effect

    Natural shadows are tough to impart to images without making them look artificial. With the cardinal aim of enhancing the object in the picture with a natural shadow, we ensure that the added shadow looks completely natural and provides a professional look to the image.

  • Shadow Enhancement

    Even when you have clicked the picture in ample natural light, sometimes, the natural shadow in the image is not clearly visible or lucid. We provide outstanding shadow enhancement services where the shadow of the subject in the picture is enhanced naturally to give it the required depth and to ensure that the subject stands out in the picture.

  • Color Editing

    Owing to a broad array of reasons such as contrast in the image, or lack of light, the natural shadows do not appear bright enough. We offer expert color editing services to make the shadow appear more impactful in the picture, so that the subject stands out.

  • Reflection Shadow

    Our reflection, shadow services add a mirror effect which creates the illusion that the subject in the image does not represents a disembodied object, but possesses the solidity and depth which comes from its direct contact with the surface.

Why Provide Shadows to Images?

The image shadow services offered by Flatworld Solutions comprise of adding a clipping path to the images in which the original shadows are retained and the background is removed. There are a plethora of benefits of shadowing images.

Drop shadows or natural shadows create a sense of solidity, texture and depth to the image, while giving the impression that the subject in the picture is slightly raised and is not in direct contact with the surface on which it is placed. By using advanced softening and blending techniques, we add natural shadows to images which don't possess one and enhance the natural shadows if they are dull. This further enhances the appeal of the picture and makes it perfect for publication, whether print or online.

At Flatworld Solutions, we have a team of seasoned image editing professionals who excel at creating the perfect drop shadow or reflection shadow effect in the pictures to give the subject an extraordinary lure and make them look completely professional.

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Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Photo Shadow Services?

Flatworld Solutions is a renowned image processing company that offers a broad array of photo editing services and specializes in image shadow services. We have been offering offshore image shadowing and photo editing services for years now, and ensure unsurpassed quality services to our clients. With our profound experience and unmatched expertise, we have gained an edge over our competitors. Some of our key differentiators include -

  • We offer the best services in the most hassle free manner
  • We ensure completion of outsourced projects well in time and within stipulated deadlines
  • We ensure prompt resolution for any questions, queries and project enquiries
  • We leverage the latest graphic design software, photo editing technologies and high-end tools to deliver impeccable images
  • We follow a customized approach towards every project and thus, ensure that every specification given by the client is met
  • Affordability and cost-efficiency are integral to our services
  • We have a team of veteran professionals who possess years of experience in creating shadow effects

Outsource Image Shadow Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has been offering high-quality photo shadow services to its clients at incredibly affordable prices. Over the years, we have developed a quality-focused approach towards our work and we always deliver consistent quality services. By leveraging the advanced software tools and latest technologies, we deliver the finest results and exceedingly attractive images meeting all the required specifications of the clients.

We ensure that our shadow view services are highly affordable and stand out in quality. We are committed to deliver the best services with faster turnaround times.

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