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Photography is a gift to the world. An invention that led to the world's first photograph in 1826, later became a movement to preserve humanity's greatest moments in the stillness of time. Photographs are a testament to human timeline, presenting the living generation a glimpse of the bygone era. Between 1826 and 2018, we have seen birth and demise of several technologies and trends; right from the sale of Brownie by Kodak in 1900 and the outset of digital photographs in 1975, to the explosive growth of camera phone in the millennium.

Stock photography market in 2017 was already over-saturated with more than 1.2 trillion photographs! Photography isn't all about numbers though, it constitutes technique, subject, and artistic value. Although the number of photographs in existence is astronomical, the world is still hungry for more. Buyers who seek out images will continue buying more because some stories are best conveyed through pictures. Read rest of the story and discover what's in store for stock photography in 2018 - a breakdown of style, subject, and themes preferred by people.

8 Unmissable Stock Photography Trends for 2018

We have widely tracked the latest trends in stock photography to present you a comprehensive roundup of top photography predictions for 2018. Our stock photography predictions are as follows -

  1. Pictures That Evoke a Sense of Freedom and Strength Will Be Preferred

    Pictures that Evoke Sense of Freedom and Strength

    In 2018 and ahead, pictures that retain an aura of magical realism with innate beauty of models and ambience will gain precedence. Photographs with warm undertone and dreamy backlight will become the preferred choice for photographers or business owners in 2018 and beyond.

  2. Hard Lighting Concept in Photography Will Become Mainstream In 2018

    Hard Lightening Concept in Photography

    The concept of matching solid colored background with bright hard lighting is a part of upcoming trends in stock photography because it accentuates simplicity, positivity, and authenticity of the subject matter. One look at clothing catalogs or posters in the department stores suggests that the hard-lit images will be universally accepted in 2018. Stock photography images with these qualities are in demand because clean, solid background permits the bespoke use of content - text or logos. Illustrating concepts, ideas through stock photography is a trending practice. It declutters the image by removing inessential details and enhances the clarity of intent. Illustrations can reflect idealistic world to influence the audience of bloggers, marketers, and organizations.

  3. Demand for Creativity Will Take Precedence Over Authenticity

    Demand for Creativity

    Although the demand for authentic images is likely to remain unaffected, there is an upward trend in stock photography where creativity and fresh ideas are becoming truly indispensable. Stock photographers know this best and are increasingly utilizing natural settings with real people and emotions. A remarkable way of capturing candid shots is to allow models to run with it for real. In doing so, fun and creativity can be mixed to get the best results. The strong inclination from many photographers indicate that this trend will continue making strides in year ahead.

  4. VR and AR Will Revolutionize Image Post-production

    VR and AR in Image Post Production

    In the age of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), computers still lack the ability to mimic the way photographers compose portraits. Since individual personalities vary, it is up to each photographer to use intuition while capturing shots.

    Radical change in technology influences the way we live and work. Unraveling the mystery behind each new trend is a mammoth task in stock photography. Whether it is the background, model, or lighting, every aspect of an image can be modified to suitable needs using VR technology. In 2018 and ahead, VR and AR will revolutionize the post-production.

  5. Conceptual Interior Photography Will Influence Buying Decisions

    Conceptual Interior Photography

    Home interior photography focused on healthy living and ecological sustainability is a top stock photography trend. Increase in demand for eco-friendly healthy homes has pushed the demand for conceptual interior photography services that can help marketers to upsell by providing better visualization of future homes.

  6. Demand for Spontaneity and Realism is Projected to Grow in 2018

    Demand for Spontaneity and Realism

    Overly posed images with make-believe models flashing a grin is a photography cliché which is gradually fading. Keeping things real and spontaneous has its merits. Model photography must be executed with poise and good deportment to have an impact on the people who view them. Experienced stock photographers go with the flow by figuring out what works best for each model rather than asking them to feign emotions that aren't real.

  7. Reflections Will Become the Tip of Innovation in Stock Photography

    Reflections will become a Tip of Innovation in Stock Photography

    Reflection trend, which began a decade ago as an avant-garde movement is making a comeback. Photographers are on a spree taking snaps through reflections in rainwater puddles, through glass, and other smooth surfaces. This trend refuses to die down because symmetrical reflections introduce simplicity and self-discovery to the otherwise predictable photos. The inspiration to compose quality photographs often come from the mélange of everyday life, colors, and patterns.

  8. Pictures That Reflect Real-Life Events and Political Situation Will Gain Momentum

    Pictures that Reflect Real-Life Events

    In 2018, more photographers are keenly following life-changing events, and political situations to get well-timed pictures that add up to the existing glut of stock images. This upcoming trend is focused on capturing moments that are worthy of being exhibited concurrently with bold reports to suck readers into the heart of the matter.

The Conclusion

Our rich compilation of stock photography predictions in 2018 is a shortcut to gain deep and rich insight of the stock photography markets. For marketers and businesses, it is never easy hunting for stock images whose ubiquitous influence could be felt by their audience. But it is worthwhile to create original photographs which showcase real personality than turning to generic image of grinning models wearing headsets.

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