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At Flatworld Solutions, we recognize that all information and associated processes, intellectual property, and trade secrets are valuable assets, and that the management of this data is the topmost concern of our clients. Through our stringent project security procedures and policies, we ensure that the sensitive information sent to us remains safe and protected.

All our photo editors have to undergo stringent background checks before joining our team, so as to prevent any conflict of interests. Before the commencement of any project, all our staff members are also required to sign an NDA, thereby maintaining the confidentiality of your data and images. We further ensure the information security of our customers' photo editing project by spot checking all our transmission and storage devices for their effectiveness, efficiency and proper usage at regular intervals.

Data Security Measures We Have in Place

Security is an integral part of the information sharing process that is essential to our corporate endeavor. Our security policies and practices therefore ensure a safe and rewarding outsourcing experience by focusing on the following -

  • Secure Encryption Practices - Every workstation at Flatworld Solutions utilizes unique state-of-the-art encryption algorithms for folder/file structures and email communications
  • Stringent Backup Methods - We maintain our data backup equipment within highly secured zones and on dedicated servers. Between projects, the data is completely scrubbed to ensure that no unintentional transfer of sensitive information ever takes place
  • Data Cleansing - After the completion of a project, we destroy all project related files and documents, and if requested, transfer the meticulously labeled source files to our clients
  • Restricted Sharing - Only our team managers have access to the source files and keep a watchful eye on the employees with whom the file is shared. As a rule, we do not share files with other departments within our office. For project related tasks, we ensure that we only use electronic copies of relevant portions

Regulated and Protected System Access for Employees

The flow of information between our various departments is structured and regulated so as to prevent unauthorized access. All employees adhere to strict guidelines to ensure the same including -

  • Secure Smart Card Access for all employees
  • Password protected network logins with authentication challenges on a per employee basis
  • Secure email login with mandatory electronic signature for every conversation
  • Legally binding NDAs to ensure all employees protect client information

Secure Network Channels and VPN

We use the strongest possible encryption methods for VPN and other network channels, which are then constantly monitored against unauthorized access. Some of the security measures we have in place include -

  • Highly Protected remote VPN access using Cisco® VPN tunnel
  • Secure Network Channels using Cisco® Network Assistant utilities
  • Cisco® PIX® Firewalls to regulate blocking of FTP, ICMP, TCP/IP, UDP and HTTP ports company wide
  • Cisco® Intelligent switches for advanced security and management, granular rate limiting and High-performance routing

Monitored Internal Systems and Workstations

We utilize advanced security protocols to monitor and secure all our internal systems and workstations. Some of them are -

  • 24 hour surveillance systems
  • Regular administrative and system auditing
  • Enterprise grade Antivirus Systems in place for all workstations
  • Restricted data sharing hardware such as USB and CD drives
  • Secure backup protocols for all workstations
  • Internal security protocols such as email logging
  • Segregated access partitions to ensure only those people assigned to a particular project can access related work materials and imagery
  • Fully encrypted data servers and backup storage devices

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An increased attention to security is just one of the many ways how we distinguish our services from our competitors. The project security measures we incorporate at our end address our responsibility towards providing a secure and safe outsourcing destination for our clients.

In case you wish to know more details about our data security policies, project security measures, and information security systems before outsourcing image editing to us, we can provide you with a detailed list of all the internally implemented safeguards that we employ to keep customers' data secure, private, and confidential. We offer a vast range of photo editing services including photo clipping, image enhancement, photo manipulation services and more.

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